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Does this app have an update? I need to purchase it, kindly reply. Thank u.

ms bro ada update kah untuk aplikasi ini? trims..

Halo gan, untuk saat ini belum ada update, masih dalam tahap evaluasi lebih lanjut untuk persiapan versi update yang jauh lebih baik dari versi sebelumnya. Terimakasih

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this. May I ask a few questions first.

Are we gonna get both LTR and RTL versions? Does it support the latest Android? (Oreo)


Pas coba checkout terus kirim lewat demo app kok ga ada keterangan sukses checkoutnya ya gan ?

Halo gan, saat ini memang sengaja kami disable karena untuk menghindari adanya spam checkout, tenang saja, untuk realnya akan muncul keterangan sukses setelah checkout. Terimakasih

Hello, I am interested to purchase this template and wanted to know if it support RTL and oreo android?


Hello do you plan on creating an iOS version? Thanks!

hi. i want to buy this template but i am not sure this is native code or hybrit . İ want to use my server side code so i need only template . İs this possible ?


oskrosx Purchased

Hi, how can I make it work now?

does it has shipping option on the base of item weight?

Hi, at this time, shipping option on the base of item weight currently not available. Thanks


riffche Purchased

Hi Solodroid, i just bought this code. I successfully imported it , but when ever i change the package name the app stops working on emulator.

Hi iffche,

thanks for purchase our app, please check file, make sure you also have change db path according your package name, see the documentation, if you still have problem, you can contact us by email for support.
Email :



riffche Purchased

Hi solodroid, is it possible to integrate firebase into my app?


I am facing issues integrating bootstrap data tables in HTML.Need help regarding this.


Hi, if you’d like to integrate any further functionalities, you’re always free to integrate this functionality, but please keep in mind that help with this is beyond the scope of our support. Thanks

hi, you have also version for IOS?

and why your demo in google play doesn’t work?

Hi Solodroid ! I’m interested in the app but I couldn’t find it in the Playstore, are currently out of sale ? Can you quote me also the customization and payment platform for me ? Many thanks answer to . Many thanks for your quick answer


riffche Purchased

HI solodroid, how can i turn my prices from something like this: 200.0 to 200.00?

Invalid password admin

hi user name admin and password admin not working for admin panel.. need to see demo of admin panel asap

Eu quero comprar este aplicativo mas não entendo sobre programação Android, você pode configurar pra mim e gerar um apk pronto? Pode ser via timeviewer

Can you configure the application and the site for me? How much is the price?

Please give me Skype ID want to discuss on this

in demo admin panel password not working. i want to see demo of admin panel.