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if I buy will you configure admin panel on my server?

ur skype id?

okay, no problem, if you need my help to configure your admin panel on your server, i will help you.

sorry, i have no skype id, you can contact me via email :

Thankyou very much.

Nice UI There shud be available quantity option , as well the Color or any custom field Addtion option TOo

for now, you can input input quantity by manually in the text field, but thanks for your comment, i’ll evaluate it.


Yes, thanks for your comment, but it’s not currently available for the iphone version noew, maybe in the future we will develop it as well.

Nice demo app.
in “Detail menu” can you add some more product images
in “Order Detail” can you add images (thumbs) to se what customer is buying.
*App is not in horizontal view only portrait.
Is profile and information only text view or can we use html code on it.

! App is sometimes crashing on BACK button (android 5.0.1)

Thank you

Hii robife, thanks for your evaluation, we will keep all suggestion in our mind and putting altogether in our next version. But usually requirements are different for different customers.

Not show image in app, how to fix it?

1. Always check your Internet connection, if your connection is slow, the image is loaded longer.

2. Please check that your url address on file is correct.

3. Login to Admin Panel, delete all instances of categories and products, please enter your data categories and products along with the image.

4. Check the size of your image, try not too big, you can use an image compression applications to reduce memory size.

5. If you want to try without an internet connection, you can use a local web server like xampp or wamp and try in your Android Emulator from your computer. If you using local webserver, always use host address, but if you want to demo in your mobile device, you can upload Admin Panel in your own webserver and just try with your own url address. for more detail, please read the documentation includes from this product.

Thankyou very much.

payment gateway is including?

payment gateway is not including for now.. the payment method still using bank transfer manually and cash on delivery, but thanks for your comment, maybe in next version we will include it.

Payment please. dan aktif JNE SHipping. Tq dude

payment via veritans or other payment gateway is not including, the payment method using bank transfer and the shipping can manually added by jne, pos, ect which you can own custom.

thankyou, maybe in next version we will include it.

Menunggu versi selanjutnya, sapatau fitur payment (veritrans/bank trf) & invoice ditambahkan.

Terimakasih untuk komentar yang telah diberikan, akan kami pertimbangkan untuk penambahan fitur yang lainnya.

Material design?

No, this app is not using the material design, but it look like material design, you can download and try the demo apk on the download link above.


bayar pakai IDR bisa om?

Bisa, silakan hubungi saya via email :

atau skype id : siche.siche

cek email om. bisa costume aplikasi juga gak ya..? thanks


Can I link my actual category and product URL in this app rather than uploading products ?

You can link your website product using webview, or if you want to connect as a web service, you must configure your product database and adjusted to android app. but if you use the admin pages that are already available in this application will be easier, but it is different with your website.

Can you give me backend demo ?

You can download the demo apk our app at the link we provide in item detail, other than that we do not provide.

Hi. how will i receive orders?

Hi, The role you will receive order is :

Buyer (customer)
  • Sent Order via app
  • Transfer payment via Bank Account and confirmation
Seller (Admin)
  • Recive order in admin menu
  • Checking confirmation of payment
  • the order item is sent to the customer.

and than the customer receive the order.

Hi, i have purchased your template. There is no instructions how to install php script on webhosting? Help me as soon as possible.

the database required to import table structure that already we adjust to the admin page. you can view host name in your cpanel, (MySQL host name)..
we are sorry, we don’t have teamviewer now, but we can help to configure the php script into your web hosting. please send your information via email and we will help you.


problem solved. Thank You for your time solodroid.

You’re welcome, enjoy our app, don’t forget to give a rate if you think this app is useful for you.

Hi Solodroid. i have few questions. (1) how to change header image? (2) how to remove “profile”, “share” and “contact us” from home? (3) how to remove “products”, “profile”, “cart”, “checkout”, “information” and “about” from sidebar menu. (4) there are some options in strings.xml that are missing in app i.e ‘call us” and “setting”.

The answer : how to change header image?

Open res > drawable-hdpi > header_logo.png. change header_logo.png with your own header image.

how to remove “profile”, “share” and “contact us” from home?

Open src > >

Delete line code with name “profile”, “share” and “contact us”, also delete line code with name “R.drawable.menu4,”, “R.drawable.menu7,” and “R.drawable.menu8”.

Open src > >

Find code inside public void onItemClick… and change the code as below :

how to remove “products”, “profile”, “cart”, “checkout”, “information” and “about” from sidebar menu.

Open res > value > string.xml

Delete the line of code that is marked with red box.

Open src > >

Delete the line of code that is marked with red box.

Change “case 7:”, “case 8:”, “case 9:”, become “case 1:”, “case 2:”, “case 3:”

options in strings.xml that are missing in app i.e ‘call us” and “setting” is not available at this time.

Hi solodroid. i want “shipping charges” instead of “tax”. how to remove tex and add shipping charges in App and Php admin panel?

if you want to remove tax and add shipping charge, it took quite a difficult configuration because the tax and shipping charge are integrated inside the app, php code and database, but you can remove tax with give value ‘0’ in admin code. if you want to add shipping charge, we suggest you to add shipping costs included in the price of your product item.

i just want to change text, i want to write “shipping charges” in place of “tax” do you get my point?

if you just change the text,

1. Open file in src – Find the following code :

txtTotalLabel.setText(getString(R.string.total_order)+" (Tax "+Tax+"%)");
and change become :
txtTotalLabel.setText(getString(R.string.total_order)+" \n(shipping charges "+Tax+"%)");

2. Open file in src – Find the following code :

"\nTax: "+Tax+"%: "+tax+" "+Currency+
and change become :
"\nShipping Charge: "+Tax+"%: "+tax+" "+Currency+

Hi solodroid. i want to add slider in home page. what is customization charges? please let me know as soon as possible?

Hi appmobo, do you mean image slideshow like this?
please check my demo from link below :
Download Demo Slider

Hi solodroid. yes i want this slideshow in place of header image.

Hi appmobo, if you want that slideshow and implement into your homepage, you can contact me by email below :


Hi, This app it’s compatible with android studio ???

Hi num2002, We are still work to compatible in Android Studio and will be finished soon. approximately around the next few days we will add support for Android Studio. we will add in next update in our app.

Thank you.

Hi :)

I’m very interested.

Can the text elements be changed into my local language?

Can I disable some options from the homescreen?


Hi boriscougar.

What is your local language? As example : i’ve tested in Arabic language and it’s working.

You also can disable some option if you don’t need it.

If you find difficult to do that.. we are ready to help you.

Thank you.

Hi :)

Can you tell me, How can I change the language (to english) in Web Application..??

Hi vedantchawla,

yes, please contact me by email, i will send web app to you for english language. here my email :

Thank you.

:) Send you an Email…

Hi vedantchawla,

I have reply your email.

Thank you.

Hello SoloDroid… :)

Can you help me in integrating PayPal or any other PAYMENT GATEWAY in THIS APP.?

Hi vedantchawla,

We are sorry, for now, we can’t integrating for payment gateway such as paypal or any other in our App. we apologize for our shortcomings.

Thank you.