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do this use recyclerview ?

Hi itsofteam, current version on codecanyon still use listview, we will replace it with recyclerview in the next update version. Thanks

What date and time functuins in this app

Hi itsofteam, the functions to know the time and date of order. Thanks

Hi can you please take my system remote and install the project, i am getting error while executing , please tell me the right time when you can take my system remote and install.

Hi solodroid,

Thanks for support I have one doubt can you please give the short description for this so that I can understood what are the changes I need to do for importing my product category from database with reference to your app. so that I can test my data will be imported successfully. and please do reply if you are getting mail from these two id’s. sanjay@amdigimedia.com or amit@amdigimedia.com

thanks and regards.

Hi amit07,

categories and products added from admin panel directly, so, you must setup and install it in your online web hosting, for tutorial how to configure admin panel in hosting, you can check this tutorial here.

this app only support with admin panel which included in the download package, so, if you want to add categories and products, you must add it from admin panel.

our last email reply is discussion about remote access your computer using teamviewer, and other last email is send required update original code to your email, if you have any other question, you can contact us by email.


Hi Solodroid,

thanks for your unceasing support till now and also app is running successfully. i.e. our live server database have different name and numbers of columns and tables. so do we need to change the U.I so that it can connect the database? write now we have an issue in database connection in to the app. so we need some help to reolve this issue its very urgent.

will it support the diiferent database structure.?

thanks and regards.

Hi, when the user makes a purchase it is possible that the application sends a notification or an email with the purchase data

Hola, cuando el usuario hace una compra es posible que la aplicación envíe una notificación o un correo electrónico con los datos de la compra

hi. thank for good app. My app crashed and stop when the phone language is Arabic or Persian. but is good in English

if support RTL i will hold it.

Hi, yes, this app support RTL, but, RTL version isn’t included in the download package, if you want RTL version, we will send the update code with RTL version to you after purchase. Thanks

Hi, thanks for good app. whether I will get the updated version after purchase ?

Hi si294r, thanks for purchase our app, yes, of course, you will get the updated version, if there is new update version coming, you also get notification via email automatically and able to download the latest update version. Thanks

hi. thank for good app. app crashed and stop when the phone language is Arabic or Persian. but is good in English why???

can i detect user location when the order confirmed ?

Hi thamer_898,

you can’t detect user location, the buyer’s address and other information informed after they checkout.



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Hello Solodroid. I Have troubles running installing and running the application. Can you help me out to configure and i am totally new to this android stuff and i dont know to to configure the online web hosting also. Thank you so much. If you need my team viewer id for remote installation pls do mail me to zoo_pc10@yahoo.com thank you solodroid.

Hi Memo_Pad,

if you have problem in app configuration, you can contact us by email and explain you problem for more detail, about admin panel configuration, you can provide your cpanel hosting login detail to us, we will help you to configure it, here our email support :
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


HI, i interested your E-Commerce / Online Shop App, but i need both website & app for my new site, can you please confirm you provide website? thanks

Hi vishwa1984,

thanks for interested with our app, in this case, the source code that we sell is android category, so, at this time we don’t sell website, which we provide are android code as the main application, then, the admin panel to manage content in android application acts as a server, so, web frontend version currently not available at this time.


Can I access the control panel?

Hi flucivane ,

yes, you can access the demo admin panel here, username and password is admin admin


How to use u push panel notification?

Hi flucivane, to use push notification, you can check this demo here. Thanks

Does this app contains a payment gateway ??

Hi SKYadav, for now, this app isn’t integrated with payment gateway, the payment information is described in the information tab menu. Thanks


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In the product list, there is 1 column. Can I leave 2 columns?


flucivane Purchased

Is the push notification panel easy to install?

Hi, push panel or admin panel? all is explained in the documentation, just folowing step configuration, if you still have problem, we provide help support to help you. Thanks


flucivane Purchased

Is it possible to login so that whenever the user makes a request the data is already recorded? And he did not have to type every time.

I want payment methods in this app with acounts

the available features in our app as the demo that we have provided, other than it, currently not available, so, you can try the demo app to know how this app working.

May I ask, what framework do you use for the admin control panel (the server side php code)?

Hi the1st_expert, the server side is built using php programming language and it’s not using any framework.Thanks

solodroid. i want to purchase your this app.. can you please tell me. source code for android studio and cms with push notification is available or not ??

Hi Shahzaib1019, thanks for interested with our app, yes, android studio in included in the download package, then, push notification sent from onesignal site directly, if you want to configure or send push notification, create your own account, it’s totally free. Thanks

Need demo for app and panel. i want check update delete option

Hi Shahzaib1019, we have already provide demo for android app and admin panel in the item description, you can try it by yourself, note : we don’t sync for demo android app and admin panel, we use our private admin panel url to keep the demo content in android app is not changed, however, we 100% guarantee that the android app and admin panel can run well. Thanks


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Hi Solodroid! i get some errors when i compile the codes, how much should i pay for you do it for me

Hi Is it possible to add product subcategory? As the demo also not possible. We can only addcategory. We can not add subcategory. Can you add this section? the admin panel suported RTL Lang?