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Hi GeniusOcean.

What I have to receive once I pay for the solution?

I expect to receive: 1) Full source code including the installation script and database SQL script 2) Documentation “how to install in on my own server”

Please let me know if it is correct .

Thank you.

Hello, Yes, you will get Complete source code and Installation documentation Once you purchase the script. Thanks


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Thank you

Good morning, can you change the standard? because when you add a product in it appears below the value “In USD”.

Hello Sir, Please email us from our profile page with more details so we can understand your problem. Thanks


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Under admin panel I can see in the “Update Product” – “Add to a featured”. But how to add to a “Popular”?

Popular will be dynamic by counting the click. Thanks!


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GeniusOcean I believe the last question before purchasing.

It is about the currency. All the products by default are visible in US$. I wonder if the sign ”$” stored in MySQL database, or it is just inside the html code. I mean is it possible knowing html/css to replace ”$” with my local currency?

Thank you.

Please check again. Thanks!


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Thank you I got it!



v71 Purchased

Hi GeniusOcean

Just installed it on Wampserver 3.1.0

Admin panel -> Manage categories

Cannot edit/add categories, sub categories. The button “add category” does nothing. the same with the button for the sub category.

Email replied. We always try to reply emails within 24 hours. Thanks!

Does this script have affiliate program capability?

Nowadays, if you do not have this feature, it’s too difficult to succeed with your shopping cart script.

We are planning to update with affiliate program. Do you have any website as a sample? So we can check that. We want to add a easy affiliate system.

I would like to recommend this script.

It’s not a design.Functionality I would like to recommend


hello there. i purchased your script, however, i’m getting this error ErrorException in a6442c63cd0ac9049a08a7e5e9c7ad5d0905e41e.php line 49: Trying to get property of non-object (View: /home/u695449702/domains/ may you kindly help out soon.

Please contact us from profile page for any development support. Thanks!

translate to Spanish?

No admin option, please check our new product. Thanks!

Is it a complete system of easy installation?

Hi! I tried to install the script but get http 500 error from the begining. What is the problem?

Please message us from our profile page to get free installation within 24 hours. Thanks!

Hi.. i was change currency, it work on home, but not working in searching page and category page, still in $ in anther page. whate i missing ?

Email replied. Thanks!

thank y. I found the error. When “Reviews products” that email format format similar to ( error occurred. How to fix it ?

Hello Sir, You didn’t purchase any product from us. We can help you to fix any issue if you purchase from us. Thanks!

Halo… please activated my 2 domain. i was input my purchasecode but cannot running… ? and was send detail ftp

Please contact from our profile page. Our developer will check within 24 hours. Please give us complete details when you contact. Thanks!

please check

our developer will reply within 24 hours. Thanks!

Please can or payment gateway be added?

We can integrate it for extra charge. Thanks!

How much will this cost please?

Please message from our profile page. Thanks!

I’m just wondering is can be breach easily, is this working as marketplace too? So anyone can do selling their own product?

There is an issue while adding a product to cart, it is not adding whats wrong here?

Please contact us from our profile page and our developer will solve as soon as possible. Thanks!

samysin, the code that I have also has that problem, I report it today, I hope that they will solve it soon

samysin in the file /app/Http/Controllers/FrontEndController.php line 230, chance if (count($cart) > 0 ){ by if ($cart){ and ready!.

Please contact us from our profile page and our developer will solve as soon as possible. Thanks!

stripe payment gateway does not work, also the card details should not be input in the same page it should be redirected to stripe web page for card input. Stripe payment does not work. Awaiting your feedback

If you face any issue then we will solve it as soon as possible. But you need to purchase first. Thanks!


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Hi Error ErrorException in FrontEndController.php line 148: compact(): Undefined variable: portfilos

Hello Sir, Please message us from our profile page for any kind of technical issue or service. So our developers can help you. Comment section is only for general questions answered by developers. Our support is off of Friday only in a week. Thanks!

i am interested buy a product i need some customization in this product we have sent mail for details kindly check your email please update price and delivery time

Hello Sir it will be responded within 24 hours by our developer. Thanks