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Push notification repsonse coming ”\n\n and no notification is sent

or you need to change webapi key with server key which you will get from fcm

Where can i setup email configuration ?

on order placing email should trigger….

Email functionality working on you sample app, but when i place on my server its not working please help

your server php version ????

i have godaddy server with php5.6… pls help

it must be worked n pls contact me on mail i ll help you out from this studiobluelime@gmail.com

what i get if i buy ?

You Will Get Complete Code Of Application (Android Studio) And Admin Panel With Sql Databse.

is there any thing should i buy it later or need to know it befor?

No Thngs To Buy Later…..

I want to buy this App. If I make the payment than will I receive the codes just after the payment or I’ll get it later ??

Just After The Payment… U Will Get Download Link….

Please confirm PayUMoney Webview/PayUMoney SDK with version …

Key = Merchant -Key Salt

<string name=”payu_money_Key”>Merchant -Key Salt </string>

<string name=”payu_money_url”>https://test.payumoney.com/payment/op/calculateHashForTest</string> When production whts the url ?

No idea. ?

Can we add size for the product with brand all also you have the option for the color but what about the size how people will buy is there is no size given for any t-shirt or shirt

I Will Update In Future….


bnwraj Purchased

while cash on deliver am getting required field missing error

Pls Contact Me Directly I Will Solve It Within Seconds…


lomboku Purchased

Dear Developer,

I have question before I purchased the app.

1. Can we change the shipping cost become not fixed price ? so i want to create shippping cost change based on the location distance but in simple way

2. Can applied the sms notification to the customer after they checkout the shopping and ready to deliver the product ? if yes, the sms notification service is free or any cost ?

3. Any plan to upgrade the app in the future ?


Yeah I Can Do All Thing As A Customisation….

Are you planning to release an IOS version ?

Yeah But It Will TakeTime…..

there are lots of bugs in app

how to resolve these errors

Error:com.android.builder.internal.aapt.AaptException: Failed to crunch file D:\Android Projects\codecanyon-18717628-ecommerce-app-with-payment-gateway\Update 1\App\app\app\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.mixpanel.android\mixpanel-android\4.6.4\res\drawable-xhdpi-v4\com_mixpanel_android_square_nodropshadow.9.png into D:\Android Projects\codecanyon-18717628-ecommerce-app-with-payment-gateway\Update 1\App\app\app\build\intermediates\res\merged\debug\drawable-xhdpi-v4\com_mixpanel_android_square_nodropshadow.9.png

its error free code for this error you need to rename folder name and place in root folder coz its has too long path thats y…...

how can I add subcategory?

u cant add subcategory…