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Hello Cristin

Thanks for the reply I finally found some time to play with this it looks like it’s runnng fine since having a play, i replaced brain.php and js just in case i messed something up. But no joy so edited the pathToApp: “ecomments/” line in my php file and bingo i had put http://etc etc …, i just replaced with ecomments/ and it works fine i can see on all computers this end.

Sorry for the bother, thanks for taking a look, All the best Dreadsta

Anybody Looking to buy a comment system take a look at this !!! i’m no coder myself but i do mess around , this was easy to set up, very easy to style, just take a look how it now fits my webtheme www.transbike.co.uk/comments.php

Hi again Dreadsta,

I’m happy everything worked out for the best. If you have any other problems please send me an email and I will do my best to help you.

Also, thank you for buying my script and for your kind words.

All the best with your site ;).



I followed the instructions.

I am adding the relevant code on the page that I want to use eComments. But I am getting a blank page.

Please Help.


Hi Shuchi,

First of all thank you for purchasing my script. Can you please give me a link where I can see the script? You can contact me by email if you want and I will be more then glad to help you.

Best regards,


Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry that was my mistake :(

How do I disable the captcha?

Thanks in advance.


Great work! :)

Thank you MaikU2 and also thank you for purchasing my application.

Best regards,

Cristin Iosif

the admin demo only returns to the login—i.e. there is no admin demo

Hi tcloud,

I just tested the admin panel demo and it works just fine. Can you please be more specific about this problem? On what browser do you get this bug?

Best regards,

Cristin Iosif

just tried it again—enter admin / admin and it just goes back to the demo page. I’m using FF 8 .0.1. It works for me in IE 9 .

Ok, I will try to take a closer look over FF to see what the problem is. Thank you!

installed and works great—thanks.

Some suggestions:

1 – allow spaces in contributor’s names, also honorifics e.g. Dr., etc.

2 – Allow for a modal pop-up submission form.

I am using this in a 270 pixel wide column alongside normal page content, and the submission form takes up most of the space.

Suggestions for admin page:

3 – Put check boxes next to each comment being reviewed for: Edit, Approve, Deny, Delete—rather than have a drop-down selector. This would save the admin from having to go through a separate step to handle each type of disposition of comments.

4 – Put button to Approve All comments.

5 – Replace the “Actions” drop-down with (more easily accessible) buttons on the page for those actions.

6 – Have an option to not use login as some (like me) will be using this from within an existing administrative interface.

7 – A working demonstration html or php page might save you from having to answer a lot of questions.

  • I don’t need help with these things, just thought they would make your product attractive to a wider range of buyers.


Hi Tom,

First of all thank you for buying my application and also thank you for your feedback. I will definitely include your suggestions in the next version.

Best regards,


Christin, I see multiple users with the same issue as me. This is my problem. “Error #1: Unable to connect to the DB server!”? As soon as I log in. Please advice by private email. If you need I will send you the entry codes. Thanks very much.

Kind regards


First of all thank you for buying my application. Yes, this is a common issue with the application, but is not a bug of the script. Can you please send my the entry codes and I will do my best to help you.

Best regards, Cristin

I bought your script and after following all the directions correctly got it working, ALMOST . The form loads on my page, and when a comment is submitted, it goes to admin for approval, but it never shows live on the page.

It just says loading.. and nothing ever happens.

The page I Have this on is here under the stories tab -> http://jailresource.com/beaver-county-jail-inmate-search.html

Thanks for Any Help! I know I also sent you an email :)

Best Regards, Brandon

Hi Brandon,

I answered to your email with the solution. The problem is that the ‘page_id’ field is declared in the database as varchar of 20 characters, and yours is longer then that. You can either change the length of the ‘page_id’ filed from the database or you can change the ‘page_id’ value from javascript to a shorter one.

Best regards,


Hi, nice work. Is it possible to change all colours & styles to comply with my own css? Also this would be used inside a secure website, can I remove the need for users to add their name & email address before commenting? I would use a session value to append user name?



First of all thank you for buying my script and for your kind words. Yes, you can change the colors and styles from the style.css file. Also you can remove the need for entering name and email address. The best way is to make the inputs invisible and add the sessions values in this inputs. This way, you won’t have to deal with changing the security scripts.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Best regards,


Hi again Cristin, finally got round to purchasing the script, it is up and running just need to sort the session values out. Could you tell me where the input fields are that I need to change?

I am looking in brain.js editing the showForm: function() on lines 322, whatever I change doesnt pull through to the comments page. As a test I just changed the form labels and saved, when viewing page it hasnt changed so guess I am looking at the wrong form?

Kind regards


Hi again, please ignore above comment I am editing the correct brain.js now, adding my session values to the js file results in the script being removed totally from the page. If you have time could you see where I maybe going wrong?

Changing line 329 to

form += ’<input type=”text” id=”author” value=”<?php echo $_SESSION[‘Security_ContacName’]; ?>” placeholder=”Your name” />’;

I know the session is being stored as I can see the user name at top of page?

Many thanks again..

This really is a great script – I love it. I tried a few others but they were difficult to get working and threw errors. This one did what it said on the box and more.

Cristin – helped me sort a few minor issues out – now I have a happy client – thank you!!! :-)

Really nice script and really great support .. BUY IT !

I sent u a message…mine also says unable to connect to DB server

I sent you an email. I’m sorry but I was very sick this past days.

Its fine, sorry for being difficult, the comment system was the whole point of my clients site…and she was extremely upset with the time delay

As i sad, I’m really sorry for this, but I wasn’t able this last days to work. If you need any future help with the commenting system please contact me.

Best regards and sorry again.

Hi, please ignore this message posted in error, I had already asked the same question 2 months ago!!


Hello, I purchased the ecomments script and really need to get it live on our website but cant seem to contact the author for any support, wonder if anyone else who has purchased can assist me?

1 – I would like to allow the input of spaces in the name field ie; John Smith, is this possible? 2 – Would like to remove the email field completely including any validation? I tried editing brain.js removing all entries where ‘email’ field was but no success at present?

Kind regards and thanks for your time..



I saw your comments but didn’t really understand what was the problem because after your first comment you sad that there isn’t any problem. :-?

You have bellow a guide on how to edit the files so that you can remove or change the validation.

To adjust the validation properties, and the email validation, you have to adjust them on the client and also on the server side.

On the client side, you can find the validation properties in “js/brain.js”. At line 350 you have the function addComment. Between the lines 357 and 389 you have the validation for all the fields from the add comment form. Also at line 362 and line 365 you can find the regular expression for the username and email validation.

On the server side, you can find the validation properties in “php/brain.php”. Between the lines 121 and 155 you can find the validation rules. Also at line 131 and line 137 you will find the regular expression for the username and email validation. This expressions must be equivalent to the ones from the client side.

If you don’t manage to change the validation rules by yourself please email me and I will be glad to help you.

Best regards,


Hi Cristin, sorry for the mix up but thank you for your prompt support on my config, the script is working great now, email fields removed, catpha removed & name fields formatted correctly.

Again thanks & this is a lovely little script for any site, easily changed to suit..

Kind regards


Is their going to be an update to eComments soon? It is an excellent script and I would happily pay another $10 for an improved version.

1. Does this script have Email Notification?

2. Is it SEO spider friendly?

3. Also I should be able to Reply to a Reply to a Reply., and each reply should be Indented slightly – like a threaded conversation.

4. Lastly, is it mobile-device friendly (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Thanks :)


First of all thank you for purchasing my script. I hope to have a new version in the next month, with the features you mentioned included.

Best regards,


TOTAL COMMENTS How can I show total comments. Ideally next to the heading, ie. COMMENTS (32). I am looking at line104 of brian,js

Not working for me :-(


Can you please tell me what’s the problem? Do you have a link where you installed the script?

Best regards, Cristin


Is there any way to get an email notification of new comments if they need to be moderated.

Hi Rob,

Unfortenly, not at the moment, bur I will definitely try to added in the next version.

Best regards, Cristin

Hi Cristin, looks very nice script and thinking of buying.

One question before I do, my intention was to use this for a couple of webpages that will be running comments blocks but on different subjects. Is there any way to do this? I didn’t spot it as a feature or in the item comments so is this possible? and if so how do you do this, or is it in the documentation?

Cheers Les

Hi Les,

Yes, it’s possible to add the commenting system on multiple pages (this way the comments from different pages are independent from one an other). I think this is what you were saying.

Best regards, Cristin

Problem below is resolved. I’m using your system inside a cms called Modx and it was this that was causing the named anchor problem.

Thanks Les

Hi Cristin, sent you a message but repeating here as I’m desperate for a response. I purchased the script and got it working, styled etc. really like it and documentation is excellent. BUT … I have problems. When I click on “Reload Comments” I end up on the home page of my website instead of the comments page and the same thing happens when I click on any “Reply” link, which I think is the same problem.

Any idea what might be happening? Did I miss something in the settings?

Hope you can help because I need this to work on a Live site asap. Thanks again, Great Script. Cheers Les

Hi Cristin, it’s been a long time since the last update and suggestions of an email notification of postings as possible in a new update sure sound useful especially when posts are infrequent but need moderation.

Any idea when a new version is likely to appear ?