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Can we customize variant types for each/specific type of product?

I want to have: Hieght, width, depth, x, y, z, m, n, o etc—How easy to add variants types.


If you mean as selectable options, not really. Only 2 options can be set


pharill Purchased

I’ve emailed you, we need to talk, when I tried to download my purchase for the first time today, my antivirus blocked the download stating there was a malicious attack???


pharill Purchased

Could you provide me with instructions to sort it out “now”

Please go to html folder in the admin directory and open admin-header. The look for that Update Account and then replace the link tag with this Update Account


pharill Purchased

Worked. Thanks

Can we customizing variant types for each specific type of product?

I have a product-1: with Variants

  • Dimensions: Hight, Width, Thickness
  • Cloth Type: T1, T2, T3

I have a product-2: with Variants

  • Dimensions: Hight-Feet, Hight-inches, Width-Feet, Widht-inches
  • Some Other Type: X1, X2, X3, X4

Both Product Variants are different. Is it possible to set?

When I change variants for some product, at the same time product PRICE should be calculated automatically (Price should go along with variants)

Thank you.

I didn’t quite get your last question. But there will be no issues with your product variants as each product can set 2 options with it’s variants


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Pls in new update, do search in admin panel, about items, because, then i have 100p. It’s very hard to find a item… And update thim | Pls in admin search panel

Please help me . I sent for you a message by your profile

I responded to you already. I need you mysql details. Try and get those from your host and email me the details

Hello ,

you can create database and username and add prlivages to them and use them in install script


Its all done now. Will email you the link to set it up

I just bought this software today. I follow exactly instruction how to install the database. But I’m getting this error message Database error has occured. Please try again later Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on null in /home/dnjclothing/public_html/db_install.php on line 25 Thanks Donatien

Please check that you have entered you db details correctly.

1) Question public function __construct($secret, RequestMethod $requestMethod = null) { if (empty($secret)) { throw new \RuntimeException(‘No secret provided’); }

if (!is_string($secret)) { throw new \RuntimeException(‘The provided secret must be a string’); } }

$this->secret = $secret;
if (!is_null($requestMethod)) {
    $this->requestMethod = $requestMethod;
} else {
    $this->requestMethod = new RequestMethod\Post();
This function is given me the following message: Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘RuntimeException’ with message ‘No secret provided’ in /home/dnjclothing/public_html/includes/lib/ReCaptcha/ReCaptcha.php:61 Stack trace: #0 /home/dnjclothing/public_html/contactus.php(30): ReCaptcha\ReCaptcha->__construct(’’) #1 {main} thrown in /home/dnjclothing/public_html/includes/lib/ReCaptcha/ReCaptcha.php on line 61. 2) Question How can I set up images on home page just right of carrousel? Thanks Donatien

If you want to use the recaptcha, please go to google and sign up for it. else keep the secret and key empty. On question 2, from the product list in admin, select desired products and then click feature and then submit

hello . I sent you a message on your email address


znaji Purchased

How can I show the timer without having to set a discount? Right now you have to set a discount before the timer shows if you dont then the timer does not show.

Update: Solved timer issue


znaji Purchased

where do I change the text for the timer (Ends in XX d, XX:XX:XX)

have a look at cart.js