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There seem to be some issues. Tried converting a doc and docx to PDF and getting a

The upload path does not appear to be valid.

and two warnings:

Message: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/ecodevs2/public_html/demo/econverter/application/controllers/file_converter.php:45)

Hi MWCD, Thanks for your feedback, We’re checking it.

Hi, it has been fixed.

the file converter support format ?

Hi, it support txt, doc, pdf file format. For other file conversion use cloud api converter.

what’s the meaning “cloud api “

It use cloudconvert API to convert files, which provides many types of file formats.

Hi, I need only file converter but demo not work I see issues, all is static need some graphic loader on conversion.

Hi, we just checked and its working fine. Please mail us on for modification or any issue.

The script is not SEO url friendly. All the conversion tools are on the same page

Hi sir, did you remove iframe and check? here is the direct link of our converter script Thanks

I am telling about Cloud API conversion tools. All the converter toops like Video to mp3, mp4 to mp3, doc to html, html to pdf are on the same page. Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Base Converter are on the landing page and they have also separate page tools. If you do the same for the tools available in Cloud API then it will be more search engine friendly. If you cant do it for all the tools then atleast do it for video converter, doc converter, etc. It will be more search engine friendly.

I see ad banners on pages, are you kidding me?

Yes sir, Its there on demo. Mail us on for any help, Thanks.

How to translate it to another language? Is it easy?

Yes, Easy with Google translator.

Hi, I am trying to convert some pdf files to doc and receive a blank document. What should I do?

Hi, We’re checking it. Thanks for informing :)

Demo is not working. I have tried from PDF to word – it shows blank word file only. :(

Hi sir, that function doesn’t work anymore. We’ll update it in next update

I am considering buying your script… I think your link is not updated since the image conversion cloud IP shows non-image formats for conversion instead… What are the steps to convert from mkv video to mp4? Does the conversion take place inside my server? or somewhere else?

The conversion is done on cloudconvert server :)

nice job Good Luck with sales



I do not download the conversion results


Hi, Please send mail to about your problem. Thanks


I try demo convert pdf to DOC and it give me a empty file.

I don’t buy it if this option don’t work…

Have a nice day

Hi, I will check.

Hi, problem are fixed?

Hi, that library is outdated. There will be new version of this converter soon.

Hi. The image converter not working. Only show video format, not image format.

Hi, its outdated. We will upgrade it in near future.