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Hola, mi idea seria reemplazar fullcalendar que estoy usando por tu script, Como se comporta en mobiles ?, puedo usar solo el javascript en una pagina html y que me lea los eventos desde un json ?, desde ya creo se pueden agregar campos personalizados no ? Espero tu respuesta para realizar la compra Gracias

Hola aluna2.

Perdón la tardanza. El calendario lo podés insertar en tu sitio mediante un iframe, o simplemente redireccionar al usuario al directorio donde subas el calendario.

Por el momento, agregar campos personalizados o leer los eventos desde un json, no son tarea sencilla. Tendrías que modificar gran parte del código.

La próxima versión, actualmente en desarrollo, traerá una mayor flexibilidad en estos aspectos y otros.


Hello. Can I change the design? Can I output more than 4 events?

Hi dov31. Sure, you can add as many events as you want. If you have basic HTML/CSS knowledge, you can also change the design.

Wish you success!

Hi I want to know if I can create different administrators and that each one has its own calendar and also edit days without reservation

Hi lalohopper! You are detailing a feature it has the upcoming release of eCalendar. So, at the moment it doesn’t have that type of control. It has only one administrator.

I’m sure the next release will fit your needs :)


Can this be programmed to have users login and set events for their profile and the admin be able to see the event calendars for each user?

Hi power7714! Not yet, but soon.

Thanks for asking!


Hi, is it possible to only show a week view instead of a month?

Hi fernon, the point of eCalendar is to keep everything quite simple, so that is not possible.

Se pueden usar múltiples usuarios creando eventos? (posiblemente mismo día y horario) y en español? Gracias

Hola! En la versión actual se puede crear únicamente un solo usuario, no múltiples.


I just purchased the Calendar… I have 2 issues.

a) When I try to enter the time as “12:00 am” or “12:01 am” etc. it turns the time to “pm”. Even if I use 00:01.

b) Is there a way to make the Calendar so that the time is not required?

Hi CodeSrc,

a) Send me an email so I can give you the fixed version.

b) Unfortunately not. Time is a necessary field.


E-mail sent…


CodeSrc Purchased

I never heard back from you regarding the fixed version.