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Hello! It is possible to plot on the calendar of birthdays of users already loaded into a BD without having to add it manually?

Hi Arian!

That would be possible if the users birthdays DB respect the same field structure as the events DB TABLE (title, location, timestamp). Don’t hesitate on sending me an email with detailed info so I can help you with that!

Regards, FMG

Hello, just bought your calendar script and can’t install it. ...something went wrong…. can you send me the default tables structure to import it? It should be include with the files anyway instead of this installer which is useless.

Ok, no worries. I setuped my own MYSQL connection to database and working like a charm!

Hello! Sorry for that issue you had. Anyways I’m glad to hear you had solved it! Any other inquires, don’t hesitate on sending me an email.

Regards, FMG

Hello! Sorry for that issue you had. Anyways I’m glad to hear you had solved it! Any other inquires, don’t hesitate on sending me an email.

Regards, FMG

Hi, I have just purchased and need the date format to be dd/mm/yyyy can you please advise.

Hi Cardscale. Yes sure! Send me an email via Support and I will customize it for you!


Hi Lettro, is there a way to put a description box for events to give some information for them? If so, I’ll purchase, thanks!

Hi Randy. Sure! That can be possibly customized for you. No problem.

Regards, FMG

Very good script and fast support. Thank You Lettro!

Thanks to you! Enjoy the script.


In looking at the demo, it appears this might do a lot of what we would like, but I wonder to what extent it could be further customized.

We’re looking to implement this to showcase concerts and musical events in our city, and I wonder whether these fields could be added:

- name of event/artist/concert

- event category (choir/classical/opera/folk/jazz)

- venue name

- venue address

- description

- start time

- end time

- ticket price (optional)

- contact/box office phone number (optional)

- contact/box office email address (optional)

- event/organizer URL (optional)

Hi! Those changed could be easily made for you. Send me and email so we talk about that. Thank you.

Very big problem : I tested also with your demo and the events aren’t showing in mobile just on the computer …

Hi! That’s really strange. Send me an email and I will give you a more detailed guide to fix the issue. Thank you.

Hi! I want to buy this script but I have some questions for you!

- Can I integrate this calendar into a website that doesn’t have a MySql database?

- Can I create the database into cPanel hosting?

- The calendar needs a separate page or can be inserted into my contact page for example?



1. You only need to have a database and yes you can create it from cPanel hosting.

2. You can insert the calendar into your contact page (or whatever section in your website) or as a separate page. As you wish!

Good luck and thanks to you!

Hi – I don’t see the AM or PM indicator in the demo events -

Hi! Yes, that’s because in the demo the Military format is the default (24hs), not Standard (12hs am/pm). However on the full script you can choose between both, as you wish.

Good luck! FMG

If anyone has the “Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter…”

Here is a temporary work-around to ‘hide’ the error message – Just add @ before the call on line 2 -

1. <?php

2. @require ‘calendar/php/session.php’;

3. require ‘calendar/admin/settings.php’;

4. ?>

It doesn’t solve the actual issue, but it it will hide the error message for anyone who needs a quick fix.

Thank you!

But now it has been correctly fixed in the last update!

I am very interested in this, but would like to ask a couple of questions.

1) Can this be translated/work in other languages ?? I’d like to use it with the Greek language.

2) Can events be duplicated ?? For example, if I have the exact same event taking place each day in a month, can a single event be duplicated to fill in all of the days, or do the events have to be entered one at a time >


Hi glennd. Sorry for the delay.

1) Sure. It can be especially translated for you but with an adittional charge of course.

2) Not yet in this version. That feature will be able on the next calendar version soon to be launched. However, that can be especially customized for you, with an additional charge too.

Hope you luck, FMG

Can you let me know what would be the charge for the 2 different things to be added ??

Sure! Send me an email.

I need a schedule for patients and my secretary take the turnosy adapt it to my website,would this calendar?

Hola Germán, No me quedo del todo claro el motivo de su comentario. Pero por lo que capté, sí, el calendario le sería de gran utilidad para organizar turnos, y podría ser integrado a su sitio web fácilmente.

En todo caso me escribe un mail.

Gracias! FMG

This would have been the one I would purchase, however, it fell short on one thing. No input for a description of an event. Such ashamed.

Hi Kalarah. If you want to, we could customize that feature for you. There would be no problem. If you want to, send us an email after buying it.

Regards, FMG

That would be fine, however, what are you going to charge me to do that? And is this bootstrap friendly?

Yes, it is bootstrap friendly. Please, send me an email and I give you more detailed information. Thank you.


I am very familiar with Bootstrap 3, php and mysqli, would I be able to customize the code if purchased?

Hi lwishon55. Yes, absolutely. It obviously depends in your programming skills too, but in terms of the script’s source code it’s pretty tidy and understandable. Also be aware that most of the script is Javascript.

Good luck, FMG

It would be better if this calendar can interface with the Google Calendar API and read my information from there. I use Google Calendar as it syncs across all devices and apps but I do not want to use Google Calendar’s web interface as it is horribly cluttered and bloated.

Hi asscode.

Sure! We are developing that feature by now for the next release of eCalendar which is coming soon. I really appreciate your comment. It’s awesome to know people needs so that we can offer you the best service.

Thanks! FMG

hi, I want to make clear events for all users … is it possible?

Hi Angelo,

I think the answer is a Yes but could you be a bit more specific? You mean giving the possibility to anyone of creating events?

Hope your response :) FMG

Sure, that can be specifically customized for you. Send me an email to better coordinate!

hi, i need some customization … is it possible? thank

hi, can i add images/videos to an event, too?

Hi littleredcar,

Certainly not, but that would be a nice feature to add to the next release. Thanks for asking.

Good luck! FMG

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This comment is currently being reviewed.