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Just wondering if it already support iPhone in the meanwhile.

Hi, This Template is for iPad. If you want to have it as Universal iPhone/iPad App please contact us by our Profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you with more infos. thanks

Support for iPhone ?

Hi, please contact us via email and we will give you universal version price of ebook app. Thanks

I have a problem with this source code, I just change the epub file and don’t show anything, just work with default that came with source code, why ?

Hi, did you tested your epub file in other epub reader? I think you need to check your epub file, because with normal epub files has no problem this app to read them. if you can not test it, you can send us your epub file via email and we will check it for you. thanks

Do your app have 64bit?

Yes, our app supports 64bit and is full optimized for iOS8. Please check your mail, we have answered your other question. thanks

i like this app but i want to know how much would you charge if i want to have the Universal app instead of ipad only support.

Hi, please contact us via email from our profile’s contact form. thanks

email sent tks

Hello. Can a single app include multiple ebooks?

Hi, this app is only for one book but with some additional programming knowledge it is also possible to have multiple ebooks. thanks

Hello Appsvilla, Can you show me samples of ebooks made with your app in the itunes store. I am not sure Apple will allow ebook apps when they already ibooks. I want to buy but need to be convinced apple will not reject my book app for itunes.

Hi, yes, you can download our app submitted to the App Store with this code: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/id887182551 . thanks

Do you have this app for android?

Hi, at this time is only iOS Version available. Thanks

Please tell me when you have it available for android studio. Thanks for your reply!

You will get a notification when it is available for android. Thanks

hi this ebook only support ePub file? i want pdf

Hi, this app supports only ePUB but if you want pdf, please contact us via email info@appsvilla.de and we will send you another offer. thanks

hi, this application supports epub 3.0? plays HTML5 elements like audio , video and interactions ?


Hi, please check your mail. thanks

Excuse me, I have not received a response. Only a mail which tells me to check my email, but when I check there is no answer.

I appreciate you send me the answer again. Thank you.

Please send us at info@appsvilla.de above comment again Thanks

Hi, this app support epub 3.0 format? books in 3.0 can support, video in html5, audio, interactions, read aloud?


Please send us your epub file via email at info@appsvilla.de and we will check it and get back to you with more infos. Thanks

please i sent you email.. kindly reply its urgent

hi you said in your description “You have no Mac and Xcode or no Developer Account?

We will be able to compile the program for you and publish it in the App Store. (Extra Support) Just write to us”


“This Template is for iPad. If you want to make it as Universal iPhone/iPad App please contact us by our Profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.”

i contacted you and you stopped responding!

please i need your service now! are you available?

Hello, did you receive our mail back, if not please re-send again. Thanks

ok i got it. thanks

Hey hi I sent you an email asking several questions more than a week ago. I can resend the email to you. Or you prefer me asking the questions here? Thanks in advance!

Hi, we have replied you , may be it was landed in spam. We will resend it today again. Thanks , regards

I’d buy both versions this very minuet if you had an Android version too.

sorry but currently is only iOS version available. Thanks

I’ll check back in another three years.

Does it have android version?

Hello, only iOS version is available

Hi! Project looks good. Is it updated to support the latest swift 3 and iOS ?