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where is the demo ??

I am sorry, but the demo is not ready yet. I am working on it, the link will be attached when it’s ready.

The demo is ready.

Need a demo. Cannot judge your product based on screenshot. Can we display by location where is bloodbank located near me? Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

The screenshots could help you to understand the product. eBloodBank doesn’t include any functionality to store the other blood banks information. However I will implement this idea in the future. Thanks.

Actually i need it on urgent basis. Can you help me achieve that, I can pay you accordingly. Thanks in advance.

I would also like to see the demo. The screens do not show the user experience.

I am sorry, but the demo is not ready yet. I am working on it, the link will be attached when it’s ready.

The demo is ready.

Please make demo. Interested in this item

I am sorry, but the demo is not ready yet. I am working on it, the link will be attached when it’s ready.

The demo is ready.

Congratulation for approved ;) Keep going my brother.

Thanks. :)

eBloodBank is an open source blood bank system, that provides a set of must-have features to start an online blood bank.

If it was open source it wouldn’t be listed here, you should update your description.

Sorry, This is a common misconception about what “open source” means. Please read more about this topic from here.


Perhaps using the keyword unencrypted would confuse less potential buyers.

I appreciate your attention to this matter. Let me think about it.

if u add demo i will buy

The demo is ready.

You should remove the “Your account is pending moderation.” in your demo.

Sorry, someone had changed the settings. The new users will have the Editor role now. Tell me if you want to try the administrator user.

The Administrator role is given to the new users now, Everyone want to test the Administrator account! .. :)

is this project build in laravel 5

No, it’s a standalone application builded with various vendors components like Doctrine ORM and Aura Components.

howdy i am considering purchasing your product , but i dont have admin rights after creating an account and i will like to know how much it will cost to add more features to it

The app does not offer a receiver section … Where people can apply for blood

I didn’t understand what you mean, but who need blood can make a search in the donors page, and then contact the donor by the phone number or email address.

Never mind I understand now

hello i just purchased you app and after the installation, i cant login , signup or practically do anything with the menu , i get the following error below

The requested URL /oobs/districts was not found on this server. The requested URL /oobs/login was not found on this server.

note: oobs is the folder where the app is currently placed under in my localhost

The blank page means that there is an uncatched error, please send the error_log and warnings.log files (if they are exist) by e-email to me.

What’s your email

Simple yet great script! I would like to suggest the following features, which in my opinion, are currently missing from this great system

1. Blood Donation Request Should be a system where user post blood donation request with blood group and city or district and the system send an email to all the users with same blood group in that city.

2. Recent Donors and Blood Donation requests on Homepage

3. Pages like contact, about etc

4. Phone numbers and email should be only visible to admin or logged-in users

5. Twitter and facebook integration..(signup * update status/wall functionality)


Thank you. :)

I will add those suggestions to my to-do list.

Dear netghost

Could you share your link where you installed this script? Thanks

script does not work. Can’t install even if all parameters are met.

I would suggest people don’t buy this script until they see it working which I will provide the link below if only it works.

It works well, and the demo is a good proof. :) if you have a problem and you can’t install the system probably, you can contact me anytime.

I have done 23 websites and install almost more than 38 scripts and the 1st time, this is happening, now on what have you based to say that I can’t install the script properly. Who are you besides, since you are new in the script development and you have the guts to come and cast aspersions here as if you are a Connoisseur!

I have re-uploaded everything and it’s the same issues.

You said also in the mail that if it works here it is the proof that there are no error. This is rubbish since there are thousands of script developers selling their products and by going in any of the script, you’ll see almost all have had problems or issues.

Exactly what we looking for

howto translate in french ?

eBloodBank uses GetText slandered for localization, you can use Poedit application (or any other tool) to translate it. https://poedit.net/

howto translate in french

all paged show as “

Sorry, the page you requested was not found. “

Sir nice 1.. but i need in web and android app version also..

any person/organization using this script. Can you kindly provide a link. Thanks