eBloodBank | A Premium Blood Bank System

eBloodBank | A Premium Blood Bank System

Finding someone to donate blood could be a hard task without the existence of the blood donors lists, Online blood banks helps people and hospitals to find the opportune donors in the urgent situations and saves the patients lives.

eBloodBank is an open source blood bank system, that provides a set of must-have features to start an online blood bank.

Feature Highlights

  • Customizable:
    eBloodBank code is nicely organized to make the customization process a piece of cake.
  • Ease to Use:
    eBloodBank designed with usability in mind, it’s efficient to use and easy to learn.
  • Translation Ready:
    Not an English user? Never mind, eBloodBank is ready for translation to your language.
  • Users Management:
    eBloodBank ships with a straightforward users management system which includes, but is not limited to, the authentication, session and role-based-access-control mechanisms.
  • Donors Management:
    Storing blood donors data is not a messy process anymore, eBloodBank offers a simple user-interface to add, edit, approve, remove and search by a specific criteria.
  • City\District Taxonomy:
    Being organized is being in control, eBloodBank provides an ability to categorize the donors by a manageable cities and districts list.
  • Pretty Permalinks:
    eBloodBank add support for the Pretty Permalinks, which make sense and not filled with incomprehensible parameters.
  • Secure:
    eBloodBank is protected from the common security vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, XSS and CSRF…etc


  • PHP version 5.5 or higher.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or higher.
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module.

Changes Log

- Bug Fix: Remove the trailing slash from the base path to fix wrong 404 pages bug.
- Enhancement: Update Composer dependencies.

- Bug Fix: Rename the duplicated "B+" blood group to "B-" 
- Enhancement: Update Composer dependencies to the latest versions.

- Bug Fix: Fix a bug related to files paths on Windows hosts.
- Enhancement: Update Composer dependencies to the latest versions.

- New Feature: Theming functionality.
- Enhancement: Update jQuery to v2.2.1.
- Enhancement: Use Tahoma and Arial fonts in the Arabic UI.
- New Feature: Add support for Redis, APCu and File System cache.
- Enhancement: Update Composer dependencies to the latest versions.

- Bug Fix: Fix some FastCGI compatibility bugs.
- Bug Fix: Use single SQL statements only during the installation.

- Enhancement: Add EBB_DB_DRIVER constant to select the database driver manually.

- New Feature: Donor Contact Visibility.
- Enhancement: Update Bootstrap to v3.3.6.
- Enhancement: Check if Apache mod_rewrite module is loaded on bootstrapping.
- Enhancement: Add config-sample.php file to make the upgrade process easier.

- Bug Fix: Use the default cookies domain to fix the compatibility bugs with RFC 2109.

- New Feature: Add an option to turn on site publication.
- Enhancement: Improve the RBAC (Role Based Access Control) mechanism.
- New Feature: Add a form field to search for a blood group alternatives.
- New Feature: Add an ability to sign up an account and add a donor in the same step.

- New Feature: Add a new page to view single donor details.
- New Feature: Send e-mail notifications after users or donors registration.
- New Feature: Add an ability to bulk delete, activate and approve entities.
- Enhancement: Improve the user experience in managing pending users and donors.
- Enhancement: Keep forms fields values after failed entities addition submissions.
- Bug Fix: Add a check to avoid registering a user with an existing e-mail address.
...and more!

- Bug Fix: Add a check to avoid registering a user with an existing e-mail address.

- Enhancement: Use the PHP mysqli extension if pdo_mysql extension is not installed.
- Bug Fix: Set custom Doctrine ORM proxies namespace and directory path.

Live Demo

Try out a little restricted eBloodBank demo version from here, Sign Up or Log In by the e-mail: and password demo to use the system as an Administrator.