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i want to buy but very poor gui , and css disturbs gui , please fix this and send us demo link

there are no css break or error. design are fully responsive so graphical user interface dose not a big matter. also our system is too much updated. you can check the demo carefully for more information.

Blood group drop down bix is NOT friendly. Please check from your end. Did you test Windows 10 with any browser does have this issue.

our system is fully responsive. can you pls tell me details about the problem you are facing

404 not found error on after full installation. register and search donor page not working.

pls mail us ur cpanel details, we will solve it asap

how to update it into my web server

how may i upload file to my server/website

you need to connect database. pls follow document’s including with system file. if u still unable to install pls mail me ur cpanel access, we will do it. more information you can add me on skype: RIFAT636

the ui needs improvement. i think u need to partner with a good ui professional for your sales to take off. i’m really interested of this but the ui seems the one discouraging me.

we will try our best to change our design on next update


I would like to buy your system but its lacking alot and your blood search system is poor. It should be able to search for donor information-meaning that each donor should be given a code or his mobile number should be the code such that when he or she is in hospital, and happen to have donated blood, it becomes very easy to search his or her donor data.

But only searching for blod group and location, it does not make sense to me.

It is also very important to know how much blood is available, how much used in a month,on how many patients and the number of women and men, blood donation/give way was done by doctor who?

Authorized Doctors should have login option and whenever they give out blood to a patient, the records are automatically recorded,

The system should be able to have donation event days and in which places.

The system should also have the option to show how times the donor has donated and how many times the donor has been given blood.

Please take your time to revise your system

Thank you Ronnie

Thanks for your comments. I hope its the biggest comments on envato. Yes we have good sense and we know how to use that, finaly if you need you can buy. As you are saying its your own requirements not others. So go for customized solution for custom solution.

Hello, I would like to purchase this script. But I need some changes in the area of Donor Details, Location and Search. Can you do that ?

Then how did you generate your ticket id 349575 ? sending again..

Please check it again. I have forwarded the mail to &

Was interested about it, but the blood search on demo doesn’t work at all, rendering this script useless.

on demo version there are not enough data for search result. search result working fine from our end.

Dear , Can i Edit the Home page content with image in demo version

Sorry, We Disabled that in DEMO. you can edit everything in your own. Thanks

Please Solve this problem

whats ur problem man, stop random commenting

I already Purchase this script some database problem solve it

i told u, knock me from purchased ID.. as i see this ID not yet purchased any of our services

your service is very bad

realy ? as i see you dont buy any product but you are going to judging about us..

Hello I’m interested in buying your product. I have a question, i want to exclude donors from list for a time period of 3 month when they donate blood, they can go to the website and submit detail like today i donated blood and his/her name will not come in donors list for next 3 month.

So you need a management panel too? please send an email to

We can do that for additional cost

I going to purchase this site, just want to know that the source code is present with theme.

Where to search a blood donor at front end? Unable to find search form. Location should be a drop down list with cities names which can be added/edited from admin side.

What are the possibilities with both of above?

donors will show there one by one, no search facility

In hundreds or thousands registered donors, how will be possible to search a specific blood group from a specific location?

Is it a joke?

im not here to joke with u, if u think its not perfect thensearch another one and buy that one

well said & certainly I will not buy it. Just spare few moments & think the utility of your script without missing feature pointed out. No hard feeling but my suggestion is for your betterment.

we will think about it, thnxx