Discussion on Ebay Product Importer

Discussion on Ebay Product Importer

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this plug in is a store importer, so i can pull other peoples products from ebay and pull them into my store through woocommerce? how do you get paid for affiliate sales? thx

This plugin provides the 80/20 solution. You can pull all the product images from the eBay page. Which is the 80% of the work that store editor does. The rest – is up to you. Including the affiliate links you can set manually.

We automate what takes the longest time – images – and leave the easy stuff to you )

you dont have any plugin for import images and product information together ? aliexpress, alibaba and taobao ?

What exaclty would you like to import additionally? Title? Description?

Thank you very much )

Can it pull images or products like ebay, but from a different site? like what grafikstn said alibaba or etsy?

Theoretically, you can. All of these sites use different markups, so our scraper should be changed for every site. So only question is – how high is the customer demand? How much would you be eager to pay for the all-in-scraper ))))

I purchased and installed it. All works fine but i can´t delete any image (“405” if i check with firebug) . Also i get a “500” if i try to download images from ebay. I have opencart installed in IIS /php. Please help me i have really a urgent problem now. I also can´t simple fall back because all our images are renamed :(

Can you please help me! Its very very urgent. I also be in germany, may phone call as well can speed up the issue

Hi there, please contact me directly right now:

hi would this work with phpprobid v7 and ?question, is there any encrypted code

Hi, this software was build for OpenCart E-Commerce solution. We could take a look at phpprobid for some customization possibilities. Please contact me directly:

Hi send c panel l details not heard back fro you as yet

Hi! do not load the main product photo. Please help.

Please email me your FTP / OpenCart admin accounts – so I could quickly take a look.


demo not working?

I dont have opencart. Do you have a desktop version or other platform that will save on all files on webserver?

Not yet, not.

Hi upload and all installed ok but no up loader showing in admin products

Can you please write me directly your FTP details and admin details to my email:

Well the amazon importer imports everything, images info everything, you do nothing but import. Making us put the product info in isn’t exactly the part it is the hard part. time consuming, i am busy importing 600 amazon products and i don’t have to do a thing but press grab.

In other words – you would like to have the same functionality in the ebay product importer?

hello can you answer my email please

Is it possible to import (and manage) more than one accout? I mean… is it possible to populate a marketplace with items from different accounts with this plugin?

Pre-sale question: 1. is this plugin import products with all variations like size, color, price etc… 2. how the product is updated if it is changed on ebay like price and if the product is not available so what does this plugin do with the imported product 3. is it possible that the product price is changed by our price like product updated price + our price. 4. what about the image quality after importing the product, because after importing it reduce the quality of the image (in other importer plugins), so what does this plugin do with the images. Thanks

I am using the opencart module.I bought Ebay Product Importer module.I uploaded to the modular system but I do not see the modul,Will be a different adjustment in the system Or I uploaded the wrong file.I would like picture or video narration…

Hey, you need to install vqmod first – and THEN install the extension the way it’s described in the documentation. You can also send us your FTP account details and we will install the extension for you:


I interted in all of your product import taobao, ebay,do you have amazon? Also is it linked to prouduct of woocommerce in backend or how? Thanks


support scrapping data from (frontend) ? if not, so you could do it with cost for me ?

hi, i am now interested to buy this plugin, can you please answer the questions:

Q: does ebay allow us to import the products from ebay using ebay API’s and we sell them on our woocommerce store as a drop shipper not as their affiliate?


can you please answer?

hi this work for

Hi! How to install to Opencart 2.3?