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Hi, I wanted to know if it imports products from woocommerce to ebay store or just import from ebay to woocommerce .. thanks, good job

it is just for importing from ebay to woocommerce

i purchased this item and it works and I would renew support but I really need shipping rate to be pulled over. If there aren’t any real updates that I have seen, it wouldn’t be worth it. All my items are flat rate shipping except international. I just have too many items to individually enter shipping. This product could really be awesome with just a few things.


Please contact us at with your detals


Hello. I imported categories and now I have importe 200 productos, but the products are not asigned to any category.

We did not get your mail,what is your mail id,Please send access details to

My email is info @ digitalempresa dot com

your issue resolved, for any issues contact us

Hi, Just have a few questions before I buy this

If I add a new item on my ebay sore does it automatically appear on woocommerce?

Also what happens when I remove products from my new ebay store.

Does it import shipping rates


Yes, it creates new item woocommerce using cron feature The stock will be set to zero in woocommerce

at ebay shipping rates differs from carrier to carrier and buyer location hence we dont handle that

Hi, this looks good. I have a couple quick questions….

1. – Is there any limit to how many products can be imported? My ebay shop has over 5,000 products and growing.

2. – Are the prices and stock levels automatically synced on ebey/woocommerce?

3. – Are the products in WooCommerce purchased through woocommerce checkout and not ebay?


A chance of a reply?

Your demo is not working either.

1. no limit 2. yes via cron job 2. yes purchased through your woocommernce only

When i try to add new store, it gives following error “Cannot load ebay2woocommerce/home.php”

I am on localhost.I also tried with fresh install. same error. I also check permissions.

its been two days now with my purchase.Still waiting for support to resolve my issue. Unable to install plugin.

please contact using localhost is not appropriate please use proper domain for testing.

You’ve had two bad reviews of this product not working. Does it work? I have over 150 items in my eBay shop and would like all these imported to my new WooCommerce v3.2.3 based Wordpress site I am developing. Will this plugin import from eBay the listing text, categories, ALL pictures and so forth? Please confirm before I buy this plugin.

Hi, absolutely no problem with importing store catagories and single items but my problem is pagewise. Will not import 100%. stops at 82% which means 100 listings did not make it.

I also noticed the text in the woostore listing after the import had issues like no spaces between some words.

I would also like to know if the sync through Cron job which I may need help works both ways. ie. Will ebay update from any sale or adjustments made from my woostore and vise versa?


Hello, do we have any support here. I have emailed a few times. Hoping to receieve a prompt reply.

Issues; 1. noticing the comments the support can take some time. Not good. 2.Will not import 100%. stops at 82% which means 100 listings did not make it. 3.listing descriptions after the import had issues like no spaces between some words. 4. More information on how to accuretely set up cron job path. Is it a. /home/user/public_html/ebaysync.php or b. /home/user/public_html/php.ebaysync 5. Please clarify if the plugin when working with cron. Will for example ebay update from any sale or adjustments made from my woostore and vise versa?

I hope support will be prompt.

Thank you

I am still experiencing a lack of support. I do not receive replies to my questions relating to issues with this plugin. As this product and service does not fullfill my needs, I have kindly actioned a refund from both Envato & Magegaga on the 21st September 2017. Do the right thing Envato & Magegaga.

Kind regards Ben

can we import real sku in sku not in ebay item number ?

The demo is not working

Hi, some presale questions: 1. does it sync price and publishing status? 2. does it import with ebay parner program to earn with ebay affiliation?

Don’t wait your money—it works half the time. Always wants to check your API credentials even though they dont change. No way to know which page your importing. Single import is a wait. Images import too big andy have to edit the whole thing anyway. Avoid and just add the items one at a time. Trust me it will save you from grey hair.