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You plugin is no longer working is it? When I wanted to import pagewise, it gives an error.. keep saying api error? I ve put in the correct api sent few emails but never replied..

we already replied on skype check it and you said you will be back on sep 10

hi u guys, where is the support guys? purchase extend support… but no where to help..

Hi, we already notified several times about invalid credentials and about godaddy support

demo doesn’t work right.

I have sent an email, could you please get back to me.

I believe we have replied to every email can you please resend your email?

I have just resent it.

The admin demo site returns a 403 Forbidden error. I recall it was like that a month or so ago when I tried also. Are you going to resolve that?

What I wanted to check was whether I can use your plug-in to update the prices in WooCommerce to make those on ebay? I have all the products from my eBay store imported into WooC. I didn’t use your plugin for that though. I am now trying to find a way to update the pricing in WooC, as it has changed (for some products) on eBay.

Thanks for pointing it out. Please check the new demo links now. Thanks


Import from ebay works fine but i have a problem with importing a selected id from the description. I set the id into the Description To Extract field but i still get the full description from ebay.

Is this a plugin bug? Any solution..

Please send details to we will check it

I sent details but i haven’t received any response and the problem remains. Can i have support on that?


Recently purchased but I am having some issues with it, currently. When it pulls the image, it is pulling the images in thumbnail size, as opposed to the high resolution version. Is there a way around this that you are aware of?

Secondly, we are unable to get the SKU appearing on our website. Instead, it is pulling the eBay item number. The SKU is commonly stored within the “custom label” field of eBay. Could you advise on how to get this working correctly?


please fix demo

we are working on it we will update you today

does this work with ebay affiliate?

No it wont redirect


SaShah Purchased

Hi, i have successfully import the items from ebay BUT i am unable to get the product update from ebay. I have a dedicated server and set to run cron after every 1 minute and the path is accurate for the ebaysync.php but after failed tries i am asking you to find the problem ASAP because your plugin successfully import the items but when the item is not available on ebay (out of stock) so there is NO effect on my woocommerce site and the product on my site still shows in stock. I have also sent you the email of my all the credentials. please try to solve it ASAP please. Thanks

we haven’t yet checked it we will do your on priority. resend the credentials. surely update you today.


SaShah Purchased

i have given you the credentials many times but unfortunately you did not take it seriously and how do i know that this time you will fix it. and i told you before that i run the cron on every minute basis only for testing purpose and i schedule it with many different timings BUT none of them worked…

please send them again to we will check it today.

hi import single working but not pagewise could you have a look

Description To Extract is now not working alll the description is coming through with .pd20,#tab1


Please contact us at with the example of ebay listing


I’m having trouble installing the updated plugin. How do i do it? When i try to upload it says “the package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

I’m probably doing something wrong… what could it be? Thanks! :)

Please contact us at

I’ve emailed you twice… no answer

Hi, I don’t think you have sent credentials we asked for. Thanks

Hi, I sent you a ticket few days ago, with more questions because I wish to buy the plugin, please can you answer asap? Also, is this plugin for Ebay publishers? Is necessary to have your own shop on Ebay to import and sell Ebay items? Thanks, Robert

Where do I find details to create new API Account?

you can create account at

Will this plugin work on a multi-vendor website such as wcvendors which is ran on woocommerce just so that my vendors can import there store from the front end as a regular product and not as an affiliate product which take them to ebay?

I see that it is wpmu compatible but would like to know for sure that my members can list products on front end. I am ready to purchased right now if this plugin meets the requirements. Thank you

Thank you for the quick response. So I can use this plugin without wp-lister and just import manually to seller shops?

Does this support to export my woo-commerce products to my eBay store ??

any reply please ?? Am waiting

No. its import onlyplugin

Hello, So I just purchased the plugin today and have began my upload of my entire eBay store. My question is, when the plugin is exporting the listings from eBay, is it also exporting the shipping weight/dimensions? I ask this because my shipping calculator will not calculate based on weight. Thanks, Mike

Hello again, I was correct; I went into one of the listings that was imported into my WooCommerce products page. Under the shipping weight and dimensions, all the entries have been entered as “0”. All of the items that I sell are rated for shipping via calculated shipping based off weight, dimensions, zip codes. I went in and manually entered in the shipping weight / dimensions into one of my products in the WooCommerce and then added it to the cart and now the shipping calculator works for that one listing. Please fix this plugin ASAP to import the shipping details from eBay otherwise this plugin is a waste.. Thanks again, Mike

Hi we will check if shipping details can be pulled. if possible we will add shipping details…

Hello again, I have just emailed the credentials you had requested. Thanks, Mike

Will this work prior to using wp lister? I would like to get all my products from ebay prior to using wp lister to run my ebay store from wordpress

Yes, it works.

This thing is broken. I’ve followed all the steps, entered credentials but Pagewise Import does not work, it shows “Check API credentials” message.

Hi, Please contact us at with your issue details


hi can i import products from any store on ebay?

Yes offcourse

interested to buy, would like to demo first but it seems like your frontend and backend links are not working (502 error), can you please fix that?