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Hi there,

1. I bought the plugin + the variations plugin but not the order fulfillment plugin yet. If I buy the order fulfillment program in 1 month, will it automatically sync with the orders or I have to start over?

2. Also, I changed the name of the colors on attributes for the products because for example: I have a red watch but the name when imported would be NZ004. So I changed the color in attributes from NZ004 to Red. Is that okay or is that bad for Order Fulfillment plugin.

3. I checked Auto-Update inventory AFTER I added all my products. Will the products still sync so I know when supplier is out of stock?

Thank you

Please, send the request to Thank you!

Hi there,

I tried creating account to submit a ticket but it gets forwarded to Cloudflare/page is broken.

Can you update me.

Thank you

Please, try again. Thank you!

Thank for such great Plugin,

You really made a great plugin, which is practically very useful.

There is one request if you can please fulfill with priority. I am waiting for more than a month.

It’s my humble request to you, kindly implement this feature – IMAGE FILE NAME CHANGE in your plugin.

You have to take TITLE NAME of PRODUCT (or Permalink) and while UPLOADING IMAGES, it could getting increasing numbers like this:

Product Title: APPLE iPhone 6 Earlier Images Names : 41565465.jpg, 41565465-2.jpg, 424234234.jpg

Product Title: APPLE iPhone 6 Earlier Images Names: apple-iphone-6-1.jpg, apple-iphone-6-2.jpg, apple-iphone-6-3.jpg

This Feature is very good for SEO and even for managing images, and it will make your GREAT Plugin, more Better and hence will lead to more sales.

So it’s my humble request to implement this FEATURE, on URGENT Priority Basis.

I am very eagerly to buy it and I will surely recommend others to buy it (I have many blogs and websites, in which I will surely recommend it)

Thanks Again, so much for everything.


Sent the message to the e-mail. Thank you!

Thanks for your kind reply.

I was expecting this FEATURE ADDON, and you must add it to make this plugin, best ever.

It’s not special customization, for my need.

Please understand that If Image File Names are changed wih Product Title, its is good for management and even SEO.

So can please help me in any manner possible, I am waiting for this feature for last 2 months.

Hoping for a positive and friendly reply.

Thank you for feedback. We’ll try and work something out.

I have more than 1 ecommerce website can i use this plugin for all of them or do i have to buy it for each website?

Please, look information about types of licenses on Codecanyon: Thank you!

Please i don’t understand what the link you provided is saying, i just want to know if i can use it in more than one domain or not?

You can use one license for one domen. Thank you!


angel88 Purchased

HI! How I can avoid main picture from been duplicated to product gallery during import – for now – have two equal images imported – it is waisting space and another image can not be visible on mouse over, cause they go one after another? Many thanks

Images should not be duplicated, you have some kind of conflict with another plugin. Thank you!


angel88 Purchased

Thanks for answer! I have no extra plugins, just testing your plugin now. I saw the same problem in comments 8 month ago in these comments section. People said that they also have one main image (which is small) and also the same image in product gallery that repeats the main image. So, that two same images take space and also I could not use great feature of my theme, that offers opportunity to show variations on quick view

Based on our experience, always third-party plugin creates duplicates images, most often WP Smash Plugin makes it. WP Smash Plugin makes the different size for every image. Also, plugins with a theme can make duplicates images. Please, check your plugins and theme.Thank you!

Hi, I love your plugin, my pre-sale question is would the ebay plugin attach the shipping data to Woocommerce product, update it periodically and display in the front-end for Ebay?

The plugin has this feature only for Aliexpress, but need to install the add-on – Aliexpress Shipping WooImporter. For eBay – we will put such feature on the list for implementation. Thank you!


Wveencom Purchased

Support this also to import aliexpress details in dutch from

Yes, you need the add-on – Aliexpress Translate WooImporter Thank you!

From today 10.04.2017 all products that i try to import the price is Free! and i can not change this. Any help will be much appreciated.

Please, send the request to, we will check it. Thank you!

Hi now that there is a Woo commerce update to 3.0 will there be an update to all your plugins coming soon or will the current plugins not be affected by the Woo update?

Current plugins not be affected by the Woo update, but we recommend to update to the latest version of the plugin and add-ons, please, send the request for the update to Thank you!

Dear gmetrix team,

I tested plugin preview, it seems really functional and feautre-rich, congratulate for this great plugin. I have a pre-sale question in order to finally buy this fantastic plugin: is there any possibility or way to have cron jobs in order to automatically import Aliexpress products into woocommerce instead of manually doing the job?


Thanks for your quick reply. Could you please tell me how much will the development cost and how long does it take to become ready?

Sorry for posting question about doing custom development here, I posted the request through the link provided.

We haven’t got the message from you. Please, send the request here: Thank you!

Hi I have downloaded the following Addons, 1.Ali Express Variation and the Google Chrome Extensions. 2.Ali Express Order fulfillment and the Google Chrome Extensions. 3.Ali Express Shipping The problem is I would like to install them on my site but cannot find a single bit of documentation on how to do this. Please reply on to install them properly as this is very frustrating.

We replied to the ticket 393808. Thank you!

Hi, Presales questions:

Im interested in the answer to this comment: “I changed the name of the colors on attributes for the products because for example: I have a red watch but the name when imported would be NZ004. So I changed the color in attributes from NZ004 to Red. Is that okay or is that bad for Order Fulfillment plugin.”

And also to know if its possible that in the “sellers page” link, and on the “product page” link, can be attached my affilaite link. So what I want is that everytime I go purchase the product to fulfill dropshipping my affiliate link is on that link. So if I hire an assistant they only have to complete the purchase but with the affiliate link.

Thanks a lot

1) yes, you can change the name of the colours on attributes for products, but can’t change the structure of variable products (remove, add and etc.) The structure of variable products should be exactly same as on Aliexpress. 2) Such as links “Product page”, “Aliexpress Order Fulfillment” have affiliate links: but you need to use and get own API Aliexpress and fill in settings:

Thank you!


Crisav Purchased

Hello, I purchased some of your pluings, and I have some doubts: 1 – I tried searching for an item with its ID but had no success, then I tried searching for some of the words of the annoucement of the item in aliexpress, then I found it from the same store I wanted. The question is, how do I search for the ID? for example, for this item: I copied the number 32788517465 and tried searching on item id, but nothing happened, what can I do, since this problem happened even with an item that was registered in aliexpress API? 2- Do you have a manual of intructions on how to use all the plugins? since I purchased the translator, the variations, wooimporter and others, and many times I have doubts. What can I do?

Replied you to ticket #490421. Thank you!


support scrapping data from (frontend) ?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

does your item able to import data from (eBay-Aliexpress) thru frontend not from admin ?

Only from admin panel (back-end). Thank you!

Hi, if I buy now this plugin and import some products, and later, after importing the products I purchase the import reviews, variable and the shipping addons, would it work with my already imported products?

Hi again, another question, everytime I use your demo I see variations of the products in Russian, and then when I go to aliexpress it goes to http://ru.aliexpress and everything is in russian, why does this happen automatically? Thanks a lot

would it work with my already imported products?

Yes, it would work.

then when I go to aliexpress it goes to http://ru.aliexpress and everything is in Russian, why does this happen automatically?

Because somebody imported products from Russian version Aliexpress.

Thank you!

Sir_inner Purchased

Hi I recently bought your wonderful plugin ..but I had an issue with one of your add-on and I raised a Ticket #668212 ...I don’t know if you have had time to process my ticket.. Kind Regards

Replied you. Thank you!

OK, I tried to register at your support center and it does not let me in. So I will post the issue here: When I try to import aliexpress products and pubish it, I get an error (no description), so no new products.

I’m using plugin version 2.7.8, woocommerce 3.0.4 and WP v 4.7.4. Please let me now how to fix this.

We were updating the support system, try to send the request for support, we will check your issue. Thank you!