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Hello, i want to purchase this plugin. I have massive of data so i need an eBay appId but without the 5,000 api limit call. So will this plugin pass the eBay compatible app test?

yes its compatible you can ask ebay increase the limits

Will you provide some help with filling the appliaction form?, i’m not really familiar with how to fill the form to get my limit increased

Hello, i am getting an error while adding my api account, when i add the account i get a message saying that ebayapiaccounts table doesnt exist in database table. I cannot see the message in full becuase it dissapears after a second. Any fix?

So to get a reply from you i have to ask for a refund?

And please fix your demo site, its hacked! Did you even realize this?

Please first install woocommerce. woocommerce is prerequisite for the plugin

I am having issues activating this plugin into WordPress. I use the woo commerce kingdom amazon affiliate theme

Hi, Please contact us at with issue details


Hi, can be associated dokan multi vendor with this plugin?

I’ve been waiting for 17 days and i do not get still response. Can you help me about my question?

Hi, the plugin backend module, dokan multi vendor is frontend module for sellers so it should be customized to work with it

I am very interested in your product but I have a few questions.

I have a client who would like to showcase all products from their ebay store on their site. With that said, this project isn’t affiliate related. Would this solution still work well for the client?

Is there an automatic import function that would pull the ebay products once every 24 hours?

The goal is to replicate the ebay store. If I reimport products, does it remove the old products? If not, would my best option be to delete the products and then run the import?

hi, you should look at this product which suits your needs

Do I get a phone number with Extend support to 12 months?

Hi, I am really interested in this plugin and wanted to ask a few questions: > Is it compatible with > When a client presses “buy now” or they buy their cart, does this plugin redirect to ebay, or do they make the purchase inside my website?

Kind regards, Eimantas

yes,works with and it will redirect to ebay

Hi, I already have Woozone plugin running fine on my website. I’m considering adding the same for Ebay, however I’d like to know – does WooEbay compatibles with Woozone + reHub? – is there a cron feature to daily update products in an automated way? – how are managed images? – how works leads/sales tracking? Thanks,

Do you give up this plugin? because there are dead links for backend/frontend previews… Thank you!

we will check it

Hi magegaga, I’m pretty interested in purchasing your plugin but I’m curious what happens when the product is out of stock? In particular I’m wondering if there is a way to automatically, or at least in bulk, remove out of stock or no longer available items with the plugin. Cheers~