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First of all its a great plugin, congrats for that.

I checked the above comments and found that I’m facing the most common issue here, product import stops after some time.

As you said that may be its occurring because of large images or low configuration, i don’t have any kind of issues in my server, memory limit, max upload size and all other are already in very high level so that’s not the issue here.

The other thing you mentioned in the above comments is that its may be because of some category list or with some particular products but i already checked that, that’s also not the concern here. yesterday i tried importing some products but its stops after some time, but today when I tried to import the same products list it works like a charm.

I have around 13K products in my ebay store and I cannot import them page wise, it will take too long. Today I tried importing 100 products at a time sometime it imports all 100 but sometime it stops after few products.

Can you confirm the exact issue here??? also confirm how to resolve this as I need to import 13K products and I cannot do that by importing 100 products at a time.


Hi, we have sent email did you receive it?

I getting error message: Tabel wp_5_mg_ebayapiaccounts’ doesn’t exist” upon adding API key. I am using multi site. Plugin seems to be installed and activated fine…

Any thoughts? Thank you

it seems tables weret created properly. Give use your db access like phpmyadmin and wp admin we will check and reinstall the plug

send details to

magegaga, please give me proper reply on email.. i have install it on fresh wordpress.. and just install ur plugin ? so why it is not working ? please u should help me out on this fast please

Hi The given url is incorrect we are getting 404 error please check the url you given is correct. http://[yourdomain].info/wp-admin/

The Demo is missing “Search By Keyword”

we will check it

plugin doenst work ,after trying a product search i get this Warning: simplexml_load_file(): I/O warning : failed to load external entity “” in /home/seoassis/public_html/ on line 134

Please read documentation. Your hosting provider must enable allow_open_url settings to access EBAY from your website. If you can contact us at with wordpress access details we can explain you the root cause of the issue.

Hi, I.m sorry but I’m not sure which is my ‘Account Name’ and my ‘User Id’. And, also, I don’t know if the plugin is connected to my Ebay Partnet Network or my affiliate account to earn money. Could you help me, please? Thanks.

Seem to conflict with Woozone Amazon Affiliate plugin. Any suggestions on how to make them both coexists?

we need to update the fix on your site, please check the mail which we have sent to you.

Wordpress login info still functional & also ftp access is functional. Resent ftp login site. let me know if this all you need to implement the fix.

its working fine we just checked it. try clear you website cache to clear client browser cache

Hi – I have been trying to get someone to help me. I am anxious to try the plugin but there is a conflict with an existing plugin and i have purchased the extra support and have sent my login credentials but I have not heard anything. Thank you

Hi, sorry i was weekend we are checking it now. we will update you. I hope you already provided the requested access details. Thanks

what kind of theme are using? Is it free? Thank you


Its a plugin works on any theme which supports woocommerce.

Thanks for the reply!

While applying for the ebay affiliate program, what kind of business model would this be? Other? This would have to go through a business model application correct?

Hi, Can you tell me the difference between this plugin and your other plugin named ebay 2 so i can choose the best one for me

If you want to sell items on your woocommerce site then you need to choose other plugin. This plugin is for ebay affiliates only(user will redirect from your woocommerce site to ebay site) and purchase at ebay so that you will get commission from ebay as fererral bonus

1. Does this plugin work with the updated woocommerce 2.5+ plugin? 2. Is it fully compatible with the woocommerce amazon affiliates wordpress plugin ( 3. Is there a money-back guarantee period for this plugin? Thanks!

Can I get I please get a response on my 3 questions above; I’ll repeat them here for convenience:

1.Does this plugin work with the updated woocommerce 2.5+ plugin? 2. Is it fully compatible with the woocommerce amazon affiliates wordpress plugin ( 3. Is there a money-back guarantee period for this plugin?


1. works 2. the plugin have no issues with the amazon plugin 3. there is no such period, we process refunds if the script doesn’t work according to its specification and the issues not fixed within speculated max time of 72 hours

Hi. I’m a bit confused, because in your demo, it appears we must have an ebay store set up in order to use this plugin. Can we use this plugin just as ebay affiliates – without having an ebay store of our own to import products from? Thanks!

Can you add ebay items to woocommerce cart then redirect to eBay with the plugin?

Yes it will redirect to ebay

ok. great. So i just want to make sure before I make a purchase. I can add an item to the woocommerce cart, correct? In this example, I only see it redirectin, not adding to the cart:

Yes it wont add to cart it will refirect to ebay that is expected behaviour for ebay affiliate

Is this plugin up to date for importing products from ebay strores? That alone is a great function.

Yes it will import items in various ways. importby ebay item id, import ebay store items, import by search etc..

Wrote an email to the support form. Got no reply.

Its not importing the regular price / sale price properly. Can you please fix ? If a product is on sale, In ebay it shows list price and sale price. But your plugin only import one. We need both price imported properly in woocommerce.

Also why your plugin modify the core wordpress buttons color and style ?

Don’t know how you guys got your plugin approved here. Your plugin is too poor quality. Its messing up with different area in wordpress admin. Its changing the core button colors in wordpress admin section. Its messing up the ui in wordpress menu manager. I request to Codecanyon to immediately take down this plugin and do a proper check before approval .

Kind Regards


can you please let us know which version you are having this issue? please contact us at

When you import a product from an eBay auction, does the price go up as it increases on eBay or does it just stay static as the price it was imported at?

Hi, Please contact us at

Hi, I already have Woozone plugin running fine on my website. I’m considering adding the same for Ebay, however I’d like to know - does WooEbay compatibles with Woozone + reHub? - is there a cron feature to daily update products in an automated way? - how are managed images? - how works leads/sales tracking? Thanks,

I have tried emailing you a number of times with no response so trying on here now. After installing the plugin and getting my woocommerce store set up, I received an email from ebay shortly after saying that my partner account had been suspended due to using 302 redirections instead of 301 which I presume is down to the way your plugin works as my site has not been modified in this way?

I didn’t what thats issue. can you please email full details and ebay message to we will check it.