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The class allows you to use order by, join and limit?
Thank you

In this Version of the class, you can do something like:
$res = $instance->get_rows("SELECT * FROM yourtable ORDER BY id ASC");
// or
$res = $instance->get_rows("SELECT * FROM yourtable AS tabl JOIN example AS ex ON = tabl.cc2 WHERE ...");
// Now, show all
foreach($res as $r) { echo $r->example; }

Or if you want limit, you can use:
$res = $instance->get_rows("SELECT * FROM yourtable LIMIT 2");
If you want just a limited query and not fetch_assoc:
$res = $instance->pagin_query("SELECT * FROM youtable", 0, 2);

If you have some ideas for a different implementation, just tell me. Thank you

Excelent !
Thank you

Looks nice. What design pattern(s) do you use? How does escaping work? Putting you in my watchlist :)

Hello. I think you are a little confused of what this helper does. For this time, it doesn’t has any design pattern, this is only designed for making code in a easy way. You can see the Screenshot where is the list of what you can do with this. Probably, in a future, I will do an update with MVC controller.

Escaping works in the classic way, adding slash (\) before any ’ or ” character, preventing Mysql Injection.

Thank you for being interested and thank you for your comment :-)


could you please explain us the difference to the free ezSQL database class?


I saw that your helper supports multi query but is that the only difference?


Hello. First at all, sincerely I did not knew that ezSQL exists, and I think i’m not in position to compare my Helper with a Class outside of CodeCanyon, but as I saw the doc a little, i can tell some differences:

  • In ezSQL, debug only returns the last action, my helper can display the total ones
  • You can select another database when you want
  • In ezSQL, the delete, insert and update are made with the same query function, but my helper has a function for each one ($instance->delete(), $instance->insert(), $instance->update())
  • My helper saves all the class-internal fails into a public var ($instance->errors)
  • If you use multi-query with 2+ Selects, the function will return a nice ordered array with both results.
    [0] = Object (first_results),
    [1] = Object (second_results)
  • My helper has better explained documentation

    And a lot of more feautres. Hope you buy this item.

    Thank you

I liked … I will buy.

I suggest demo of each code in the documentation.

thank you

Thank you for buying the item and thank you for your suggestion. All right, I will add demo of each code. I have in mind some updates, so I will do some corrections and include that. If you have any other suggestions, bugs, or you want something to be added, would be very nice.

Thank you again
Btw, if you liked the helper, please rate :)

Profit is always the best way to present an idea. I evaluated five stars.
Thank you

Thank you for buying and evaluating. I’m happy you liked it.

Hi. Seems like a good bundle. I would like to know how this can be tackled using your bundle:

I passed in multiple queries say: 3 Inserts 1 Update

These 4 queries are highly dependent.

Now, assume that 2nd Insert resulted in error. I want first query to be rolled back. Transaction support present?

Hello. Actually this item doesn’t supports that option, but I will consider to do an update including it, is a good idea.

Thank you for the suggestion

You are welcome

How is this different from those free mysql classes? What I need is a lightweight class with a fast execution time. Can this do the job?

You can read the difference in the reply of the comment created by @NetReview

This is not exactly a class, this is a Helper. Allows to do queries with a easy syntax (as PHP ) and other things, like doing multi-queries. You can buy test it, but is not created to optimize queries (fast execution), just the syntax.

By the way, the most common classes doesn’t has ability to run queries in fast execution time. Why? Every one needs to assign private vars, call methods, and all this consumps so many time. In time, nothing is better than doing native queries ;-)

Good luck, thank you

I want to buy this item. but can this script connect to oracle database ? please advice me

No, as the own item name says, it only works with MySQL. Thank you.

how much would this help me how to hook into a database for use in WordPress, im new to SQL and decided to search for something to “help” me on codecanyon. if you can confidently tell me it will cut my learning curve, i will buy.

Well. This is a class helping the user to write MySQL processes requiring long lines of code at least lines. Before buying this item, you may want to learn MySQL basics first. Thank you for being interested. :)

Hi, Sourcegeek.

Do your helper use mysqli (imporoved) ?

Hello. No, as the name says, it only uses MySQL. Thank you.

@Sourcegeek As Skiddie said, I too would like to see (I am looking for) MySQLi support before I make a purchase. :)

Sure, just let me a few more days to make the implementation. I am a little busy at this moment.

However, if you need the change at this moment, just buy the class, tell me via message and I’ll send you the modification.

Thank you.

Hi is there a way of getting the id of the last insert ? thabks

Sorry but that is impossible.
Anyway, if you want me to write a function for you to get the last ID, just contact me to the email provided in the Documentation.

Thank you.


Wouldn’t one have to use mysql_free_result() after mysql_fetch_assoc() ?



Didn’t you receive my email? :(


Hello. You don’t need to spam my email or the script page. If I don’t send a response, is because I didn’t read the email because I am busy. Just wait until I get available.

Thank you.


Hi is there a way of getting the id of the last insert ?
That would be very useful and would supplement your class.

A solution perhaps with mysql_insert_id ?



Hello. Sorry but that is impossible. Anyway, if you want me to write a function for you to get the last ID, just contact me to the email provided in the Documentation.

Thank you.

i have many issues about this scrip..though i recently bought it but many functions are not working!! did you update your script?

Sorry for the delay.

Please contact me at the following email address:

Please be explicit about your issues.

Best Regards,