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How is the Calculation of each product is done ?

It is done on the Andriod Client Java code base. If you want to apply any discounts, rebates, please connect with your store services.

Can we customize/brand the App.

Yes, All we have to change the Logo and Onclick Logo event with your contact info.

Does is support Foreign characters ?

Yes, it supports and test with few foreign languauge characters.

How does the Product Detail section works ?

We provided Mock view of the Product which can be visually viewed at best. Based on your store product catalog integration, you can just populate the required sections of the Card View.

How is the security works?

Currently, It is integrated with real time bar code/ QR code Utility. When it comes to realtime lookup of catalog and transferring the product items to the merchant or online store, please follow with their security requirements. This App provides the boost the work instead of starting from 0%.

Is their any payment gateway integrated ?

Currently, Payment Gateway’s are not yet integrated.

Does it supports Eclipse Platform or Android Platform

Currently the downloaded package comes with Android Platform compatibility and support V7 library.

I am a Freelancer and I have more than one client looking for this App to customize it. What is the relevant license applicable to me?

The end product is having multiple versions, so Extended License is applicable as per the Envato Terms & Conditions

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