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Nice app, how the app connects to merchant terminal?

Need to integrate the terminal product catalog . it depends on the maturity of the terminal software.


wow2016 Purchased

No puedo iniciarlo en Android Studio

Hi , can you please share the log info while opening the eazekart. Send us to support@kloudportal.com

Hi ! I am interested in buying it .. but I would like to know the lnguage the store is build ..is it php and html or something else ? thanks

This is a Skelton app built on native Andriod . you need to integrate with magento or open cart api’s

Can I use this with woocommerce?

We have to enable woocommerce api’s and integrate with eazekart. Their is a integration effort required.

1. Can I use it for my grocery shop , I havent any other terminal or software 2. Can I print selling receipt 3. Can I edit with my shop name (own branding )

1. You can have it for OpenCart online shopping to have it available instead of POS 2. Yes, App can be enhanced. 3. Yes, You can change the shop name as per the requirement.

This is only a prototype , we can provide a quote for integration and start using it. Please reach us support@kloudportal.com

Yes, it is possible to integrate . this is customized request and we will provide the quote. Please reach us support@kloudportal.com

But how does the app work, with which bar codes work? Work with any bar code or with own bar codes

Bar code scanning is common utility and reads any barcode . we need to update the product table with the corresponding barcode or we can use SKU . industry is still in transformation for adapting universal bar codes.

what about iOS version?

Currently, we don’t have ios. Email us support@kloudportal.com for getting a quote for it.