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I found your weather script very useful. I am having issues connecting to Forecast IO as a provider. I have entered the API key on the file easy-weather-keys and have called the FIO provider via the script but I just get the default provider. Help please

Hi, Make sure you are instructing the plug-in to pick the FIO provider, ie:
$('.yourSelector').EasyWeather({ providerId: 'fio' });

Thank you for your reply. Here is what I am instructing the plugin.

var ew = $(’.ew’).EasyWeather({ forecasts: true, location: ‘Houston’, nbForecastDays: 4, tempUnit: ‘F’, width: ‘300px’, showDetails: true, theme: ‘ew-green’, providerId: ‘fio’});

I have also edited the provider file with my api key. It tries to connect to fio but times out or isn’t authenticated???

Any other suggestions?


I am currently on holidays with limited internet access. Try to:

- remove all the other keys from the provider file and make sure json is valid

- ensure Forecast.io account is active and key is correct

- check with a Forecast.io example code the key is working

Having some issues using your code. Can I get some help from you? Thanks

I have been playing with the template customization, and am trying to display forecast without current conditions so the forecast can be displayed in a separate section of the site. Is there a way to do this?

If I understood correctly, you would like to separate the forecasts from the current conditions, that is, display the forecasts in a different location in your page. There are different ways to do it, perhaps the easiest would be to instantiate 2 different EasyWeather, one for the current condition and the other one for the forecasts. In the forecasts one you will have to turn-off a bunch of options to remove all the unwanted elements. Unfortunately EasyWeather does not allow to remove the weather icon and the current temperature with a configuration option but this can be achieved by taking advantage of the load callback.

This is an example of configuration you would need for the forecasts using a template:
var ew = $('.your-selector-here').EasyWeather({
  orientation: 'horizontal',
  forecasts: true,
  nbForecastDays: 3,
  showDescription: false,
  showDetails: false,
  showMinMax: false,
  header: false,
  template: {
    forecast: '<div class="ew-left" style="margin: 0 6px">' +
              '<div>{date}</div>' +
              '<div><small>{minmax}</small></div>' +
  load: function() {
    // removes the icon + current temp elements

You did understand correctly. Thank you for the load callback example. I have been able to use this to ‘eliminate’ the current conditions effectively showing just a forecast.

Glad to hear that, if you are happy dont’t forget to rate the widget ? . Cheers

This is a great widget! One problem though… I’m using openweathermap as a provider and when current weather temperature is 0°c it shows as NaN°c. How can I set it to show zero instead of NaN?

I just raised the issue in Open Weather Map’s support site, let’s see what happens.

Reply from Open Weather Map:

Max Subject: API issue DEC 23, 2015 | 03:33AM UTC Ivan replied:

Thank you for reporting. This is a known issue. We will probably correct this in future but now anything that is zero can be omitted in the API response and actual zero can mean the data is not available. This is ambiguous but this is how it is in the current version. Best regards, Ivan Mashchenko

OpenWeatherMap team http://openweathermap.org info@openweathermap.org @OpenWeatherMap

Thank you for the fast reply! At least I know now where the problem is :)


Hope you are doing well.

Thank you for your great plugin, I have already purchased it.

I need some changes regarding design, Can you please help me out with this?

Is it possible to change the Yahoo weather something like below?

Awaiting your response.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for purchasing this plugin. Your example looks nice, unfortunately I don’t have the necessary design skills to achieve something similar. I think it is feasible as the widget can be easily customised with a custom template and styling, but you need a good designer to have all the visual elements as the background and the icons set for the 3 days forecast etc.


Hi… I ve got a problem. When I switch enableGeolocation to true, then I only see the coordinates in the widget but no weather, I got the information: An error occurred. Please try again.

Can you help me please ?

Hi Kuhli79,

Thanks for using the EasyWeather Engine plugin. If you turn on enableGeolocation (browser’s geolocation), you will need to pick another weather provider than the default Yahoo Weather. Create an free account on World Weather Online and use this provider instead as their API handles lat, lon coordinates (http://www.worldweatheronline.com/api/docs/local-city-town-weather-api.aspx#qparameter ).


How often does the weather temperature change when this is displayed on an HTML5 page? Does it change automatically? I ask because I left the page open overnight and the temperature didn’t change. When I refreshed the page with F5, the temperature still did not change. The temperature updates okay when I close/reopen the browser. I am using this code:

<script> $(’.ew1’).EasyWeather({ cacheDuration: 1800000, refreshLink: false, showUnit: false, theme: ‘ew-skyblue’, tempUnit: ‘F’, location: ‘Encino, CA’, todayLabel: ’’, forecasts: false, nbForecastDays: 1, showCountry: false }); </script>

and have the required lines in my head section:

<link href=”EasyWeather/css/easy-weather.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”EasyWeather/scripts/jquery-1.7.2.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”EasyWeather/scripts/easy-weather-keys.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”EasyWeather/scripts/easy-weather.js”></script>

What makes you say so? Their online demos on https://developer.yahoo.com/weather/ pointing to the public APIs work along with this plugin online demos.

I found out my problem was an expiring authentication from this kiosk computer to the Internet on the URL content filter system used by my company. I reworked my page to keep the authentication alive. Thanks!

Happy to hear that, keep the good work!


i have it working like this:

$(’.weather-wrapper’).EasyWeather({ language: ‘sp’, Keys: { owm: { key: function() { return ‘cb8be1d2a64d8e31a4e56819f95b509b’; } }, fio: { key: function() { return ‘fa519651750073a39baff5dbf42c8a7f’; } }, wug: { key: function() { return ‘c98eba09df40e7bf’; } } } });

now, this works fine, but the language is always english, does not matter what lang i change to, is always english.

fix please?


Hi @SpinaEstudio, Thanks for using this plugin, please note the following:

1. your setup is incorrect, the API keys for the weather providers need to be defined in the external easy-weather-keys.js config file as described in the Quick Start section of the documentation. It is probably ‘working’ because defaulting to Yahoo provider which does not need any API key and is in English

2. as per current version of EasyWeather (1.3.1) only OpenWeatherMap (own) has multi-lingual support, so configure it as the main provider

3. EasyWeather allows you to define all the labels of the widget although depending on your configuration you might not need to define all of them:
weekDays: [                           
  'Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue',
  'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat'
todayLabel: 'Today',
detailLabels: {
  humidity: 'Humidity: ',
  precipitation: 'Precipitation: ',
  wind: 'Wind: ',
  pressure: 'Pressure: ',
  visibility: 'Visibility: '



First of all, thanks for this script which works very well and is fully customizable. I would like to use open weather map for the French language support. I have created a free account on open weather map and retrieved an API key. However the script does not get a response from the server. This is my setup :

      Keys: {
          owm: { key: function() { return '1c511ac7d8f5e8aaaaaa'; } }
      showRegion: true,
      showCountry: false,
      geoProviderId: 'fgip',
      forecasts: true,
      showDetails: false,
      nbForecastDays: 4,
      width: '169px',
      theme: 'ew-transparent', 
      providerId: 'owm',
      language: 'fr',
      load: function() {
          if($('#slcLang').val() !== this.config().language) {

Thanks for your help,



1. Interesting, I am curious now, I can’t reproduce it, send me your configuration and the search query that yields more results than expected

2. Thanks for the tip, currently EasyWeather does not use the Yahoo GPS coordinates query anyway but it is a good enhancement candidate

3. No worries

PS: I am Italian/Australian, used to live in France and wife is French



<script> $(’.ew’).EasyWeather({ showRegion: false, showCountry: false, geoProviderId: ‘geopl’, forecasts: true, showDetails: false, nbForecastDays: 4, width: ‘160px’, theme: ‘ew-transparent’, providerId: ‘yhw’, providerSequence: false, showDescription: false, language: ‘fr’, todayLabel: ‘Auj.’, weekDays: [‘Dimanche’, ‘Lundi’, ‘Mardi’, ‘Mercredi’, ‘Jeudi’, ‘Vendredi’, ‘Samedi’], refreshLink: false, enableSearch: true, nbSearchResults: 5, details: ‘humidity|precipitation|wind’, detailLabels: { humidity: ‘Humidité : ’, precipitation: ‘Précipitations : ’, wind: ‘Vent : ’, pressure: ‘Pression : ’, visibility: ‘Visibilité : ‘ }, fnSetIconUrl: function(o){ var code = o.code; return ‘https://www.demain.news/scripts/EasyWeather/img/'+ code + ’.png’; } }); </script>

You can try to type in “paris” in the search bar and will get more than 5 results.


If you try Easyweather with geoip not working it will fallback to html5 geolocate. This uses GPS coordinates most of the time. Yahoo requires parenthesis around GPS coordinate :

function geoSuccess(position) { this.location = “(“position.coords.latitude + ’,’ + position.coords.longitude“)”; if ($.isFunction(config.locate)) { config.locate.call(this, position); } load.call(this); }



Thanks @fredericpatin for your feedback and sending back your config.

I just tried to search for `Paris` and got back 5 results, then changed the setting value to 3 and got 3 results back, same for 8. Depending on the widget width, a result can be displayed on more than 1 line, probably the UI is not clear enough in visually separating each result.


Hello, is possible to create rss for some cities and translate at spanish. Regards!

Hi @arolom,

I am not sure what you mean by `create rss for some citites`, this plugin integrates with 6 different weather data providers, but it does not generate rss feeds. All the labels are configurable, so you can define the text you want but you also need to choose a weather service that supports Spanish language.


Is it possible to disable the ’?’ in the bottom right corner? the one that brings up a small popup of the providers etc.

there is no configuration option for that, you will need to remove the element from the DOM. In the config you could leverage the load callback:
var ew = $('.your-selector-here').EasyWeather({
  load: function() {