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Can I work on this app in android studio?

It doesn’t work on the android studio. Could you please provide me its android studio version? It shows 4 errors when I import the project.

I am still waiting

pls check your email

EasyWebApp\res\layout\activity_main.xml:94: error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘adSize’ in package ‘com.example.easywebapp’

EasyWebApp\res\layout\activity_main.xml:94: error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘adUnitId’ in package ‘com.example.easywebapp’


hi pls whatch this video import Google ads classes http://youtu.be/2pOtZZXvNG8

Hi, does it support android 7+???

Can you edit it in eclipse?

it written en eclipse

In the comment I saw good developers are also involved. How will non technical know how to set up my website? Will you provide video from the beginning to the last or will you also help us full? So even for those non-coding, But I just got tired of seeing the comment? I have to create an app for my website, blog and YouTube channel. Will I have to buy three or work in one?

My email: domainrate@live.in

hello, does your app support non mobile friendly site? i mean it will automatically convert it to mobile friendly/app site? tq

Hi, I will be very apprciated you could send me android stuido version with google ads. thank you.

But I want to askDoes the app have integrated doubleclick for publisher (DFP)?

Does the app have integrated audience network Facebook ads

I can manually upgrade this version after purchase to be able to integrate the audience ad network Facebook ads or double click publisher google

Yes you can if you have java base knowledge . Thanks

I have these questions before purchase:

1- Can I create apps for my clients with single license? 2- It support Web to app conversion? 3- If the website of client is in “Magento” or “Opencart” can I create app for this easily? 4- Can I create both android and ios app with this?

Please reply my questions, so that I can purchase it.

hi is it possible to publish the app on Google play after adding our admob code? thx

(edit the code with android studio as well)


adsplay Purchased

i have purchased but not working on android studio. please share the android studio version with instructions. thanks mail id is ali@adsplay.in

hi. it created via Eclipse. pls import .gradle file Thanks

Is this plugin no longer being updated?

yes of couse

Yes of course not, or yes of course it is being updated? the last update was in 2014