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What are doing this in PHP Scripts / Calendars? :P

I really don’t know, I’m sure i published it under “PHP->Help And Support Tools”. And now i don’t know how to change it ._.

Best use of Validation I have seen so far. This class really minimizes the code you need.

I love this script, all the redundant crap is gone , Thanks :D

Happy you liked it (:

Hmm I seem to be having an issue with the script.

Here is a piece of my code:

$ev->validate_form( ’$clanname(empty)’, ’$clansite(empty)’ );

I have 2 simple validations for empty fields, clan name and clan site, when I fill in ‘clanname’.

It validates properly and returns that clansite can not be empty. If I fill in clansite It validates properly and returns that clanname can not be empty.

This is normal, yes? Then why the hell does it return true if I fill in both with values ‘a’ and ‘b’. But then It returns false if I fill in ‘Wolf Clan’ and ‘http://wolfclan.eu'.

That makes no sense at all. You can try the code yourself live at my beta site on http://clanfinder.net/?page=submit

To me, that’s just plain not logical, that’s not normal. Those two fields & the email are the only 3 validations I need for that form. I can turn off the empty validations if they keep interfering.

But I would really like to see this strange issue fixed. It seems the cause of this could be because the fields were using spaces, or other characters. But since I did not validate for that I do not see why that should interfere.

It still outputs the PRE POST results so you should for now be able to test what is wrong with it, but in my eyes it looks like it makes no sense that it shouldn’t return True at some points.

Sorry for double post, found the issue, the regular expression you provided for the ‘EMPTY’ field does not allow spaces, dots, semicolons, slashes etc, but I needed a field that was URL & one with a space, in case people needed to fill in their name.

I fixed it though, For those who have the same problem, here is the alternative REGEX I used:

empty=”^([0-9a-zA-Z:/. _-]+)$”


i have a presale question.


Sure, ask away :)

i am building a site with registration and signup, i am intrested in your script, does it have capabilities of validating a user id and check if there are spaces and give and error? if it can perform such i’ll buy it right away.


If i’m not wrong, I guess you need to check if a field is numbers only? Incase i’m right, Yes. There’s a validation called “numbers_only”, Will validate a field for numbers only, Otherwise will output an error.

And If i’m wrong, Please try explaining more so I can understand exactly what you need. And i’ll be sure to add it and update the files.

By-the-way, I updated the live preview & documentation online (:


No i want to check if there are spaces within names or user ID, i want to use your script for validating user names to avoid people using spaces between login/user id’s so that we only have one long or short work without spaces.


No, But I added it(: Now we just need for the new file to be confirmed by CodeCanyon, And then you can buy.

The new validation is called “invalid_contains”, You can specify what characters you don’t want in a field, And will output an error.

does the script out put an error when there is a space between characters? Thanks

Yes, And the script has been updated. You can know buy the script if you still want(:

Thanks.. Just bought it!

Thanks.. Just bought it!

Thank you, Enjoy (:

Couldn’t find validations ini file at: /ini/validations.ini

I get that error, even thought I know the file exist…


RED FLAG HERE , the author is not supporting customers, posted 3 days ago without response.

You know you can just email me, I don’t get any notifications when someone replies here thus I didn’t know.

Thanks for the “RED FLAG ”...

Anyways, First make sure you extract everything into one folder, And in your PHP file you include only the “config.php”. If it sill doesn’t work, Go to “classes/easyvalidaiton.class.php” and add “echo $file;” after line 85. Then browser back to your PHP file and mail me the path it outputed and the path of your PHP file and i’ll do my best to fix your problem.


Love the script.. Couple of additional filters and one question.

Question – the empty seems to fail on textareas that allow line breaks. Any advice how to allow the line breaks? If the textarea has nothing BUT line breaks, it should be empty, but line breaks in the content should be permissible.

Couple of additional filters I needed. One only allows alphanumeric, another allowing alphanumeric with spaces.

alphanumericspaces="^([0-9a-zA-Z' ']+)$" 

Thank you for the additional filters, I’ll be sure to upload the updated version (Also with the fix of the empty function) (:

To make the empty validation allow line breaks change the current regex string to this one: “(.+)” Hope this will work.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask(:

Hi, so here is my question. The field name is “first_name” or “biz_first_name”.

Is there a way to give fields in the error a specific name? Instead of the error putting out

first_name Cannot be empty

I can set a value for that field.

First Name Cannot be empty.


Hello Secoxxx, Currently this feature is not available, BUT I’m working on adding this feature. The script will be updated shortly, And I will immediately contact you(:

Thank you, Ori

I sent an update, It will take about 48 hours to get it processed. Sent me an email if you would like to get the updated version asap, Thanks.