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So i get the next error… ;(

When i start the App it can not load the Products

This is in the Log:

2014-07-16 19:31:20.019 EasyStore[4861:60b] Reachability: Reachable via WiFi 2014-07-16 19:31:20.951 EasyStore[4861:60b] Error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 3840.)” (Badly formed object around character 35.) UserInfo=0xc486780 {NSDebugDescription=Badly formed object around character 35.}

what can i do ?

THX Lasse :)

Sorry i’m AGAIN ;)

i’m not Understand whats Wrong the App work Perfect With your Demo Server But Why not with My Server?

here my Link to The Easyproduct.php File: http://www.lasblo.com/EasyStore/EasyProduct.php

But the file looks like your file BUT my File NOT work…

THX for Help LASSE ;)

i Fix it ;)

Hi, Ilke your App, Great work! One question , when we can have woocommerce Plugin, thx


Yes you can do easily you need only some php query codes. We wrote good documentation file.

Have a good days ;)

Hi im interested in this app. it would be helpful if it works with woocommerce, Before that I bought this http://codecanyon.net/item/candy-cart-woocommerce-for-native-ios-app/5756119 but the author has died. And the app is useless now. Can you explain more about integration with woocoomerce?Can users pay the through app via woocoomerce ? Best Regards


Yes you can integrate for all php based systems you need only php codes, You need to change some files into Server_Files folder you need only some php queries.

Have a good days ;)

Hi. Purchased your product, but can you send me a tutorial how to integrate with woocommerce ?


You can integrate all systems into our app need only php queries.

Have a good days ;)

When i try to build the app i get this error: Use of undeclared identifier ‘_cancelled’

my skype username is pedrob21

I have an existing WP Woo Commerce site and an existing app. I would like to integrate you app to mine and connect to our woo commerce site. Can I do this with your set up? I would like to move forward ASAP.

The point is to complete the purchase using the app.

Thank you.


Yes you can do easily for woo commerce integrate you need only php code changes into server files folder files

Have a good days ;)

Thanks. I will make the purchase now.

Our app updated for iOS 8.1 and Xcode 6 working success !

Have a good days ;)


The App is Awesome but have few queries.

Need Clarification for the Queries

- Want to integrate my WooCommerce Store with the App. – Is there Push Notification Available with the existing App if not can we expect in near future. – Your App is forcing to Add Products and Details into a Separate URL but have no Category Tree/Payment Configuration.

Please Advice on the WooCommerce Integration.

No we dont do that features we are too busy but we will do soon woo commerce iphone ipad app.

Have a good days ;)

Alright MagicWorkers.

From all the above to make it simple. Your current app even if i purchase an extended licence its no way going to help.

As the feature like Add to Cart and Payment is very necessary and that will have a miss even if i purchase.


Thanks for comments

Have a good days ;)

i have questions before i buy. do you have skype

Issue have to type username and password twice to log in, when uploading product or store once I hit submit it goes back to the login page…

For twice login about Your server session settings and go back too

hi there – i’ve purchased this and when running the build i’m getting a problem. Its saying “Network error occured. Retry later…” when trying to access products or stores. What’s wrong?

Check your documentation you doing somethings wrong with server settings.