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I have some pre sales questions: for example I have 10 products, but each products has 20 parts you can order.

Can i make 10 easy shopping pages with each of these pages own route for example: route=product/easyshop1 route=product/easyshop2 etc.

Because i need the product parts in a simple list with you then can select and then get the total to the cart.

greetings luke

does it work on / 2.x

Hi, yes, you can create as many as you want. 10 and even more. And it works with both and

I just purchased this product to use on my wordpress website. Does this work with wordpress? I see the instruction to install it but it’s very confusing. I tried installing it in the root directory but to no avail. Not an expert in website development but I like the product list features. Did I just purchase the wrong program for wordpress?

Unfortunately, you bought the wrong extension. This extension is for Opencart CMS, not for Wordpress. But I can look your wordpress, maybe I can modify it for wordpress. Please, send me ftp and admin access to dmonco@ukr.net

Thanks dmonco. I wanted to test it on a local server as I try to modify my main website. If you can modify this for wordpress, I personally think that there is a big market for it. I have proftpd on my local server . I need to figure out how to use it so that I can provide you the necessary information you need.

Great. Waiting for info from you

Is this module support 2,1 opencart version?

Yes, it supports

We could able to install this extension, but when we were trying to edit the module settings its giving blank page.

We were using third party theme.

Kindly let us know at the earliestwhat could be the solution.

Hi! Please, send me admin and ftp access to support@foridev.com I will check

Is it updated? Is it compatible with Opencart Version

Error: Could not load model …/admin/model/sale/customer_group.php! in …/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_storage_modification_system_engine_loader.php on line 63

Yes. It works with Opencart Send me ftp and admin access to support@foridev.com and I will check your installation.

Can I have demo link of this plugin? Also will it support latest version of opencart

yes, supports


dondahl Purchased

I get a “internal server error”, www.kimdahl.dk, user:admin – password: nemoland…. pls help

Hello, seems it was installed incorrectly. Please, send ftp access to support@foridev.com We will reinstall it.

It says works with v3.x – Please confirm that this does definitely work with OpenCart v3+ ??

Still does not update the shopping cart view at the top of the page without refreshing the page again…???

What about the top shop cart which is not updating….?

The module has been tested with Opencart 3.0.2 default theme. No errors found. If you have issues with the theme you use write to support@foridev.com and ask for paid support.

We are installing the module – assume it’s the v2.x stuff for opencart v3. Did ask and you assured me that it works completely with v3 so we are pressing ahead…

Installed as per instructions, BUT

Extensions in admin menu -> Modules and find Easy Shopping, click to edit.

The module easy shopping does not show?

This is version 3 of opencart – which you say it works with…

answered above and in private message