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I am planning to buy this plugin. But before that can you assure be about how secure this payment plugin is?

As we are using std. payment gateways therefore it is completely secure. The code std. is as per WP plugins therefore you can purchase it without any hesitation.

Hi there,

Great Plugin!

How can I activate the Payment Method option “Credit Card” as it is in you demo website? ( I don’t mean via Stripe Payment, just simple Credit Card)

Credit Card ...Pay using credit card directly from our website, you will not be redirected to gateway for verification.


Hi Dear please raise a ticket for your concern at support@theemon.com. My technical team will check & send you reply from there.

Hi I just purchased and installed the plugin.

I guess there was a problem with the installation , re-installed twice but it looks that it has a js error becaus it won’t event produce a form. Also it only gives me three options – Payments, All forms, add form.

This is going to take a while to fix…

Please send your concern along with FTP & admin details my team will help you in checking the JS confliction issue.


im very interesting to purchase it.

my questions.

1.- can i creat my custom fields form ? 2.- have conditional logic to checkbox or dropdown etc ? example blue = $55 green = $22

3.- when i creat my custom form fields i can activate the metod of payment ? = Paypal – Stripe – Deposit

4.- VERY IMPORTANT = Only send Contact Form email if PayPal – Stipe payment is successful.

5.- I need to export my form on EXCEL

6-. Choose a cancel payment URL per contact form 7-. Choose a succesful payment URL per contact form

thanks and i think its unique your plugin

So if user dont pay, the form send ???

i need only send form if payment is success

What will be in case of failure or cancel?

Hi, two pre-sale question:

With this plugin I can sell 4 different services, redirect the client to a “thank you page” after paying, and send an automatic email with a pdf?

I need SSL certificate if I only use Paypal pays and I dont use credit cards?


Ok, thanks!

And I can redirect to a thank you page after purchase and send a email with a PDF?


Ok, thanks!

Hello Again, this is other question,

Im from México and Stripe doesnt work here yet….

i saw on your plugin 4 options

paypal stripe credit card transfer

the credit card option how does it work? what do i need to do? who is the company i need to create account like paypal?

works on country mexico ?

best regards

Hi Dear, I am not sure that it works in Maxico or not. Credit card option is working with paypal.

Hi, can you confirm this plugin works with TLS 1.2? We’ve had issues with other Stripe plugins that are not compliant with Stripe’s enforcement of TLS 1.2. Thank you.

We had not tested it with TLS. We will check & update you.

Any word on this? Anxious to implement if this works. Thank you!

Hi Dear, It will create some problem with TLS, till now we are unable to find solution.

I’m interested in buying this plugin. Two questions:

1) If i change the currency with a drop-down will the currency USD text change? Currently in the demo it doesn’t change. So if I change it to HKD it still displays USD in the form.

2) Is there an option to send a custom thank you email to a donor?

Reply 1. We’ll fix this in our next update. Reply 2. Yes.

I’m still waiting for a reply on the issue we’re having on our credit card payments. It’s been weeks and still nothing. This plugin and the Charity theme (which we’ve now stopped using) has been giving us problem after problem. I’d really appreciate a reply.

Please share your issues at support@theemon.com & if you are not getting response from there because of any problem then please share ticket id here. We will definitely check & update you.

Hi. Please i would like to create an option to receive checks and money orders. How can i incorporate this with other options

Hi, It require custom development so you can hire us or any other company for doing this.

The plugin could not be installed. It says: Ooops… Error 404 We are sorry, but the page you are looking for does not exist.

Plugin install failed. Kindly provide your support

I purchased the plugin but it couldnt be installed either use wordpress plugin upload and cPanel Upload. http://prnt.sc/e79ief http://prnt.sc/e79kfb

Please share issue & details at support@theemon.com my team will review & provide you solution.

already switch to another plugin, thanks. pls confirm the refund since your plugin is not working as described. if u replied earlier, we will use yours as it fit our needs. but it even fails to install. sadly, we need it to work urgently

Hi, Your plugin is not working. WHen i am activating it my website is getting down.

please contact us at support@theemon.com

Support is not good. Its been over 3 days but still my email notification issue isn’t resolved. Got response from support team today and they said issue is fixed.

While nothing was fixed. Very disappointing

Hi Anjali, Strange!!! Can you tell me here that what we defected on your site. we are professional & you/anyone can never expect any such issue from us. We are selling on avg 10+ items daily & providing support to 3-4 customers regularly but no one complained like you in past. If any problem raised by us we will definitely fix that.

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Please check IP log using your cpanel. If you have any proof please must present here or to envato. We are running a organization of 500+ developers & using such approach we should not be here. Please discuss to envato, check your logs & then proceed.If you would like refund we will definitely process.

We are not going to further do discussion & clarification here.

Happy Business!!!

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I would like to see reports on the payment and be able to select a date range just like the Woocommerce Report page. Would that be possible?

Yes possible with some coding. By default we are not listing there.

Hi there, can you please guide me how to formatting or the Form style, CSS etc. The Form I set is not in good shape.

No reply :(

there looks some conflict in Bootstrap classes.

Hi Dear, If you will send us FTP & admin details at support@theemon.com then we will be able to find the exact problem.

Hello, I succesfully installed and configured the plugin, managed to create 1 form and create the checkout process and everything, but when I wanted to add a 2nd form when I click on the Add Form button nothing is happening? Any idea why?

Hi Dear, Please send FTP & admin credentials along with issue at support@theemon.com my technical team will check & respond you from there.

I have used your plugin to setup a donation form. Just wanted to know how users can cancel their Stripe recurring payments from the website?

Sometimes they change their mind or they might have pressed recurring by mistake and would like to cancel their subscription. Please let me know how that can be done.

Yes & in that case when system will hit strip for next cycle strip will deny payment.

What do you mean by “if user want to cancel subscription then send request form own stripe dashboard.”

send request form own stripe dashboard = Cancel from there & in next cycle it will deny transaction.


Avis02 Purchased

Hi. I purchased this plugin. I want to get the optional fields at the top of the from. Please lent me know how can I do that.

Please write us at support@theemon.com