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PayPal memberships?

Hi, this feature is not supported.


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Nothing happens when I click on “You must be logged in to comment” for basic pages

( https://demo.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/examples/basic/comments.php )

( https://demo.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/examples/basic-ajax/comments.php )

It’s fixed now.

Hello HazzardWeb. Ur going to do some more nice updates on this script or are you working on a new project? :d

I’m working on a new project for Laravel. After that I’ll see if I could bring some of those features into this.


I am using this library to make database calls/changes through a script that is always running (i.e. in a while(true) loop)

The issue is that when I try to run any other scripts at the same time that ‘app/init.php’ in the header it never loads since it is waiting on the first script to finish, but it will never finish, and therefore it will never load script 2.

A workaround is that I run script 2 from a different browser, or incognito (private mode) and that will work. Is there a way that I can enable both scripts to run from the same browser?


Hi, I would need to see the code to understand how you’re doing this.

I have script1 that checks a mysql database and does some changes if needed. The code for script1 is inside a WHILE { ... } loop, so it never ends which is by design. When I want to run script2, which just regular checks, and database calls, it never loads because it is waiting on script1 to finish first.

Both scripts 1&2 have require_once ‘app/init.php’ lines at the top and when I remove it from script2, it runs with no issues. When I added the ‘app/init.php’ line and try to run script2 again while script1 is running, script2 never loads.

I think it has something to do with sessions… not sure!!

Hello, Another question, how do I query the Database with date variables. For example, I would like to do a select on a table and get all rows for the past 24 hours. In my table, I have a Created_date column. Here is a sample of my raw query, but it never works!! Can you please help

$users = DB::table('users')
         ->where('date_created', '>=' , "NOW() - INTERVAL 1 DAY")

Thanks, H

Hi, use DB::raw

->where('date_created', '>=' , DB::raw('NOW() - INTERVAL 1 DAY'))

This is why you are so amazing!!!

Perfect.. It worked like a charm. Thank you!

Can you say where is the App::url() value set? I’m getting a oops something is wrong error and it has to do with that value.

Even though the URL is set correctly in the app/config/app.php, when loaded, it is referring to assets from a different URL.

If you use the settings from the admin, then set it there. Can you maybe send me the link ?

Got it to work by changing name of database. Thanks

Hello, How can I pass in a variable within your nested wheres?

function getUsersByAge($age){

$u = DB::table(‘users’) ->where(‘username’, ’=’, ‘john’) ->orWhere(function($query) { $query->where(‘id’, ’>’, 10) >where(‘age’, ’=’, $age); <- $age variable is undefined }) ->get(); return $u; }

As you can see from the example above, the $age variable is undefined, even though it is passed to the getUsersByAge function. How can I pass it to the nested function?


You need to inherit the $age variable using: use($age)

->orWhere(function($query) use ($age) {

You can read more about anonymous functions here http://php.net/manual/en/functions.anonymous.php

Perfect… That’s what I needed. Thanks!!

Hi, This supposed to be membership system. But i dont see anything about membership package or anything . am i mistaken??

Hey guys! Great script, and I already voted it 5/5.

I was wondering if you could guide me on some annoying error. I just moved my app to another server.

Everything works perfectly fine, but it returns the following error when I try to create a new account; “An error has occurred while saving to database.”

- All privileges are granted to the mysql user - All recommended PHP extensions are installed - PHPv 7.0.25 - Uploads directory is set to 0777, and “app/storage” is set to 775

Debugging and error reporting are also set to true, but I can’t get any more information except that generic message. PHP logs are of no use as well. Is there something I’m missing?

Huge thanks for your help.

PS: just made a fresh installation. It returned the same error as well. I feel like there is a missing PHP component, that you guys didn’t mention in the “required extensions” section.

Ok. I figured it out. Created a new database with empty tables instead of migrating the old one. That seems to be working fine. I don’t know how I’m going to complete the migration though.

Hi, that means that the database connection details are incorrect. Please check again if the user has access to database you specified.

Hi HazzardWeb I’m very interested in this. I noticed that the comment section isn’t working on the demo, and there are no screenshots of this part of the script. Does it still function? Can you fix that part of the demo or add screenshots so I can see it?

If so, is it easy to tie a new comment “thread” to dynamically new site entries or blog posts?

Does this script allow me to ban users by ip address?

If I find a user that is spamming, say a link or content I don’t want, is there a simple way of quickly removing all posts from that user?


Hi, do you get any errors for the comments ? It works for me just fine.

Yes you can have the comments multiple pages , see http://docs.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/1.3/comments-integration

There is no option for blocking IP addresses. You can suspended users from the admin panel through.

As for moderation there are some filters and options. Check the demo admin panel under Settings > Comments and you’ll find all the options there.

Does deleting a user remove all their comments?

Is there any update planned or in the works? (Don’t want to buy, and a month later a newer version is released.) I’d love to see user comments be listed in their profile page, and even comment upvote / downvoting. Those both seem to help build activity for a site, if you’re taking feature requests.

Please let me know, thanks.

Yes, when you delete a user everything about that user is deleted.

Currently there’s no major update in the works for this project.

Will consider those features for a future versions and upcoming scripts.


dlhooks Purchased

Hey Hazzard, Thanks for a great product. I’m having an issue with some users logging in and wanted to know if you had any ideas on error shooting. Some users can log in no problem and others are facing the following error in the console. I’ve upgraded everything to 1.3.0 and am still having the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



dlhooks Purchased

Didn’t get the image in there….

Error codes are [DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #email: (More info: ht login.php:1tps://goo.gl/9p2vKg) <input type=”text” name=”email” id=”email” class=”form-control”> <input type=”text” name=”email” id=”email” class=”form-control”>

[DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #password: (More info: login:php1htttps://goo.gl/9p2vKg <input type=”password” name=”password” id=”password” class=”form-control”> <input type=”password” name=”password” id=”password” class=”form-control”>

This page includes a password or credit card input in a non-secure context. A warning has been added to the URL bar. For more information, see https://goo.gl/zmWg3m.

Failed to load http://spanprogram.com/spandb/ajax.php: Response login.php:1 to preflight request doesn’t pass access control check. No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ’ http://www.spanprogram.com' is therefore not allowed access

server response: easylogin. js:41

I don’t know what’s wrong with Envato but it doesn’t let me post the reply here… I get this error http://prntscr.com/ikih0y

Read my full reply here https://gist.github.com/cretueusebiu/54fd994c99b4129473aa32dd40546f31


dlhooks Purchased

Thanks for the quick response, you guys are the best


pre sales question : when a user logs in, can you redirect them to their account using the where statement? example … where id = ‘1’ , if the id is the primary key?

how is the login table like, if a user logs in using social media buttons?

There’s not popup for oauth login, you’re just being redirected to the social site and back with the oauth user. After that you’re either registered or logged in.

If you want to redirect the user to a custom page, you’ll have to make some changes, but it’s totally doable.

okay, when someone signs up using the social media links, is there a way to save the user information to database?

The script already saves the user info from the social networks http://prntscr.com/inye6d .

Hello , it is possible to use “easily” for recycle a old classified php scrip (10 years old ,with secure fail :/ ) with basic php kowledge ?

Hi, I’m not familiar with this classified script.

I would suggest taking a look first at the docs http://docs.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/1.3 and see if you could use it.

To install it you don’t need much, but if you want to integrate it with an existing script, that might require some php knowledge.

I am looking to list just users (not admins or other roles) can I change this to list only users where role_id =2 within the datatables?

EasyLogin.options.datatables = <?php echo json_encode(trans(‘datatables’)); ?>; EasyLogin.admin.usersDT();

Hi HazzardWeb, hi all, I want to build up a signup for two roles (users and companies). Both should have different required input fields. E.g. for users the about me should be required and for companies not / comanies need to fill contact person and users not. Can it be done e.g. via GET variable and control by that variable the required fields also for profile pages? My workaround looks like: I create new signup pages for both and hide not needed fields and fill the required once with e.g. ”-”. Thanks and kind regards

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

This will require some customization to be implemented.

If you are plan using the user fields for your custom fields, then you’ll have to add that check in the Register class as well on the profile update page. The GET variable should be fine.


dgekko Purchased

Can i edit a setting where users are not activated until approved in the admin panel. Even if the email authentication is on. I want users to register, but not have access to the redirect until I activate them.

Hi, by default there’s no option to configure that only admins can approve the accounts, but if you take a look at the Register class you could add that feature.

How do i change the page that says ‘Welcome!’ after a user is already logged in. I would like to add a link to that page to the redirect page. Right now, it just says Welcome!

hey there im setting the script up from a freelancer site and i keep on getting :Oauth Retrieve Access Token Error. facebook is setup and all the info is there..

Hi, sorry for the late reply, could you send me an FTP account so I can take a closer look ?

its ok i fixed it.thx

Is there any way to switch on manual admin activation of new user registration. I want that even after email verification only the admin can activate the user.