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I have set up such an error system

This seems to be a error from your PHP setup. See this https://www.google.com/search?q=unable+to+load+dynamic+library+tidy.so

Hey guys, I’ve been using your script for over a year. Great job.

I was wondering if there is a way to disable session expiration? After some time (10 or 20 minutes maybe) it logs the user out. Is this something can be fixed?

Hi, this can be changed from your php.ini http://php.net/manual/en/session.configuration.php

Hi I need help, I’m making a small project and Im changing all the template, but in the basic examples there is no Message php file, so there is no way for a user to see messages without the modal that is only in full version not basic, how I create the simple php messages? thanks.

The only issue I got some times is CSRF Token Mismatch. Reload the page. It seems is another JS that use my template, is there a way to use no conflict with the js?

Make sure to add the csfr token in the head http://docs.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/1.2/basic-ajax-integration

<meta name="csrf-token" content="<?php echo csrf_token() ?>">
And don’t load jQuery twice.

Yeah I check that in the comments and documentation to be sure before asking here lol, the issue was another JS file in my template that conflict, the solution was:
<script src=”<?php echo asset_url(‘js/vendor/jquery-1.11.1.min.js’) ?>”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var $190 = jQuery.noConflict();
then I edit the main.js and easylogin.js and change the $ with the $190 that solve the issue :)

the downloaded copy is different than your demo ? am i missing something ?

You got my respect for following up so fast! thanks. Just one question and you can ignore it. how I can parse twitter user token and secret ?

I think you can get it in oauth.php http://prntscr.com/h5xa3v But I’m not sure if these are long lived tokens, since the script only uses them to make a single api request to retrieve the user info.

no they are not long lived .. I found the real ones here $storage->retrieveAccessToken(ucfirst($provider)); but its been 4 hours trying to parse them :(


I tried the demo and this seem to be a great script!
My issue is with the Admin Login…
admin admin .....> Don’t work!

How, how to access “Admin Area” after setup?

I’m following the instructions below:

I didn’t see the Admin link to the bottom area for access to click.
How do I get this to show? and/or Why isn’t it showing?

Also, all settings are correct.

Thanks for your quick response!

Hi, just access admin.php . eg: website.com/admin.php

Got it! Thanks! Works… :o)

Can you let me know how to address this issue?

Whoops! There was an error.

No Summit Button to Click – How can I fix? Thanks

Please enable debug mode in app/config/app.php

Hi again, quick question, I’m using your <?php echo View::make(‘header’)->render() ?> header and need that this header read some $variable outside the header but is not working, how I can do this?

$pagename = ‘porfilepage’;
<?php echo View::make(‘header’)->render() ?>

then inside header: echo $pagename

but not work :(

Hi, use:

View::make(‘header’)->with('porfilepage', $porfilepage)->render() 

and in the header file you’ll be able to access the $porfilepage variable.


How can I access the $_SESSION or $_COOKIE of the logged in user?

How can I echo this? echo $_SESSION[‘id’];

Yes, it must be: $_SESSION or $_COOKIE

Yes, I do reply, but sometimes it takes up to a day or two (usually in weekends).

Can you email me with the example you’re trying to implement ?


tvcash Purchased

I’ll search for your email to send to, thanks!

Use the CodeCanyon message feature or at hazzardweb@gmail.com


Does it support RTL languages (Arabic / Hebrew), and what about the layout also does it aligned to right for RTL ?


Hi, you can only change the translations but not the alignment.

“With a decent server you can even enable realtime messages.”

How do I “enable” realtime chats? We have a great server.

Hi, you can enable realtime messages from the config file (app/config/pms.php).

Pre buying question: i need to start a wordpress site with memberships. is it possible to assign a number id from 0 to 1000 one number to each member? instead of username. Thanks!!

Hi, this is not a plugin for WordPress.

Everything is working fine but the images are not displaying… They displayed while worked on offline but not displaying online

strange question probably, i want to create a membership portal where people can access a number of different scripts, we are working on putting together a volunteer project helping to bring assistance to a number of african and south american projects, but i need to be able to put these scripts in a single location and give access, would i be able to use this script for that?

The script will provide the ability to have users, but beyond that you’ll have to implement everything else, projects, files, etc.

that is not the question. let me rephrase it. This plugin does the same thing woocommerce subscription and membership does. I just want to know if i need to add those plugins to the site to get this one to work?

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, it won’t work at all with this script.

Quick question, is there a way to add a form input on the Register page that leaves the user select which role to select?

Yes, edit signup.php and add your select, with the name role_id, for the roles there, then edit src/Hazzrd/Auth/Register.php @ signup and look for $this->config['default_role_id'], you can use the $input[‘role_id’] to get the role from the form. You may do additional checks there.

Email not sending despite inputting the appropriate smtp credentials

Hi, please try using a mail service like mailgun, since your SMTP email might be blocked by email clients.


rizzy3000 Purchased

Quick pre-purchase question: I will need to modify the user profile page to include an html5 audio player and a calendar. I would like the user to be able to upload mp3 files to the audio player, and for the calendar, I want the user to be able to mark days where they are either booked up or available. Is there any easy path that I can take to achieve this? Also, are you available to do custom work? Thanks!

Hi, that will require some work since it’s not related to the login script. At this time I’m not available for freelance work.


rizzy3000 Purchased

thanks for the quick response! I purchased the script and began installing. However, I am receiving connection errors for the css and bootstrap. I sent you an email via your contact page. Thanks


antiope Purchased

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updated version is giving this message: OpenSSL PHP extension required.

That’s because the Open SSL extension is now required for encryption. See the requirements section in the docs.