Discussion on EasyLogin Pro - User Membership System

Discussion on EasyLogin Pro - User Membership System

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I would like to send a welcome email after the email activation was successfull. How could I add this. I can not see an event for this. What should I change or add?

I did a short event custom code to fire any this event when activated.


I would like to fire some extra php/mysql code after I delete a user (there should be some rows in other tables deleted as well). Where can I find the php delete function process?

Any update coming soon ?

Hello Is there a way to autologin and to pass the id and password in a url? For example : login.php?user=toto&password=dada Thanks Olivier

Few years back I had purchased the script and it is great. I just downloaded latest script but I dont see user interface to add user fields as shown in demo. do I have to purchase script again to get these new enhancements ? I made changes in configuration and not in database.

I would like to “include()” something in the php file userfields.php … but the script is giving me an error? how do I fix it?

is it possible to make login in to multiple devices at the same time? The script have encrypted cookies, XSS attack prevention? Comes with google recaptcha?

extra/mailgun-mandrill-api this folder does not exist, where are the files for mailgun? Thanks

google auth login not working the following error appear after you login your google account. Oauth Extract Data Error.

Hi there, when will you be adding recurring payments or subscriptions through paypal etc?

Twitter api is now forbidding ’?’ saying Query parameters are not allowed in the callback statement. what is the solution for

Hi I’m really intended in this but have concerns regarding Microsoft auth it does not use standard developer section as it did in past it uses azure developer centre does this script cover azure centre if so mind me having a look at tutorial to make sure it covers azure development centre before purchaise ?

Thank you

Any updates and new features? has not been updated since 2018?

Google auth login not working, the following error appears after you login your google account. Oauth Extract Data Error. The same thing is happening with the LinkedIn auth login. It’s a shame this script with almost a thousand sales ended up unattended. Any help to sort this out would be much appreciated.

Hello, possible to get the comment page only visable to logged in peoples? Regards

google plus login problem Oauth Extract Data Error. What is this problem?

I am looking to make a pre-launch site where different types of users can sign up. Each type of user has to submit different kinds of information. Is this something I can do with this script?

Hello, is it possible to set conditional logic to sign up form?

Hi there! I get the error “An error has occurred while saving to database.”. When creating a new account or when loggin with the admin admin credentials. When i use a custom user or root user doesnt make a differance.

What is the logout redirect options

If I turn off recurring payments on membership types will that stop billing customers?