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Hello. i like this script, are you working on a new update or? :)

Hi, there are no major updates planed for this script at the moment.

Hi, I’ve got an issue with session management and AJAX request. In fact, in order to load AJAX data, I need to recover data which is stored under session variable ‘datadb’. If I include in my AJAX php script

require_once ’../app/init.php’;

I’ve got an error

"PHP Warning:  session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at ..."

When I try something like

“session_start(); var_dump($_SESSION);”

I just obtain “NULL”. However, it works with

require_once ’../app/init.php’; var_dump($_SESSION);

Any idea?

Hi, require_once ’../app/init.php’; must be before outputting anything in the browser. Where do you include this file?

The problem is with AJAX files. For instance, I’ve got a regular web page, starting with

require_once ’../app/init.php’; if (!Auth::check()) redirect_to(’../login.php’); $id = Auth::user()->id; $db = Usermeta::get($id, ‘datadb’, true);

Then I’ve got an AJAX request such as

$.ajax({ url: “script/getdata.php”, datatype:”json”, method:”POST”, data: { startMain:sta, endMain: end, db:db });

The problem is that I’ve got to send the DB Id in order to connect to the right database to get data (multi-tenant app), what is not really secured… I would like to avoid this with session data, such as $_SESSION[‘datadb’], instead of sending the db to getdata.php through POST.

Can you show me this script/getdata.php file ? ( hazzardweb@gmail.com )

Hello again, ive just got one question.

Why dont you have the mod badge on the user that have admin on the coment page? that looks much better btw. :)

Im getting: Undefined index access_token in vendor/lusitanian/oauth/src/OAuth/OAuth2/Service/Facebook.php on line 171 after upgrading, any hints?

I did a rollback and updated files again, but im still getting: Oauth Extract Data Error.

Fixed, thank you.

What was it then ?

Is it possible to add either multiple select or checkbox array to the userfields without having to create separate records for each checkbox? Thanks.

Not really. You’d have implement something custom for that.

I’ve made a basic change to Hazzard/User/Fields.php ( https://pastebin.com/eL8h0E9g )to allow me to be able to use ‘multiple’ => true, in my select options to product a multiple select box. Would you be able to help direct me as to where I would have to make changes to be able to save all options selected and retrieve them?

Big Thanks,


siuc Purchased

Your demo is broken Nothing works.

For auth it says invalid credentials For manual sign up it says “something went wrong” however, the profile is created and can be accessed through the url. (https://demo.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/profile.php?u=1435)

Hi, it should be all good now. I upgraded my server last week to PHP 7.1 and one library (guzzle 4) had an issue with that.


siuc Purchased

Your demo is broken Nothing works.

For auth it says invalid credentials For manual sign up it says “something went wrong” however, the profile is created and can be accessed through the url. (https://demo.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/profile.php?u=1435)

Hello, I am trying to watch the demo, the features of this plugin is quite matching of my requirement, can you please take me to the way….? regards.


yogi77 Purchased


I have this Problem when connecting with Facebook…

string(314) “file_get_contents(https://graph.facebook.com/me?fields=id,name,email,bio,first_name,last_name,link,location,website,birthday,locale,gender) [function.file-get-contents.php]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request “


yogi77 Purchased

The Version: 8585802 I have tried your newest Version. (Facebook.php Extractor). doesn’t work

Can you send me the link to your website ( hazzardweb@gmail.com ).


yogi77 Purchased

now it works :) i have updated the /vendor/lusitanian/oauth/src/OAuth

Hello everyone. :) Can someone help me make this Mod badge, when i buy the script ? :) https://d1a6a9r46cnyll.cloudfront.net/8107502a962c5dbe30007cdf5290748b4a2c41d1/687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f6c613172786b462e706e67

I well ofc pay for it if needed.

Regards Maedrys

The problem adding that badge is that you have to load all the roles and permissions for each user in the comments and there is no easy way to do that.


dockydoc Purchased

Hello, I’m a happy user of EasyLogin Pro ! In my project, I have several roles (Admin, Master, User, ...) I don’t want the users to be able to create their account but only the Master, and the Users will have to be attached to him. Is there a way, to create a special form in php-mysql (I know how to do it) with the fields of the Master Code, and creating the Encrypted Password ? Thanks again

Olivier Lille (FRANCE)

Hi, you can create the users from the admin panel. That way you can send them the password to. If you want to manually create users see http://docs.hazzardweb.com/easylogin-pro/1.2/user


dockydoc Purchased

Hello, Do you have a php script to just encrypt a plain password password ? Example password to paswwordCR Thanks Olivier

If you want to hash passwords use Hash:: make(‘password’)


dockydoc Purchased

Thank you very much How can I combine it with the ‘key’ ? What is the method ?

What do you mean combine it with the key ?

In the docs I only find information for installation from scratch. How do we update the new update, it is just to replace all files in /src/ and /vendor/ ?

The last update was to fix Facebook authentication. But I’m not sure why you still get that error. Could you maybe email me and FTP account so I can take a look ?

Wow, so fast reply! Yes to what email?

Private message or at hazzardweb@gmail.com


enuki Purchased

Hi Hazzardweb! Is it possible to set a custom role_id with social auth?

Hi, you’ll have to edit src/Hazzard/Auth/OAuth.php @ signup and change this line

'role_id' => $this->config['default_role_id'],

To your other role id.

Hi, the problem is that i have multiple signup forms (with multiple role_id’s), so i tried linking like so:

and setting the role_id
'role_id' => $input['role_id']
but it seems kind of unsecure.