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Hi… It is possible to download the subscribeds users as a CSV file?

Hi, this looks promising when i first laid my eye on it, but for the past 3days now I have been trying to make it work email. The email templates are all great. I saw the list of subscribers email in the admin. But for some reasons, I got message that email was sent to the subscribers while none of them received any email. Secondly, is there a way to make it show just a little message of successful subscription rather than showing a successful message on another empty page when someone subscribe. Lastly, is there a way to include subscriber’s names with the email during subscription. Thanks.

Thanks for your prompt response. Let me know if you’ll check your mail soon so that i can provide you with the information to my website in order to check it for me to see if there is anything i wasn’t doing right.

No problem, send it! Will be online just for 1h more, its too late here.

Just sent info to you email please check.

Can you work with the WordPress Database, so I can send e-mail to my members, based on WP User Role?

Great ideia. On next release will do that!

Hi Paul, I just bought this plugin.The plugin isn’t working in wordpress. When I try to create subscription user or group or create theme the screen goes dark and unresponsive. What do I do?

!?, I have tested it in three different servers and were working. Email me your website url if possible create a temporary login for me to check it.

Just sent you another email with login, Did you get this?

Hello, checked the email will have a look at it.

Hello, Your plugin looks amazing. However, I see that barones000 asked about exporting the subscribed users list. This is a rather huge point for us, if we ever decide to stop using this newsletter, we would need to be able to keep our list. Do you have any future plans to add the export option? Thanks :)

Now I understand, will implement this.

Thank you will keep my eyes on the progress.

Your Log-in for your preview doesn’t seem to be working…

Just shows as a blank page.

Its live now.

now your login doesn’t work…geeeez

Hello. I checked its working.

hello, just a pre-purchase inquiry….

are you guys providing support or further developing the plugin, as i saw only few purchaser ???

Hello, for now it`s just me and I do everything! I provide support and the necessary changes.

Hi, Will this go in to inbox or junk ? Mailchimp goes in inboxes, will this plugin do the same?

It depends on your smtp server or your hosting server.

hi, This plugin can auto send New Post to subscribers per day?

And it can work with custom post type, custom fileds?

When I designed this most features were forgotten, including that one. I have many planned updates for this. I don’t have a release date in mind yet.

OK. Hope new version release soon :)

Do you support RTL languages?

It does support those languages. By default you are allowed to read from right to left, about the left to right I didn’t tested.


I am interested with the newsletter creation part of this plugin. Does it creates a page in WP and also export to HTML so I can use the newsletter in my external mail service to send to my list?

Is this compatible with Wordpress 4.0?

The demo page is not working, anywhere I can demo this?


Hello, it does not create a page in WP and currently you cannot export to html. I have alot of plans for it, but will be implemented someday.

I’m assuming development is dead – I go to the Live Preview and all I see is “I am Paulo, a talented freelancer web designer & developer” and a lot of broken images.

Moving on…

heheeh. Its fine, forgot to update the link. I am also thinking on working on it.

Hi there, do ou have any trial plugin with full functionality? I would like to test it before buying it ;)

It needs update. I took out the demo for now.

Will you be updating your script at all?