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can you add another payment option apart from stripe?

Yes there is also a PayPal option included. Stripe and PayPal.

Apart from those 2 payments option, non other can be used?

Can be used development required for that. Which one you want to use. Send me email

Hello, can I add custom items (not features) to the properties? For example, I would need a dropdown currency to choose, so the price would display like this:

$1000 or A$1000

I would like to also have the option to have a field for reference number or notes.


I cannot login to admin. Please provid ethe proper admin login credentials

Someone change the password for admin I have reset it back

You can login to admin now test123

Pre-purchase question: i love this script but how can i install it, any step by step video guide on how to install it on a window server (cpanel)?

hi Here is complete detail.. there is now video guide yet.. follow the installation guide. If you feel problem i will help you out.. thanks

I need to put in Index.php, just working wen I charge what can I do to fix it and make work at

Please review this : Installation On Shared Hostings follow all steps. If you find any problem contact me on my email :

Hi, excuse me. what is the latest version available? regards

Latest mean?

Yes, there is eny revision or version?. Is Fully functional?

Yes it’s fully functional.

When you say “Multilingual (en,sp,fr)” and “MultilCurrency” do you mean the customer can select language and currency. I can not see that on your demo.

What about currency, can the customer change currency?

Yes from admin you can change.

So the site itself (frontend) is only one currency, the customer can not change

Tried live preview, message i received was “This site has been hacked”

It has been fixed. It was due to hosting.

hello nice job what is last version 1.1 ?

All necessary things you can customise yourself.

hello sir can you make rtl sistem when i buy ? if you can in short time i well buy now

I am sorry man. I can add language to same system and design. But for RTL you have to wait for it. In future I will try to add language. Thanks

Is there a way to put tags, line breaks, bold etc on the descriptions? It looks like all code is stripped from the description.

tags option is not available. For description is used editor where you can bold, list things etc

I tried it on “506-Street-Selene” but putting bold had no effect. Can you look at that one and you will see what I mean.

Or alter that so it shows bold and lists things.

I see it. It will be added in next update.. thanks

Couple months ago You promised a update and still nothing, this script not working fine with https and have lot of bugs. I can buy this script… i never used it but from you I can only receive words and promises… sorry NOT RECOMMENDED this script and Seller… :-(

Demo is not working, need to try admin and user..captcha error

Will see and let you know soon thanks

Hi, I have set the captcha please review the admin. Thanks

Demo is not working..

Start Working Thanks

does it handle same location / building? how does it shows on the map?

on the map not yet.. Thanks

new update working with PHP 5.x and you can sort the problem with SSL?

PHP 7 required.. And yes it will work with https. Thanks

hi. add app support? android and ios

thank you. but me need app and script.

me add you in skype


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Use xampp or wamp for testing on local or upload on server. Here is the

Hi Arfa, I bought your Real Estate template. The template I bought doesn’t look like the one I was expected.

The one I received look like this: but the one I was support to get should be this one:

Can please send me the correct template ?

I have also sent a message to your skype.

Thank you

Hi contact me on my email please

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Please contact on my email for any issue.. Thanks

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can you suggest for me please