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Hi I have it working with Stripe! but with Paypal when clicking the DONATE button it goes to /payment but there is no /payment folder in the script… I see a includes/payment folder but when I try to direct to that in the form on home.php it does not work I have “paypal” => ‘1’ and a valid paypal address in the config

In your demo, using Paypal it works and seems to have a /payment folder in the correct location but the package I downloaded does not—thanks.

Please share the website URL & FTP details at support@theemon.com

Hello, do you return any flag for the successful or failed payment? basically, I am planning to use your application for my SaaS product where user will make a payment, once payment is confirmed – my online PHP application will enable user to login and perform other actions in my app.

Hi Dear, Yes we maintain success & failed history even we have different pages for both so you will get complete data of every payment either success or failed.

Theemon, i have requested for support for days and still nothing. Can i get a refund?

http://prntscr.com/c4rqex we can’t access URL. Please allow permission to view it online.

I have uploaded it again. It should open now. donate.kaneshiepresby.org

Also I have sent you ftp details to the directory

Ok Will check that today

Hello I would like to know if I can customize the script to have a set amount for them to donate one time and monthly? As well as being able to select both a time payment a recurring, like a $499 dollars for one month then $49 a month after..Is that possible?

Hi, This is possible with some custom work… if interested to hire our dev then please send email at support@theemon.com for quotation.

The form works well and, though the support is slower than announced on the page, they do respond. Please note that there is a major bug in the form: It has a field for additional information and comments that the user can send, but this field cannot be viewed at all later!

We suggested the solution & we don’t think that any developer even having basic knowledge of PHP will not be able to add that. In emails we are displaying necessary information.

I’m sorry, but this field does not appear in the emails. It doesn’t make any sense that you have a field in the form itself and then you do not receive this information by email or by any means! It’s not about whether a developer can add it themselves or not. It’s about a bug in the form that you created and sell.


Keichi Purchased

Hi, you all installed this script for me and I’d like to get feedback or help fixing this issue. The script is pointing to “mywebsite.com/Script”, when I need it to be showing on “mywebsite.com” instead. I was going to try to fix myself, but I don’t want to mess with it and mess it up.

Also, now that I have purchased a SSL certificate for the donation page, the proper url is now https://mywebsite.com.

Can you advise me on how I can change the script’s landing page to https://mywebsite.com? Thanks

Hi Dear, You need to move all files on root. Then change the URL & document root on configuration.php file. After that using htaccess you can set force redirect to https url.

very nice plugin

Thanks Dear :)

I think am the newest buyer today.. I have uploaded the script to my host directory ../Donation>here all files…..To release my stress pls answer the below with solid information Now as you said, I opened my browser siteURL/Donation/index.php what i saw was just two lines asking for admin and site email but no button to submit.

Second issue is, You have to said to include two files on a site header.. which site? are you talking about your script of my site header path? Include CSS file: Include JS file: and also please explain the below You need to copy all HTML code written under div having class “form-container” in index.php file to your desired web page.

Its not a standalone site, web already exist on the domain so second question is very critical

I have sent you the FTP

Ok assistance received after sending ftp: Below are the rest of the info I can not change after checking all files 1) Payment successful displayed message as * Thanks for your valuable help Your donation was successful. Your commitment to helping in our community is sincerely appreciated* which file contains this echoe success message?

2) The success message received in email is blank but with a heading Your Transaction Detail yet contained no message… What is responsible for this too?

Hello Dear, For technical questions support@theemon.com is best place. You already have ticket id & response from there so please write on the same.

What payment gateway do you use for bank transfers in the script?

Bank transfer is kind of manual where we are displaying account number & other details of your bank account. People can note that account number & transfer money in your account.

i want to know before i buy 1. There are have admin panel or just view transaction history in transaction detail 2. Transaction history save in database or not (Mysql)

1. Only transaction history in transaction detail 2. CSV

Can you help me, i can’t view “View Transaction History” Just a Blank Page..404 Not Found

What should i Do ??

Not sure if mod_rewrite is enabled on your server. Please check with host provider & still any issue please send us FTP & URL at support@theemon.com

Hi, does it support recurring payment with stripe?

HI Dear, No… Recurring with paypal only.

Hi, can your system eorks with 2Checkout?

no this does not work with 2checkout.

  • hello, is there any way I can use this donation form with my Facebook groups and/or FB pages, and/or my own timeline?

Sorry No you can’t use it with FB

hi i am wondering is this script actualy sending a bill to paypal as sale or as donation?basicly how will the tranzaction show in paypal account?

It capture as donation.

ok thank you i will buy it soon

Great (Y)

Anyone have trouble installing this thing? I downloaded the zip file, then unpacked it. No zip file inside to upload to Wordpress. Need help.

HI Dear, It is php script not wp plugin so you can’t install it in WP

So this code can’t be used with a Wordpress site at all? Or it is just used differently? Are there instructions somewhere?

You can use it standalone. You can see documentation attached with files.

Hi. Intereted in the script. Just one thing, in your demo when i choose returring the paypal option goes away. so returring is only available with card payment ?



hello, can I integrate this script easily with a charity website running on wordpress? if yes, about how many minutes or hours will it take to integrate?

oh, nevermind, I just read your replies to the other similar questions. So why does your item description state that this script can be easily integrated with ANY website?

Hi as this is standalone script not any plugin so you can place script anywhere & add link on your website to arrive on this script. Even any developer can use the same script to develop plugin for any opensource.

Hi there,

Could you please provide manual on how to install/run this easy donation form on my Weebly Website?

I do not find any instructions.


There is no plug & play step for weebly. You can place script at any location & do installation. After that you can add link to your weebly website. If you would like direct integration in weebly then please contact any weebly developer for integration.

@alok-theemon Hi.

1. I would like to know if this use Paypal as payment gateway and in wher do I need to out the API key?

2. The demo gets stucked once a pay using paypal, so I dont know if I will be redirected to paypal page or something.

3. The same goes for credit card but time its understandable for obvious security reasons. So using credit card in there what was supposed to be handled once I oress the donate button?

4. does it comes with instructions to make it work using a standard paypal payment gateway? Do you have screens of the result after someone click in donate button using paypal or credit card? I would like to know the result. I know it sends out and email as receipt.

Thank you.

Hi @rexxy003,

1. We are using paypal API so you need to generate & write paypal api credential in configuration file.

2. It is redirecting at paypal for payment there you need to do login & then review & make payment.

3. Credit card is also using paypal & Strip payment gateway so it is completely secure. Our script is not capturing any kind of card details.

4. You can integrate any payment gateway including paypal std. We have thanks page that you can use as success page & yes we are shooting email to buyer & admin after successful payment.

Hi. Thank you very much. Just one more thing.

If the user choose the credit card option and fill in the credit card info, does this info will be forwarded to Paypal in order to process it quickly or the user need to input again the credit card info in Paypal credit card option website (for those who don’t have Paypal account)?

Thank you.

Hi, In case of Credit card API we do not forward customer on Paypal website. Internally API hits the paypal & send us payment status via webservices. We check that & display message accordingly.