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pre buy question. How is banking rtansfer done, i noticed on the demo that clicking on banking tranfer does not give you a place to insert naking details…

You can write your bank details in configuration file. The donar will see that information here as well as via email notification. Doner need to process donation in that bank account.

Hello, we purchased your script and when we are trying to do one paypal donation it says that the requested URL is not found on server, but there is no /payment in what I downloaded. Can you please check it ? or help us with proper installation

Hi, This problem occurs when mon_rewrite is disabled from your apache settings. Please enable it & try.

We have shared FTP details for previous support comment

We resolved the problem. Please check

Awesome bro! Can you explain me how to change PayPal account to put the real one? Thank you very much

Please edit configuration.php there you make live paypal mode & write API credentials.

pre-purchase question…is there a back-end demo? need to confirm if it’s possible to add a drop down to select different payment type. Also, on the back-end stipe offers multiple accounts to accept payment…can you map different type of payment to different accounts?

There is no backend as that is a script. You can see transaction history only.

I am strongly considering buying this plugin to create a donate form on a website. It seems to best the best one out there. One question i have- does it include automatic receipts to the donors? thank you

It send automatic mail to the doners.

This script looks great. I am strongly considering buying it. Can it be added to a wordpress site easily? Thanks

No it’s not a wordpress plugin. It’s php script.

Would you accept adding “Fortumo” mobile payment gateway as a checkout mechanism to the system ? How about other custom development task ?

Hi Dear, we have not explored this payment gateway in past but yes if you would like to hire my team for it’s integration then we can do. Approx R&D & implementation time: 10-12 hours

Thank you ! May I know how to call your team ?

You can write us your detailed requirement at support@theemon.com my team will review & send you quote accordingly

Can I change the ‘donate’ button to a custom name?

Please change it from en.csv file placed under language directory.

Can you add additional fields to the form? I need a “team” dropdown field and a “cheat” dropdown field and have this information stored in the admin area.

Hi, If you are a developer then you can add it easily by modifying some code but if you are expecting this from us then we will charge for these changes. For quotation you can write me at support@theemon.com

Hi , is possible implement another payment option in my country use pagseguro.com.br is like paypal

Hi Dear, Yes it;s possible but we can do this under paid support & you will have to pay us additional from the plugin for this job. For quotation you can write us at alok@theemon.com

Hello, can our developer implement our local Payment Gateway to your login if we purchase it? And are you planning to release a Wordpress plugin soon?


mystikm Purchased

I have only a couple quick and easy questions. I purchased quite a while back, used 1 time, and then did not use again until now. I wanting to use it again for the same project. The file I downloaded does not include the license number. Do I need to enter one in the configuration file? Also, can the custom amount option be easily removed? If so, please comment how. Thank you.


alok-theemon Author Team

Hi, You can download the latest files from your codecanyon account & use that. To delete custom amount textbox please edit home.php file & comment following code:

<input type="text" placeholder="<?php echo CUSTOM; ?>" name="donation-amount" class="inpt-first form-control " id="donation-amount" onclick="if (this.defaultValue==this.value) this.value=''" onblur="if (this.value=='') this.value=this.defaultValue" value="<?php echo CUSTOM;?>"> <input type="hidden" name="donation-amount-value" id="donation-amount-value" value=""/>

mystikm Purchased

Thank you. I did download the latest files today, but didn’t see a license number. It looks like it is not needed. Great about the other. Just the trick. :)