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Does this block ie 6? I didnt see it on the list or does that need to be coded in?

It blocks:

IE (Any version)
IE 7
IE 8

If you want, I can add IE6 . In this case, please tell me. Thank you.

That would be perfect if you can add that…. I’ll purchase this when that is updated.

I submitted right now the new version, and it is in a 10 projects queue. I’ll tell you when the update is online.

Hello again. The item is updated, I added IE 6 & 9.

Thanks will purchase later on today….

Thank you for the observation of missing IE6 & 9. (How could I forget IE 6 , the worst browser in the world :-P).

VERY useful file. Can one add a known IP address?

Hello, thank you for purchasing my item. There is not any option to block by IP Address, but if you want, I can add it.

Get ready for IE10 , lol!

I cannot put IE10 because it’s not a official version yet and the User Agent can be different that the actual versions.

If it possible to block by IP or partial IP address, I would buy this today! Not sure if you ever added this, but I have an interest!

Sorry but is not possible to block IP addresses with this item, but for sure I can add that feature if you want

Thank you

Hi Sourcegeek, Great script but i am having issue with IE it does not block the script when selected in the admin section? Regards Jonathan

Can you be more descriptive about the issue? Please tell me everything via my profile page.

Thank you.

Hello Sourcegeek have you ever added to block by IP address yet? I’m more interested where if a vistor visits and trys to reload the page after their first visit that maybe a Date & Timestamp would appear letting them know they already viewed the page. Is this at all possible ? If it is I would be willing to compensate for some additional work just provide your email and I’ll email you details. Thanks.

Hello. First at all I’m sorry for the late answer.
Now, going to your request: No, at the moment is not possible to block by IP Address, but sure I can do what you want but, as you said, that means adititional work.
Please go to my Profile Page and send me an email.

THank you

Am I missing something? I’m trying to get this to ignore IE 6 – 8 and redirect to another page… just an html page but I’ve tried php pages just in case. Nothing works. It doesn’t block and I’m wondering if I’m missing a step or an update?

Hello. Please read the top of the documentation and send me an email to that address. I found a bug and I’ll send you the fixed code. Thank you

server error on the live demo?

Hello. Error has been fixed, thank you for reporting :)


Can this script redirect visitors to any URL we like based on the browsers? I mean, can we add a different domain url?

Can we add redirections for multiple combinations or only one?

Does this work with multiple pages on a site or only index page.What I mean is i want to redirect specific pages to another page and not the whole site.

Can this script detect mobile visitors and redirect them to another url?

Please confirm


1. Not only based on browsers, you have more options. Yes, you can add a different domain URL.
2. Yes, you can add multiple combinations
3. This works with multiple pages, but the pages “block options” cannot be modified separately. For example the installation consists in a couple of lines that you copy & paste in the files that you execute the block, so all that files will be affected as equal. If you want to modify block options separately, you can install more than one instance of EasyBlock as it doesn’t use MySQL.
4. Yes. It can detect Mobile OS.

I don’t want iPad users to be redirected, but iPhone users has to be redirected, is that possible with your script?

How is going an update?

Are you still doing it?