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You probably not gonna believe it but 24 hours ago I was preying for this!!! hahah, good luck with the sales!

Hahaha. Thanks :P

Does it have alarm sound or just a pop up window on the screen?

Yes! Alarms have a pop up window and alarm sound.

Thanks :)

Here we go, bought it. GLWS Javier!

Thanks you! If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them :)

hi, is a version where we can put our brand/logo on this alarm?

Hi! Currently it isn´t possible to add your own logo. But if you want I can make a specifically version designed with your logo on the alarms! Just buy EasyAlarm and write me a direct message with your logo.

Thanks :)

hey, is the source code included?

No, source code is not included :(

Hello fjaviersantos, it is possible that you highly personalized for me :)? is that it is possible to add a date in over time? (Example: 02/01/2014 and time data from europe) I’m studying network, we can help :)

Thanks in advance

I know what you made this in and I know what you mean the other tool on and your flag ship Exmulatorx since a few years back you came to me for help on that very same tool lol, nice to see these tools on here from that platform, though I think its time you update them make them look more pretty, even make them more windows 8/10 UI friendly what is very possible.

I not going to say what it is your using as since you was able to get apps on here I might give it a try thumbs up bud get some more apps on here :)

Good Product