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Good work Ann.

I would buy this if you fixed the shadow, looks crap in FF and Chrome.

Nice styled elements tho, which we do have a use for.

Good luck with sales

Thanks for your interest.If you don’t like the shadow,you can hidden it by stylesheets, and you can only set .wrap .mapshadow {display:none;}.I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this. Thanks.

Hi, I’m sorry but i’m not very expert with google maps api, could you explain me how to change the address showed in the map. I didn’t understand the help_map file.

Thank you

Thank you for purchasing. When you use the EASY _ADDRESS_LOCATOR, First, you should include two js files in the head html.The two js files is the google map api that is and map.js. Sencond, put the to where you want your map location. Third, update your address info in var opt={...} and MyMapObj.initialize(opt). If you have any questions , please feel free to email ( ). I’d be glad to help you.


Can I display multiple addresses on the same map?

Can multiple maps be displayed on same website or on multiple posts (like for a local business directory site for example)?

A map shows a geographic location . Different maps can be displayed on different html pages. Thanks.


How do we include our location… Could we just input an address, without any geo location? Thinking of implementing this dynamically from a database.


Please reading help documents that write detailed installation step. If you want it dynamically from a database , you can refer to layer-georss and layer-kml-features of google map api v3. Thanks.

can you use a single map with multiple points/locations ?

A map shows a geographic location . Thanks.

Very nice Ann, thank you!

Thanks for your purchase.

have problem when use this address

Latitude 13.743426928035026

Longitude 100.54051807934573

please help

Please look at the compressed package.

Find the folder of HELP , look at the HELP _Easy_ Address Locator.html or the HELP _Easy Address _Locator.txt

According to the help document, step by step.

When you write down the step 5, you can follow this code.

eg: var opt = {map:{x:100.540518079345737,y:13.743426928035026,zoom:15},info:{title:”Contact Information”,pic:””,text:”Addr : address City ,Country
Tel : 800-123-123
Email :”},icon:{img:””}}; MyMapObj.initialize(opt);

x is Longitude y is Latitude

I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this.

Thanks. can use now , maybe miss mark

That’s good.

Hello! Say me please, can I do with your product next things: User go to my site and search “Apple iPhone 4S”, on his location open google maps and show stores near 10 km, that have each phone with prices. User click “route” to one of store and go to it. But if he find “Samsung Galaxy S II ”, he see stores with it. (I need dynamic description of markers on map). I have MySQL base with stores, product, prices. Can I do it?

Your idea looks very nice. I think the stores’ geographic coordinate should be in your MySQL base. And my product is base on Google Maps JavaScript API V3 .And you can show your product and prices in the info can also guide to the store and use the different market icons with different stores.But my product is a simple show. You hope complex function should be developed yourself.

Hello there, I did all you say and nothing appears. I put styles, js and the mapbox div but it’s just like I did nothing ? Is it because of the google map address ?


First step,you should add two script to the head HTML . 1) 2)js/map.min.js

Second step,add map container to the body HTML

Third step,put initialization codes to the bottom of the body HTML <script type=”text/javascript”> var opt = {mapContainer:’mapbox’,mapInfo: [{map: {x: -117.902447,y: 36.617922},info: {title: “Contact Information”,pic: “”,text: “Addr : address City ,Country
Tel : 800-123-123
Email :“},icon: {img: “”}}],mapZoom: “6”}; var map1=new ajMap(opt); map1.init(); </script> you should know your latitude and longitude.

Have I answered your question, or I misunderstand it? Regards,Ann


Can the map be re-sized?

My client’s location is badly located on Google map and shame, these so-called expert “members” or re-viewers have not allowed for the removal.

Can I add the exact location from yours (your script) ?


The map can be re-sized in Easy_ Address _Locator. Your can change the parameter “mapZoom”. And you can add the exact location that is Latitude and Longitude. Your exact location will show on the map.



Can I remove the email fields and just add the site map?

As I already have a more elaborate Formmail on my page

The email fields can be removed. You should fill in the other content. Please note the format. You should refer to the help file of the Easy_ Address _Locator.


Can Latitude and Longitude be added? As the address is a tricky one and does not show well, compared to Coordinates which gives the exact location of the Marker

Thanks, meanwhile, looking forward to hear from you and with regard to my previous queries sent earlier above.

You should check your location‘s latitude and longitude . Or you can tell me you want to show the location, I’ll help you to do it.


Just bought your script. Is it possible to disable the mouse scroll-wheel scaling in the Map?

Yes,you can control the mouse scroll-wheel scaling in the Map.First step, you find the folder “js” in the folder “DEMO”. Second step,you should find the map.js in the folder “js”.Third step,you will modify the codes var myOption={ zoom:mapZoom, center:myLatlng, mapTypeId:google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP } to var myOption={ zoom:mapZoom, center:myLatlng, scrollwheel: false, mapTypeId:google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP }

That’s all.



Hi, I’m Brazilian.

How much do you charge to install EASY _ADDRESS_LOCATOR in I need it urgently, help-me please, rs. Thank you

I‘m free to help you install EASY _ADDRESS_LOCATOR .Please you detailly describe your function.And you can also email to me.My email is

Hello Ann et Thank you for your work. But I have a little problem If many markers are very close and I show a element “mapwrap”, It appears behind markers. I tried to change z-index of malwrap but it don’t work. Thanks for your help Marco

Sorry. The control that the sequence of layer in z-index is google map. We don’t control the sequence.

Ok Thank you