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Hello! 1. Failed to validate in the Yandex Webmaster service. Screenshot – 2. Why are the main (and other) pages listed without a domain name?

Hi sir, that adds as relative paths, sir please write to support email, they wil fix that wery quick. Regards!!!!

Thanks for solving my problem! great product.

Thank you sir!!!

can i see a demo ?

hi sir, it works as shown in the video

Thank you for nice product, but i wonder is it possible to make a few site map because if the page over 5000 still writing on same document , as far as i know over 5000 is not suggessted, is there a way divide them ? thank you

hi sir, now it inpossible to do, but we will work on it and soon will come update with that feature

Ok thank youi love your software and it realy help me alot… i was tired of checking website which creats site maps… But your software is amazing… One of the usefull tool i purchased here. Thank you so much and hope, i see the update also soon….

Thank you, Sir!!!

i will get source code or only exe file?

only program

hello, what is priorty when creating site map ? i see many option…

hi sit, you can set priority from dropdown menu

can i add site map to google ?

sitemap generated but when add to google General HTTP error We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit.

please send us your sitemap generated by soft

please check your message

I have a web site and I have error on any site map if I buy this pluguien you think on search console don’t give the error thanks

Ok let’s buy the pluguien and if don’t work I let you know what up

Y buy the software and wen i put on search console give at error please help me thanks

can you send to support email result and screens?

not working with incorrect hardware ID please contact seller

send your purchase code to support we will reset your hwid

can i get my money back this not work

yes of cource, but if you write to support email we will tray to fix it


cbp70 Purchased

i sent my purchase code days ago and still hasnt been reset ?

your hwid was reseted

hi, when you will update ? it ask always purchased code….....


haneefp Purchased

it says sitemap created after crawling pages but i cant see any sitemap page where the site map is- tried 2-3 times its the same- i cant see any sitemap page.

sitemap will created in program directory

the program asked me to reset the hardware ID !!! from day one when I bought it I faced problem with your purchase code security, and when I need it urgently your program not support me “I know you secure your product, but we bought it and need it to work everytime !!!! I send the purchase code to you,

we not find your message write here your purchase code first 4 words and last 5 words we will reset it


Hi sir, sorry for late, your HWID was reseted

Hello, can I embed this on my website for customers to use?

Hi, no sir it for one licence


dosome Purchased


Can I crawl short URLs?

Can I crawl long pages?

Can I crawl subdomains?


dosome Purchased

If I don’t have these features, can I customize them?

Where can I download the generated sitemap?

hi sir, your sitemap appears in program dirrectory


dosome Purchased


Can I crawl short URLs?

Can I crawl long pages?

Can I crawl subdomains?

If I don’t have these features, can I customize them?

You have te app, did you try to crawl short url? did you try to crawl long pages? did you try to crawl subdomains?


dosome Purchased

Yes, I tried several things like what I asked.

But it doesn’t seem to work.

sitemap will be in app folder

hi i am looking for a sitemap i can add to the admin of my site can i do this with yours and how many sites can i add it to, if i can send me a message in skype to dj42210 add me if your item will work for me then i can buy from you.

hi, how many site you want you can make, the program generates sitemap file you can add it