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Nice work! GLWS :)

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Amazing Work! Congratulations! Nice Work & Good Luck With Sale :)

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Excellent Work – DCSF

Thank you!

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

fantastic work, nice ! I wish you big sales for the week ;)

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hello, presale.. can i set shipping for each product in productpage without making zones?

Hi. Yes, you don’t need to create zones if you don’t need them. It will be used “default” zone.

ps. don’t hesitate to ask if any other questions…

presales question : aside from per product shipping pricing, could there be shipping cost for additional items for that same product ?

I’m not sure I’ve understood your question correctly. If you set shipping cost per product $5 then shipping of 2 same products will cost $10, 3 products – $15, so on. Does it answer your question?

Sorry if I was not clear. My situation for example is for product 1, first order is $10 and additional product 1 in the same order is $2 each. But on product 2, $5 first item and $2 additional item in the same order. Is that possible ? Thanks

It seems you need combination of per product shipping rate and shipping rate based on quantity of products. So your shipping is unique for each product but also depends on number of purchased items of the same product. This plugin doesn’t support this functionality. Plugin can be customized as per request though. You may contact me for quote via

Pre-Sales Question

i want to know if your plugin can handles this

Products-A can be shipped to particular countries for free. why some countries will be force to pay for shipping on the same Products-A with different shipping rates for each country.

Current version doesn’t allow to do this. Next version that will be submitted this week we’ll have posibility to set free shipping in shipping section of product

We’ve updated plugin. New version allows to set 0 price for any country

Hi there,

That’s great!

I’ve added your plugin link to our WooBeginner site (the free WooCommerce resource site for Beginners) so that our users can more easily find you.

You can check it here:


Oh, great. Thank you!

I really need this plugin. Will it be compatible with woocommerce 3.0.x ? Thank you.

Yes, it should be compatible.

Plugin allows to specify 1 price for shipping for specified region/zone. I.e. it doesn’t specify different shipping methods inside each product.

Hello again You have a plugin that gives Three types of shipping per product Thanks

Hi. Per product shipping allows to define only 1 shipping price per product.

I just paid for but my version is 4.7.6 and does not show up ad the backend, what can we do?

Hi Transam7. Thank you for purchase and contacting me. It should work fine with 4.7.6. Have you enabled shipping method in woocommerce settings->shipping->per product shipping (link something like ? After that, do you see “Default per product price” in shipping section of product? If problem still occurs please send me wp-admin access to for fast check. Volodymyr.

Does your plugin allow me to have products at checkout the have free shipping and …for example…Ground Shipping from FedEx?

I need customers to be able to purchase item A which has Free shipping and item B which has ground shipping costs in the same cart.

I don’t need them in the same package/box, but I just need to allow the mixed option of shipping @ checkout. Does your plugin support this?

“Does your plugin support this?” We’re working on this feature, but now it’s allowed to use only one shipping method so it won’t work like you’ve described.

Does this plugin allow to set different prices for different variations of 1 product?

Can that option be added?

Probably in the next versions.

Pre-Sales Question

1) does this work with WP ALL IMPORT plugin to import shipping cost? 2) does this work with Woo-Commerce Product feed or any other product feeds? 3) how this valued get stored in database?


It’s not tested with wp all import or product feed. Values are stored in post meta tables

Hi, pre sales question. How does the plugin handle shipping with standard woocommerce. For example I have set the item with no shipping class, but in default woocommerce I must set a zone for other items in my store that have free shipping, in this zone I must list the cost for “no shipping zone” which is what the item cost is listed with. So when I get to checkout there are two shipping methods displayed instead of just one while i am using another plugin similiar to yours. So why can’t it just use the highest price shipping to be displayed instead of displaying two methods. I don’t want to go and edit 12,000 products now and enter $0 for the free shipping items, it will increase the table size… and also not ideal for time. Lastly, can your plugin handle postcode ranges and not just one static post code in the fields?

Hi Aaron.

This plugin will work in similar way you’ve described. I.e. it’s separate method that will be used for all products in the cart if selected. You can’t define price only for specific product. It’s standard woocommerce functionality. Postcodes are not supported.

Thanks. Volodymyr.

Ok, here’s my issue. For some reason it is showing both the flat rate shipping method I am using for the global and the cheaper option is also showing. Any way to only show one on this product? Thank you.

Here is the screenshot:

How can I go about getting just one shipping method to show on the smaller products?

Thank you!

Hi, I’ve answered via e-mail.

Hi, can this plugin enable me to have a flat shipping cost of £2.99 for a product but there will additional cost of increment of £0.99 for every order additional item for buyer within UK but for international buyer the shipping will be flat shipping cost of £5.99 additional cost of increment of £2.99 for every order additional item, Please is this possible and straight forward? Thanks

PS. as far as I remember UK is defined GB in woocommerce.

Yes UK is GB in woocommerce. Please where do I get the link for the demo page. Thanks