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Can the calculator be shown on a single product page?

No, plugin shows shipping price in standard woocommerce way – on cart and checkout.

Hi I have a question for you though it is to hard to explain by typing so I have made a video. Can you please watch this video and let me know how I can do this.



Hi. Please contact me via support form:

I have this requirement can you let me know can you do it in your plugin.I have four shipping zones. each zone has its own city. I already edited the woocommerce to support cities instead of postcodes in the shipping zone setting.Now I want to able to add shipping cost for each zone per product.For example, Product X will have shipping price as, Zone A for 10, Zone B for 23, Zone C for 27. Zone D for 30.

Hi. Plugin allows to define only country, state/province on the product page. I.e. it doesn’t take in account zones defined in woocommerce settings…probably good idea to add in the next releases.

When I can expect this feature?

It’s not planned yet.


Your plugin interrest me.

I have 2200 product with differrent shipping cost. With your plugin is there a way to import the price for my 2200 products ? I have a CSV file. Maybe I can do this in database ?


Hi. Unfortunately plugin doesn’t allow to import settings. It’s possible to do via database though it can be done by programmer only that understands how woocommerce works.

Hi, thanks for your reply ! If I buy your plugin do you think you can give me the direction for the import into database ? I have some notions in SQL :-)

It uses common woocommerce approach for storing product details. Regarding directions… it may take hours to explain how it should be done. If you like we can create import tool, it will take 6 hours and our hour rate – $25/hour.


Angelo7 Purchased

Hi, We are interested in buying this plugin, but first we want to know if it was possible to realize what we need. We sell exclusively in Italy and would like to set a price for each individual region, is it possible?

Hi. Please be sure you’re using 2 letters for defining provinces as per woocommerce requirements. Here is list in case you need it:

Let me know if it’s helped.


Angelo7 Purchased

Thank you very much, now it’s working very well! Best regards

Great! Don’t hesitate to contact me if any further questions.

presale question. 1. Can I incorporate this into the shopping cart so that the cart will calculate the rate? 2. Can this calculate by km, weight, kind of vehicle for different rates per option? 3. Google API will calculate the distance? 4. Scheduling of pick and delivery?

Hi Hindipogi, unfortunatele this plugin doesn’t have described functionality.

Hello, I want to know if this plugin work for combined shipping. I want to charge a base price of 6$ of shipping per item, but if the buyer decide to buy another item I want to charge 0’50$ per item additional. Let me know please, thank you!

Yes, we’ve prepared fresh version to update in close 1-2 weeks

Hello, we installed the plugin and follow the instructions in the documents, but when we test the items in the cart it don’t work correctly with what we want. we want to make a combined shipping charging 0’50 € per item extra, and we can’t see how to add it correctly. Can you help us please?

Please contact me via support page as we’ll need access to check issue

further explain to me about this activity, I would love to turn on and off shipping methods for each given product, ship separately for each product and disable shipping methods. Other switch, use for 1 country only

wish to specify separate shipping for each product and disable other deliveries, including the local shipping plugin

Hi. Using this plugin you may specify shipping for every product. Though plugin doesn’t disable other plugins. E.g. if you have UPS installed and activated then you’ll see UPS and our shipping method shown on shopping cart. So customer will have possibility to select. Though our plugin may act as “addon” price – it will just add price for product shipping to common shipping cost defined by another method.

Hello!! Hope you are well! I see no update since 1 year… still up to date? Thanks!