Discussion on Easy Wheel - Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune

Discussion on Easy Wheel - Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune

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Can the wheel be made to open on click action, from some image or link, as a popup, responsively?

Also can it be connected with subcscribe to spin, with mailchimp or any other, with checking if there is such email etc …

If not, is it allowed to modify the code etc?

Hi there! Regarding your first question about opening the wheel on a click action, it is indeed possible to integrate the wheel inside a modal or popup. When you click the button or perform an action to open the modal or popup, you will be able to see the wheel inside it.

As for your second question, if you are unsure about the scripts required to integrate other scripts with our plugin, it usually depends on the callbacks or actions provided by the other apps. In some cases, you might need to make customizations to ensure compatibility.

Finally, for your last question, it is indeed possible to modify our plugin to add new features or make it compatible with other apps or custom actions and events. Customizations can be made to suit your specific requirements.

Let me know if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

can i make the wheel choose about 50 names or more, and still allowing me the option to pick the name, also can i show the wheel only with spin button and the rest as a dashboard or hidden menu. also will this run on android or only computer?

Yes you can do all of this, the wheel can be used in any browser, android, ios, linux, windows, any browser in any operating system.

Please send me the demo link to test it

you can check demo and builder in game Live preview page

Can I use this wheel to trig a function on server side?

Thankyou so much

Is there any way to manipulate the result from server side to prevent cheating, for example?

yes using ajax, you can let user play the game from frontend and getting results from server for example: when user click spin button: run ajax script -> ajax script will send data from front end to server -> server will read the data and will generate results based to data sent from frontend -> server will send results to frontend (client side) -> frontend ajax callback will handle the results and will give it to wheel start method -> wheel will spin to the target based to results given by ajax callback.

Hey bud. Tell me, I am wondering where you copy and paste the code generated from the builder? I am quite new to all of this, so, please be patient. I cant figure it out using the documentation

Hi there,

thankyou for purchasing my product,

please go to the compressed file you have downloaded and inside you will find demo folder,

inside this folder you will find other folder with name ‘html’,

inside this folder you will find js file with name ‘scripts’,

open this file with any code editor, then remove script codes starting from line 3 to line 54,

then copy the code generated from builder and paste in same scripts file,

replace old removed codes with your generated codes from builder, then change classname from ’”.easyWheel”’ to ”.easywheel”, save changes and open index.html file inside ‘html’ folder,

you will see your generated code works,

then you can edit html file to remove buttons that you dont need,

if you see this is complicated, then you can back to me,

I provide paid customization services,

Best Regards.

halo did you have html5 version of this?

Hello Sellindion, this is already html 5 version built using javascript and styled using css

Hi, how can you use this in an angular 11 app?

Hello itzikgili, thankyou for asking, please follow the instructions in documentation included in scrimt download files or online from this link :

if still you need help please contact us on skype: , we will be happy to help you.

Hi. I’ve purchased this and set it up fine. I was told by visitors that on ios they cannot hear the audio “ticking” sound when the wheel spins. The sound works fine on android and desktop, just not ios. Wold I be able to get hep with that?

hello Plexcess, Thankyou for contacting us, for the ios issue you will need to check safari permissions to allow audio running from javascript code, it is not related to our plugin. I hope this information is helpfull, thankyou.

what is the difference with Super Wheel – Super Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune?

Hello Marcos, Super wheel is Better for CPU and Mobile Battery Performance, also it have easy parameters.

Great work. thank you.

Thankyou very much

This is a great product, but there is no call to action. If you win then what happens? You might want to tight to an email. For isntance, if you send an email and nclusde a link to this page and if you win, send teh resutls to the email with the prize. how can it be done?

This Plugin has callback returning with the results set on started spin, using the callback you can integrate it with other plugins like popup or any other javascript code. So you can use Callback to send email or to do anything under it.

Very nice congratulations!

Thankyou Verymuch

Can I implement it on WordPress? If yes, how?

Yes you can use it in wordpress, but this plugin is not a wordpress plugin, this is Javascript code, so you need to have php and wordpress knowledge to use it with wordpress. Thankyou

You are Welcome!

How do I set the probability? (easyWheel)

Please Follow the Documentation, Thankyou

Cool :) Well appreciated… Cheers!!!


Hello. Can this plugin to be adapted on Vue.Js template system?

Hello, Yes this plugin is running in frontend and can be used in any frontend integrations both from server or frontend, but the plugin running in client side only, so yes it works well with Vue.js, Note: Iprefer to use Super Wheel lugin beceause it is more controllable and more easy to customise, Best Regards

can i add images to the wheel? so it will be images spinning instead of text and what about changing the look of the wheel itself. like a wooden wheel?

Hi dg Shopper, I prefer to purchase super wheel instead it supports images better than Easy wheel, for changing look the wheel is supporting only html styles, if you want to change the wheel background then you will need to customize the plugin files. Super Wheel Link :

How do I send information from php except for winners function, such as checking that I’m not logged in?

Hi there,

this is a customization service, you need to find a developer for hourly or fixed work, you can find them in Envato Studio, or you can use our customization services by contacting us in skype :

Best Regards

Any chance to change the winning number without ajax each roll? cuz i get it from websocket

Hello, I’m really sorry for the delayed response, normally this version of wheel not working with websocket, you need to purchase the super wheel version, the difference is that super wheel have feature to start the wheeel spinnig after getting value from event or ajax or websocket, but easy wheel supporting only on init parameters, Best Regards, 22Codes

GYH4R6 :)

Thankyou for purchasing our product, I hope you Enjoy using our plugin, Best Regards.

will that be possible to have the wheel by using image?

Hii erminlai, our Wheel not supporting background image in slices but supporting item images, if you want to use background images then you will need to add javascript codes to callback and some css styles, Best Regards 22Codes Team.


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