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Great plugin. Used to work fine, but problems with WP 3.5 and my theme. Most of it works fine, but the note text that is entered does not save or display. I receive an email with the date and other metadata of the note, but without the content added by the client. Also the note doesn’t display where clicked, and they all cluster up at the top center of the page.

I understand that WP changes its core very regularly making plugin development a constant fight against the tide, but could you tell me if you are aware of these issues, and when we can likely expect a new version that takes account of this?

Many thanks.

Hi bali50,

This should be an easy fix. Please send through a support ticket http://dtbaker.net/support-ticket.html with the version number of the plugin you are using. If you can provide some temporary WP login details as well we can investigate and resolve the problem quicker.


Hey mate ,

this is simply an awesome plugin. i havent checked it throughly though but it seems working fine with latest 3.5.1 .

is there a way to provide a set number of changes to client rather than on monthly basis.

Hi, this plugin seems like one great product :) However, i would really like to translate all text into danish, at least all text viewed by my customers… is this feature possible yet? Best regards René

Hi Are you aware the demo is not available?

Cheers, still in the progress of moving everything to a new server. Should be back up and running tomorrow.

Should be working again now. Let me know if it doesn’t automatically login and start the tour.

Broke after we updated Wordpress to 3.6 :(

We rely heavily on this plugin, probably the most important one we have.

Please update it soon so it will work with the Wordpress to 3.6 release.



Thanks for letting me know. I have updated the live demo to 3.6 and can see it is not working either: http://change-request-wordpress-plugin.dtbaker.net/

Once updated I will post back here.

Please download the plugin again, it should work with 3.6 now.

...So does it work on WP 3.6 yet? I’d like to buy it…

Also, I’m concerned that this plugin can mess up the site/theme/layout/other plugins leading the site tester to report false bugs/glitches etc. Can you explain a little bit about how the plugin works? Is the above scenario possible? Are there any known incompabilities?


Ok, just read your announcement below and I’m buying your plugin :)

I’m using bugherd.com today and I’ve always thought that their pricing plan is too expensive for just casual bug/change tracking.

What I really like to see in your plugin in the future, is the option to just display small non-intrusive bullets or a small graphics representation of the “post-it” and when hovering it will expand. In early stage website development it is easy to cover up other things that maybe needs change under the minimized”post-its” as they are today.

Also, without reading the docs, do the admin choose which users have access to the change request?

Do they need a specific WP user role?

Do all those users see each others requests or just their own?

Is the admin the only user who sees the dashboard info and can manage the requests?


Yep only users with the “manage_options” ability can administer all change requests. Other users can only see their own change requests.

Send through a support request or forum post ( http://dtbaker.net/forum/change-request-wordpress-plugin/ ) with any feature requests after install and we can track them there.

Ok, thanks. Have posted to your forum.

WordPress 3.6 now supported


Please use the dedicated item support area located here:


This discussion area is mostly unmonitored.


Hi! Im about to purchase UCM Pro but before I do I have a few questions I hope you are so kind to answer for me.

I know UCM Pro comes with the change request feature included. But do I also I need to purchase Easy Website Change Request Plugin for wordpress? if so, one license per client, right?

And does it link with the UCM, meaning will I see the requests made inside the UCM platform???

You can just use UCM. The WordPress plugin is something separate that won’t work with UCM. If you use ucm then all customer changes will appear in ucm, but they won’t appear in WordPress back end (hope that makes sense)

would i recieve the email notification when the person sends request a change… also is the wordpress plugin supportive with 3.8?

Yes and yes. Send in a support ticket if you run into any issues and we’ll sort it out.


This looks promissing, however, is this plugin translatable? I need somethink like this to make it as easy as possible to het me to manage their website, but having this tool in anything other than their native language (Dutch) kind of defies the purpose…

Hope there’s a way to get this set up in Dutch!

Hello, my other item UCM pro has this feature built into it, and it is very easy to translate. I’m not sure how easy this particular item is to translate, I can haven’t looked at it for a while.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Do I onderstand it correctly if you mean this stand alone plugin is not translatable, but as part of UCM Pro it is? Or do you mean that UCM Pro is translatable but you don’t know if this particular part of it is translatable as well?

I need to know in advance, as it will simply not be of any use to me when it’s not translatable :-/


Easy Website Change Request Plugin = I don’t know if everything is translatable. You may have to edit some of the PHP code.

UCM Pro = everything is translatable.


Has this plugin been abandoned? WordPress is up to 4.2 and this plugin has not been updated since 2013. Not enough sales?

I love UCM and thought that the change request for WP was a great idea.

Has this plugin been tested on WP 4.1 or 4.2?

Should work fine in latest wp, demo is running latest

Just wanted to see if this plugin is still supported before purchasing.

Pretty sure it still works. I saw someone using it the other day.

I was wondering when the next update for this plugin might be coming out. It is a wonderful plugin and my client loves it, but I see it hasn’t been updated since 2013 and it is keeping me from renewing my license. I also find it slows my installation a bit. I have clients that are wanting me to install it on multiple sites now – but I’d like a more updated version before I do this. I am also curious if you have a developer version as well.

There are no planned updates at the moment as everything is working well and people are still using it without issues.

This is a pre-sale questions,

A bit confused? when you mention allow customers to change/alternate? Are you talking about customers on their own website but you the developer to allow or disallow them?

You also said, If sales go well I plan on putting more options into the plugin to control who can see/make changes based on the role etc. Do you mean like it will have a membership feature? i.e. silver members can’t change, but premium members can? If not, then how to you charge them? Send check, send paypal ?

Please explain in better details advise before buy, Thanks

Does this plugin still work?