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Hello I have a view questions befor I buy it:

- When I search google there are 15 results but when I type “What is Google ?” there are zero. Is it possible to edit it so when there is the Word “ex. Google” in it it shows the results.?

- Why dose it not get images from the sites ?


01. What is google, the keyword, whole not found, but the google is found. This search finds whole word. That’s why it shows zero results. But if you want that way you can, or may help you to split words and search.

02. Image size limitation or some issue with img tags may be, img tags shold have alt tag value to grab it. Anyway image crawling has a update planed. And it will be in next update.

hello, how to update this scripts on my website ?

Refer to documentation. If you face any issue send me support message. I will help you.

Great script! Congratulations.

Question for you: any ETA on the next update that’ll include the ranking system? Also, are there any details on how the ranking system will work?


I have tested this in few server, linux unix. Fast CGI. This script has two versions one for php4 or 5. Other is for PHP 7.

Thank you :)!

I want to buy your search engine but I have few questions, 1) Will it crawl and index all website as same as google do? 2) how will it crawl a website that use “load More” button or infinite loading system. 3) some website use special characters in there URL like ✓, ~, @ etc using by codecanyon, upwork.com and my own site respectively.. Can your script crawl and index these type of characters? 4) How much it may take to crawl and index youtube.com and wikipedia.com


No problem my friend. You can ask any question. You can even send a email to my email premsirinelliwinne@gmail.com

Q1: Yes but it will not override Maximum Page or URL Limit per Link at settings. If you have put setting to crawl maximum 20 pages, only 1st 20 will crawl. But you can make this limit as much as you want.

Q2: Well again it will depends on your server speed, response speed of that time.com. Generally it takes like 30 seconds plus to crawl a page But in this script you can start run and the script will do the rest.

Q3: Well it’s manual yet, Anyway recrawling will be answered in future updates for CRON job URL. Also please note that whenever user is viewing that page, system will automatically crawl that page. So you need to crawl only for adding new links from sites(s), not for updating contents.

Cool, Last question. Can it crawl all the product listed on http://amazon.com or http://flipkart.com or http://ebay.com? please do visit all the sites before answering because its pretty important to me. Thanks

Well Yes but not a once, I recommend you to create sitemaps using https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ and host it somewhere in you web and link it to engine. Then most of them you can grab. Also if they gives us a xmlsitemps, you can. Because engine crawls only links at a page you can find in a source code. Most probably you can get links categorywise and submit them, then most of them will crawl.

HI from spain, I manage a travel website that fetch data from other services, like affiliate, and push this data on my subdomains, its about a lot of records between all acomodation tipes and so on… Can this script help me integrate such way that brings that data on my own way? thanks

Well, to answer this I need to understand what do you mean “my own way”. Better to if you can send me email with your idea in specific information to my email premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com

Anyway, FYI, what this script does is grab data in title, description meta tag, keyword meta tag and body content as texts to a database (to four columns).

Can you help me with my problem.

But if you want that way you can, or may help you to split words and search.

and is it possible to get more contetn ? (>500 Maximum Body Character) Thanks!

Please send me support message

Does it have Google API ? i need Grabbing from them before i buy it. thanks

Nope. This is stand alone seach engine. You neex to sumbit links and run crawling to associate data.

hi, i like your script! so much… im ready to buy, but i want to know the future of the script… 1) Advertising System in a future?... 2)amazon storage integration?...3)Allow activate and deactivate infinite scroll for images? SUGGESTION 1: possible integration with other search engines (Please check this option: http://www.inoutscripts.com/demo/inout-search-engine/demo/) in admin panel, not use api, SUGGESTION 2: check this option to make ads: http://www.maianads.com/ ! SUGGESTION 3: Allow manage the menu links in the admin panel…great job!

Thank you for interest in my script.

1. For advertising, actually this script is written in very simple way and bootstrap based. There are some good sample pages too. If you have some good idea, I will definitely consider them in future updates.

2. Well, if Amazon has API, I can integrate your store as a Custom Service for very fair price.

3. That’s a good idea and I will think of some ajax function to do this.

Sugg. 1. Well, my script is stand along search engine so I never thought of doing such a integration.

Sugg. 2. Anyone can integrate any advertising script to his page in this script. I developed this script keep in mind that everyone need to customize for custom needs for their needs.

Sugg 3. We do not need such a option since it’s just html bootstrap based menu. Any one who know HTML can do that.

Thank you

No ranking system :( and scheduled at last position.

Does it not support yoast sitemap example.com/sitemap_index.xml ?

again error of mode security i think. when visiting this page so getting error 403 http://example.com/admin/admin-data.php?q=https://crawleddomainurl.co.uk

Supported site map format is mentioned in documentation and product description. for this 403. send me a support email.

Hello just buy a script have problem crawaling images not even 1 image works…

Get the latest update please. If something please send me a support message

Hi, I want to crawl and store info of only the home page of a site ( no internal link crawl ) and then crawl all external links from that site and so on… more like an automatic spider that will store only home page. Will it be easy to change the code? Thanks.

Yes. That’s called Spider Mode. When you add a site to the list, it asks you to activate spider mode. If the spider mode is on, all the external links will be crawled. If you need to add home page only from those sites, that we need to do some modification to the crawler as I said earlier. Thanks.

Great, thanks for the support!

You’re welcome.


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Hi, i buy this script today. İt is very nice. But i want to ask some question for my site. i will sent mail. Thank you again

Great. I will reply soon

how can i edit the look and feel, is their a template?

found it, but I have another question, can I add more weight to a url? if I want it to have better result in the search?

Explain more. Send me a support message please.

can I add more weight to a url? if I want it to have better result in the search?

What do you mean better result. Can you explain more in details.

can i make my own url come up better on the search, push it to the top

I can do that. To discuss how to please Send me email to premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com