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Hey Script seems lovely but images part does not seem to work properly Also can i get categories system like Web,Images + Shopping + Adult + News and i categorized links for each category ?

what do you mean “seem to work properly”?

The category system is a good suggestion, since these are taken from other websites when sites are crawled, how can we figure out a category? One thing we can do is let the admin to categorize images, otherwise not option. Anyway good idea. I will think of it in next updates. Thanks.


Can you tell us when the next update will come ? :)

Thanks, have a nice day!

Well. Hardly busy these days. Anyway I will do my best to launch next update ASAP.

Hello my Friend, I noticed that you are not working redirect transliteration
(E.g. афсуищщл = > Facebook), It does not translate into a finding the right and continues to look for opswiss. I hope you will be able to solve this problem. And by the way can help with the design if that write me.

Took the friendship))) You did not understand me for example in google there is a function when I want to find facebook but accidentally entered in the search string афсуищщл he give a search on Facebook and not on афсуищщл. Also if there are other appropriate answers then it’s just a button Perhaps you meant: __=)

I’m already almost solved this problem by equating Let’s move on to facebook


The crawler wont find anything :S

Please send me a support message using support tab above with some screenshots or a link to check the issue

I’m getting HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently trying to crawl my sitemap, any ideas

Send me support message with feq links to try to crawl. This may occur due to few reasons.

Hello! the version I got after purchase is still the v3 and not the updated v4. How can I get the v4 ?

The latest version is uptodate now. See the last update date at the product page. if the zip file name is “Package V15”. that is the latest version (15th update)

Sir, thanks for the quick reply. The admin panel interface is very different from the one in the demo and shows v3

I sent you email

Thank you nelliwinne for new update, Can you please also add changelog of new version.

Can i hide “url submit” menu?

I want to create a special search engine for my website listing. Does this script support for that?

Thx for help sir

Yes. You can edit anything in interface. It’s just bootstrap based interface and easy to understand. If you cannot do that too. I can help you how to do that after your purchase.

Please, I want to know if you got my message because I cannot login to the admin and latest Crawling is not function properly and top search. please help thanks

I got your meassage. Please follow the instrctions at documentation. Do not worry. I will help you by email

Will this search images frim any site and store them locally?

Thank you

What it does is Getting the images from sites as URL and manipulate then to crop for thumbnails. But it does not save images locally.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I really only need to utilize the Photos/Images part of this setup. I don’t have any use for regular searches, I need it just for image searches.

So is the image search part of this setup working 100%?

Thank you again

Yes. It’s working. You can check using the demo. If you need to insert images to a folder, that also possible with some small modifications. Once you purchase and if you face any issue, just send me a support message. I will be there.

when I add a URL and crawl it, most times it comes back with 0 Links, sometimes it comes back with LInks but most time 0 Links, I’ve tried everything what can I do?

It might be because the pages crawled has not enough meta tags and contents. Also if the page is ajax loaded page.

Anyway please send me a support message using Support tab above with few links to investigate the issue.

I have been looking like this for a while, I want to make a news engine, Let’s say i add site like “cnn.com, will it crawl their new articles?? For example when they publsh a new article it should get indexed right? And what about search quires, can I see what ppl are looking for?

Sorry for delay in reply

Well this can be used to do that but better way is to use their RSS. Please send me a support message using above support tab. I need your full requirement.

There is a full functional escript of the web that sells without errors, because I give Run Crawling and it leaves 0 links and it does not appear in the database, and they can send me a tutorial as it works the map site in its web xq try with a web equal 0 Links. And in the sector images does not work you can not see the image.

que solamente se introduzca el dominio para agregar en vez de una barra de selección. porque si se agregan mil dominio una gran barra aparecerá para seleccionar el dominio. Mejor introducirlo en vez de buscarlo

es que ando viendo para que los usuarios se registren hacerlo y quisiera esa función enlaces personalizados y que aparezca si el dominio esta activado, ya que cambie la presentación de la pagina.

Este script es administrar un motor de búsqueda por un administrador. Lo que los usuarios pueden hacer es enviar URLs / Sitios al sistema. Así que el administrador puede ejecutar el rastreo. Entonces todos los acoplamientos serán asociados al motor. Lo que necesitas es enviar sitios usando front end o backend (como administrador) y luego ejecutar rastreo. El resto será manejado por el rastreador. Siento que aún no has entendido cómo funciona. Lea primero la documentación.

Is it possible search text in file like MS Word, Excel, PDF, csv?

PDF is already implemented. but word excel and csv.