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hello, Can you configure it to only index the page you enter in submit url, and not all the sub-pages that you currently add? How is that configured?

Yes. There are some settings you can configure.

See this.


perfect, where is in settings?

For XML, you just need to submit your XML sitemap URL. The documentation will have sample of the XML which will support this search engine.

Hi I would like to buy the script. I have one question, Do you have to use Bootstrap to intergrate the search engine into your website?

Yes. Search script’s front end is based on bootstrap. But you can post querry from any page using a form to search.php page.

Hi Just one other question, can I use your search engine in my website without using bootstrap at all? if so will that be easy? I wish to design the search page myself. I do not want to have to strip away the bootstrap code.

Yes. There is no-styled version of it.


You can style it as you wish

Hi Nelliwinne Thanks for your prompt and positive reply’s to my questions, I will purchase easy web search tonight.

Nice. Thank you in advanced.

This script is great, but requires more development 1 – Showing results in iFrame 2 – Create sitemap for Google to increase enrollment in entry site 3- Create categories for sites Similar news videos

Thank you for your suggestions.

1. Showing Results in iframe something any junior developer can modify using this script. This script is written in very simple way to modify. Simply PHP withing HTML, not complex classes etc. Just few functions specially in front end. Anyway I will consider giving the same in future updates if it seems to be a common request.

2. I’m not little clear on this and Do not understand why google needs to crawl another search engine. Anyway that’s also not a big deal to create a sitemap using database results for Google.

3. Yup, Categorization is something I have few other requests too. I will definitely consider that in next update.

New site(search engine) does not have enough visitor because it is un-knowned. visitors can enter the site and its result through submit the sitemap in Google, Creating a dynamic sitemap can increase the visitors.

Ok. I will think of that too in future updates

I think the spiders do not visit texts written on a subject. She did not appear in search results. Only link headers appear. So, except for the main texts, he can not find the things written in the paragraphs.

Will this be improved? Will spiders be faster? these are important because I am thinking of using it as a search engine infrastructure nationwide.


1st This script is not a robot. Making a Search robot is not easy as you hope. It will consume more and more server capacity. Even a 2T hard disk might fill withing few days in robots like google. This script is focused on few more sites to be be listed in a single search database.

Simply, the answer is NO from this script.

Thank you for the answer

No Problem


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Hi author, the all.php pulls in all urls ? is their away of limit this to 20 urls thanks


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Hi thanks for reply, sorry yes it dose work, am seeing 20 urls ok, thanks



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Where can I put adsense ads?

Please give me the file name

You can customize index.php page or search.php


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What is the use of this page?

Please give detailed information about the usage purpose of the page.

Great. Please rate my item with 5 stars for me if you think it’s worth.


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I wrote you five star reviews

you look forward to continuing to offer services like this one.

Thank you friend. Yup more scripts to come and updates for existing scripts.


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When I do crawling, the language is broken.

Send me support message with relevant links and user credentials to check it using following link. Because this is the 1st time this issue is raised. No other customer has reported such an issue.


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I sent an email

Please confirm

Got it.

Crawl Settings Error !

That means you have no imported sql.sql file properly. Some tables and initial data are missing.