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PHP Pagination…. 32,33…ect is not work. http://wapka.mobi more sites is not crawled… pilz help

Please send me direct link to seach page to my email premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com. Also more details on crawling issue.

Hi, good morning…. I want to use the script to just search my site…which includes Video and PDF. Will your script work within my page for these?

Great. Thanks.

p.s ..Just a quick comment…probably the fastest reply to questions from anyone ever ever bought from here or any other site….thanks for that…

You’re welcome. I will start studying PDF Crawling part tonight itself. Please drop me a mail to may inbox “premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com” so I can inform you about my progress.


Aridian Purchased

Great Script. Can`t wait for updates and more features. so it is possible, that the spider crawles one new added single site and not all sites at one time? sorry for my bad english :(

Oh. Alright, It’s coming in next update for sure. I have already created that as “Partial Crawling”. It means you can select any site and crawl it only. I assure you that it will be here within next 7 days. Still have some bugs to fix. Stay in touch. Anyway I’ll comment here once it’s online.


Aridian Purchased

Cool, great news :)

Thanks. Also please support me by rating this item, if you are happy with it. It’s great help for me to populate this script more.

Also please add the best and biggest thing “Ranking Algorithm” in your script which is most awaited thing.


Hi there,

Is this script easy to use for a niche search engine? And is it easy to translate to Dutch? Does it work on httpS:// ?

Yes. You can easily implement your own search engine using this. Translation is also easy since this script’s frontend is based on bootstrap and html5. If you have html and even little PHP knowledge you can do that and If anything I will help you by email.

Thank you very much for your really fast reply. I am going to look in further at your demo :D


Hi there,

Could you help to fix the crawl setting error on my page? I’d already install and mysql had set, but when i go to run crawl page always got an error.

Thanks for your help

hi, OK.

I need to lookup into this issue, Please send me some screenshots to my email premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com.


pilz.. user login,singup and site crawling in next update.

I’m doing my best these days for next update.

Hi, i want to create pretty permalink for search result. How to change url search result for:

/search.php?q=keyword+search to be /search/keyword-search



First of all than you for your purchase.

Permanent link as you request (using .htaccess URL Rewrite) not there with the package itself, But I can do custom change to the script for you. with additional .htaccess page. Please send me email to premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com. I will send customized script page(s) for you to do this.


PHP Pagination…. 32,33…ect is not work. pilz help

How to change url search result for:

/search.php?q=keyword+search&&stt=0 to be /search.php?q=keyword+search&page=1

more. /search.php?q=keyword+search&&stt=10 to be /search.php?q=keyword+search&page=2

like url page : &page=1….ect.

pilz php simpal pagination …. code send me.

my email : dhavalhirapara1995@gmail.com

1st thing

“PHP Pagination…. 32,33…ect is not work. pilz help”.

For this I need your URL or Screenshots to my email

2nd thing URL change is a custom work.

I hope you understand.


Hello, 20 days ago you mentioned in above message that next update is coming in 7 days. Please tell us when new update is coming. Regards

These days next update is ib progress and will be comimg soon…

Also send me about your requirement for that ranking thing to my email in detail.

is this script still under development or not? and can it handle thousands of urls?

Thank you for your inquiry.

01. The script is already done. But some updates will be coming.

02. Yes it can handle thousands of URL provided that your server needs enough resources to handle big database.

hello, just for suggestion for your next update please make this serach engine can search with the keyword or title from the website on database. thanks

It is already there. If you set body content limit and description limit to zero at settings it will crawl only keyward and title. Then it will seach only title and keywords. Thanks.


Lokmana Purchased

Have you stopped this project two months ago you said about seven days there is update

Not stopped. There is ongoing major update. Time is just an issue…

Hi, when i try to search 2 keywords or 3 keywords, the keywords doesn’t display related keywords with strong underline result on list. You can try to search 2 or 3 keywords, it’s different on result.

Well. Underline is only for whole keyword, if database cannot find full keyword, it will not highlight. I’ll look into deeply on this, anyway.

Not stopped. There is ongoing major update. Time is just an issue…

Hi, can you thell me when the update will come and whats new in there ?


Will be within max 12 days. New Layout, Front end URL Submission, Crawling for only selected sites, PDF search, and optimizing crawling etc.

Hi I purchased this search engine for my static website but I need to ask something. 1) I have error in mb_http_input(“utf-8”) and mb_http_output(“utf-8”). After comment this lines, the codes start working. 2) When I search by keywords, I wanna show search result with searched words, not meta description. How do I do it? Thanks!

Hi, To answer this I may need to see your site, Please send me email to premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com with following info.

for the 1st question. 1. You version (PHP5 or PHP7) you used from script bundle. 2. You PHP version

For 2nd question. 1. I will tell you by email, what to do.

Waiting for you email.

Will be within max 12 days. New Layout, Front end URL Submission, Crawling for only selected sites, PDF search, and optimizing crawling etc.
Hello Nelliwinne, Any news about new update. Thanks

Yes. Almost Done.


Lokmana Purchased

Ok we waiten for update when is posible for download


tryazi Purchased

Hello there

I bought the product. The sitemap.xml I send has 100 URLs in the map, but it only takes 17-18 URLs. How can I solve this. (Spider mod on)

I’m sorry for my bad english.

Please change settings at Admin pane > Settings

Maximum Links / Images per Site/URL = 20

to your count. If the settings locked please refer to documentation to unlock settings.


tryazi Purchased

Thank you i think i will use it after the new update. Good job

Thanks. It’s coming very soon.