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Have problem login its second time I reinstall the script!!!! Why problem using your original captcha? How I can remove or use Google captcha ? not working properly now cant submit urls or cant login to administration…..

You can think whatever. But I told you to send me a support message not for charge to for support. This script is supported. But if you can post your link here not problem I can give your answer. But for security reason only I told you to send me the admin area link to see the issue. Other thing is I cannot sepport by comment because it also security loope hole for hackers to see your links for backend. If you think so it’s up to you to decide whether you’re getting my help or not. Envato keeps support tab to get help, not comments.

just email me how ii can remove captch all i need for now.

Remove the <input> tag from the related page and also remove disable attribute at submit button.

hi there , i want to buy this script . and a have some questions about this script / this is open source ? can i upgrade and add parts late ? and i have (dot).ir (iran) domain . there is not problem to install on this domain or etc problems ?

1. This script is fully open source and you can change or develop it further. It’s simple PHP MySQL Script written inside a bootstrap layout. If you have some intermediate knowledge of PHP and MySQL developing more is not a big deal. There is not any issue with installing in any domain, just you need to have PHP and MySQL supported server (Aparchy). Script only requires GD Library functions and mode rewrite in some parts.

Multi-language support

Nope. But you can easily change it to your language. It’s just boostrap front end with some php in between.

Pre-Sales- Query:Hi i need a solution where search engine will crawl all pages of my website only not of any other domain data will be stored remotely for manipulation. Will it do that

Yes. You can add few pages of your site and switch off “Spider Mode”. Then it will crawl only your site. Not any other. This script’s main focus is to create own search engine for 1 or few web sites. It does crawl only what you says to crawl.

Please check your inbox sending you a private message what i am looking to develop.


i have a domain with 5 subdomains (wordpress), is it possible to use the script as the main domain to search only the 5 subdomains?


I will use PHP 7

Great. Both are the same. Just technical differences.

hi, is this capable of crawling a list of say, 1million sites? just be very slow? but would it be stable enough to hold it?

Well. It depends on your server capacity. System can handle crawling so much of links but you will need to keep crawler open for days may be. Anyway MySQL database should be bigger one. Generally for 1 site it might take 500 characters (500bytes) or more. This is for a single page.


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hi, I have just purchased this script. Good script. I have 2 questions, 1) How to do the PDF Search? i have many PDF to include or to be searchable ..where should i keep the PDF? 2) Search – i have tried to do search at the website, found out that if i search 1 word, it doesnt come out, but if i search the word and a space, it comes out from the result. Can enlighten me on these?


Hi. Thanks you for your purchase.

Please send me support message using support tab above with link to your installation.

Hello, Is there any further update ? thanks!

Yup something is coming soon.

maybe you create an addon, for categories

Yup few customers updated me on this. I will think of it.

How is sitemap platform that script can be fully crawled?

I try https://www.shopstyle.com/sitemap.http.xml.gz and other xml sitemap from several sites.

But when click Full Crawl on Add Site in admin panel. It takes long time and freezing and hasn’t any data added into database.

TRY without .gz at the end. eg. (https://www.shopstyle.com/sitemap.http.xml). Also use partial crawling for fast crawling

Thank for a reply

I try to put this https://www.pricerunner.co.uk/sitemap/GBR/sitemap.288.xml and select Partial Crawl.

However, I notice a script will crawl 5 Links ONLY while https://www.pricerunner.co.uk/sitemap/GBR/sitemap.288.xml provide Many Links. Is anything wrong?

Demo is limited to crawl maxmum 20 urls. Some URL might fail to crawl depending on lack on some data like title, description, and body texts. Also note that Ajax based pages are not crawled because this crawler can find only data available in source code.

Hi nelliwinne,Does it support Chinese characters?

Generally this script supports Unicode. You can try the demo and see.

Crawler multi-threaded or visiting one website at a time ?

Is there a desire to implement this in new versions ?

It’s already there.

Not work. Take a look for yourself demo

Hey, on your demo I have added 2 websites for indexing, both on ifuge.com, one being the homepage and another a link in ifuge.com however when crawling on the site it keeps resetting the page to step 1 of 3 and does not go forward. Please advise.

I’ll check that.

how can this script grab links automatcally can you implement some thing i mean like google can it auto find new sites and index them

For the moment we only have manual crawling system.


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can you explain what is : Batch count in admin area and what it do, also why the crawler do not crawel the index page first but bring other page in certain websites

404 comes when crawler cannot find the page you submitted. check whether you entered correct url with http


medsites Purchased

I have send you my support ticket

Ok. I’ll reply.

Hi my friend I am using the old version How to migrate to the new migration How can I migrate to the new migration

How do I migrate a new update without losing data?

Also wait few days, there is other update coming.

do you explain in more detail how I will do it?

Send me support message along with your purchase code. You can send support message here


How to use External server for cowling?

I want to use multiple server for crowing only. Like adding 3 dedicated server to crawl and website will be hosted on different server so on overuse or abuse only crawling server will be suspended and not site?

Sorry but there is no such a option for the moment in this script.

Feature Request: Please display progress and details while it show “Batch running….” (I am crawling it from last 2 days and it keep only saying batch running and refresh on ever 2 second)

It already shows something like below All Pedning Sites / URL for Link Crawling : 1184 Please Wait…

If your batch is 20, next batch should show All Pedning Sites / URL for Link Crawling : 1164 Please Wait…

likewise it should count down, if not something must be wrong…

It is possible to crawl https Pages?

Yes. Possible