Easy Web Search - PHP Search Engine with Image Search and Crawling System

Easy Web Search - PHP Search Engine with Image Search and Crawling System

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Version 5.0

Easy Web Search is engine to use inside a web site. Simple Crawling System is available to submit URLs and Links and XML Site Maps. URLs From submitted Sites or Site Maps will be automatically added to search database when admin run crawling. Once crawling is done the links with their contents (Title, Description, Keywords and Plain text from web link) will be available to search. If the total web site is linked to it’s home page, you need jut give home page url or xml sitemap to the system and run crawling once. You do not need to much work to implement a search system inside your web site. Any link associated in the database will automatically updated when users view the pages. So you need to run crawling at admin area only for adding new links from sites/site maps. And if you think some links are not to update when users view page, you can just disable update from admin area for that link.

PHP Search Engine

Besides this automated link cashing system, you can add manual links even if it does not linked to any of your pages. “Manual URL” under Crawled Data List will help to make your own search url, title, description, keywords and content for custom url. Using this you can add “search term” record at database for Video, Music, PDF or Flash Page. Please note Manual URLs are not crawled during “Running of Crawling”.

Shared or Dedicated Hosting?

This script uses URL crawling and access web content through HTTP. So no matter what kind of hosting package you use to host your web. If the server supports PHP and MySQL, that’s all you need.

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Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Support via Mail is quick, Script is working without a problem (so far) and I`m looking forward to see the scheduled features.
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Very good script, well coded and loading fast!
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Amazing script, lovely support, im glad to use it, now im crawling my 8 millions of domains for now later i enable do spider part to increase that numbers!
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full The script is great—the support is even better. My favorite programmer to buy from on Code Canyon! WIsh they were all like this!
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Design Quality is very nice i very like it And excellent support want to buy more Nelliwinne products Thank you very much Nelliwinne

Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Absolutely fantastic support and programming. You won’t regret doing business with Nelliwinne. He is a hard working individual and is willing to go above and beyond for his customers. Thank again Nelliwinne!
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full this guy has a very nice and smooth running search engine what i was looking for to add to my other site i have over 20 sites and almost done with all of them now i good buyer and he will talk to you if you need help.
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full This marvelous sript is encoded very good. Now I am waiting for future modifications and new features that can make searches even better. I give five stars because I’m happy with the result and very fast communication.
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Best search engine and crawler script for small size search engine on shared hostings. I did not find any script before like this which can be run on shared hostings but this script have features which are necessary for SE and crawler.
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Very well built script, easy to use, easy to customize. And the customer support is great and super fast!  :)
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Works perfect on HTTPS and PHP 7. Using the XML sitemap is a great feature as now I must not exclude pages manually. I’ll use the search script on a Drupal 7 site, as Drupal 7 only searches in content, not in blocks. And fast support from Melliwinne Mohotalla: just sended a question and got the answer at once.
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full really nice search engine build ..
Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Star-full Excellent Script. Very nice seller. Quickly response, and is willing to help. One of the finest sellers i met in here  :)

Easy Web Search - PHP Search Engine with Image Search and Crawling System - 1 Easy Web Search - PHP Search Engine with Image Search and Crawling System - 2 Easy Web Search - PHP Search Engine with Image Search and Crawling System - 3

  1. Log into Admin Area
  2. Submit your web page or xml sitemap
  3. Start Crawling and wait… until finished.
  4. Update Crawled Data if necessary
  5. Search in the search page

Demo Limitation

This script is developed to crawl a single site or just few sites. So handling more site may be hard for this script demo. So please understand it’s limitations. Also please note that batch wise crawling may take some time depending on amount of links in which you submitted (html page or xml site map)

Ajax Based Pages

Pages load their contents using Ajax Scripts will not indexed. It’s because Ajax contents are not comes to main source code of the page, So cannot index. Best way to such a web is to generate XML Site Map and link that to crawling.
Easy Web Search - PHP Search Engine with Image Search and Crawling System - 4


  • Responsive Search Page
  • Highlighting search term at search results
  • Text and Image SearchNew
  • Ajax Based Crawling Running which saves server resources.
  • Unicode Supported Search
  • PDF Search
  • Crawl Unlimited Pages, Automatic Update Search Database
  • Page/XML Site maps (with web links) Submitting for Crawling
  • Links from Submitted Page/sitemaps will be automatically grabs,
  • You need to give only main page or pages from your web only. Script will find links within those pages.
  • Those links will crawl when running crawling
  • Admin Area to Manage Links, Data, Images and much more
  • Search Term Log with search count at admin area and Front End top searched queriesNew
  • Easy to Use in your web
  • Installation Documentation Available
  • Full Page Search and Quick Search
  • Start Search from HTML Page
  • PHP / MySQL Based
  • Simple to Install
  • Full Documentation for Installation is available with the package.
  • Usage Instructions are also included in the documentation
  • PHP 5 and PHP 7
  • Sample Pages are available to easy setup
  • Run Crawling from Admin Area
  • Automatically get Title, Description, Keywords and Content (2000 Characters max.)
  • Update Crawled data (Title, Description, Keywords and Content
  • Delete or Disable Auto Update (When Crawling) for links
There are three ways to associate links to this Search Engine. Technically single way, adding a page with links to other pages of the web. But the Pages we can add to Search Engine has three types.

01. XML Site Map

XML Site map is the most easiest way to make your web search fast. You can generate your site map from online generators. Go to or Just google for “XML Site map Generator”. The standard format of the xml sitemap is as follows
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- created with Free Online Sitemap Generator -->
Once you generated your XML sitemap, upload it to your web root and add URL (to your XML file) at Easy Web Search, Admin Panel.

02. HTML Site Map

HTML Site map is just a page with list of links to all the pages of a web site. So it’s very easy for Easy Web Search to crawl links from that page. Just give the URL to HTML Site map at Easy Web Search, Admin Panel. Even if you do not have any kind of Site Maps (XML or HTML), still you can add a page from your web site to Search Engine. The only thing you need to note is that this page should have Links (Anchor Tags) to other pages of the web. For example if the home page of your web site is linked to all the pages using a navigation bar, then just add home page to Search Engine.

Change Log

  1. 2016-08-29 : Update  :grin: with PHP 7 Version
  2. 2016-08-31 : Update  :grin: Automatic Deletion of Crawled Blank Entries without Description, Keywords or Contents
  3. 2016-08-31 : Update  :grin: Automatic Crawling
  4. 2016-09-01 : Update  :grin: Vulnerability Checks
  5. 2016-09-01 : Update  :grin: Description, Keyword for different meta tag types
  6. 2016-09-01 : Update  :grin: Speed Up Crawling Run
  7. 2016-09-02 : Update  :grin: Optimizing issues with Link Indexing for some web sites
  8. 2016-09-02 : Update  :grin: Implementing XML Site map submission
  9. 2016-09-02 : Update  :grin: Batch wise Crawling
  10. 2016-09-05 : Update  :grin: Unicode Search Result Error fixing (UTF8)
  11. 2016-09-21 : Update  :grin: Search Log at admin area. Keyword Count for researching purposes.
    FOI: This Update Includes Database Structure
  12. 2016-09-21 : Update  :grin: Crawling Error for local paths within web which does not have http:// prefix.
  13. 2016-10-21 : Update  :grin: Top searched terms at front end
  14. 2016-10-21 : Update  :grin: Image Crawling and Search (with DB Update)
  15. 2016-10-21 : Update  :grin: Settings Control for Batch Count Image Dimensions and Maximum Body Text Length
  16. 2016-10-21 : Update  :grin: Ajax Based Crawling System to prevent server errors and less speed up the progress (with DB Update)
  17. 2016-10-21 : Update  :grin: Data search and easy editing at back end for both Data and Images
  18. 2016-10-21 : Update  :grin: Pagination for Top Searched Queries and data for fast loading
  19. 2016-10-21 : Update  :grin: Viewing Links from each base URL with pagination
  20. 2016-10-30 : Update  :grin: Spider Mode : to crawled external links as sites.
  21. 2016-10-30 : Update  :grin: User Password Encryption for Security
  22. 2016-10-30 : Update  :grin: Maximum Pages/Images Setting from Site / URL
  23. 2016-10-30 : Update  :grin: Pagination for Site/URL Page
  24. 2016-10-30 : Update  :grin: HTTP Response Code 200 and 302 usage to prevent broken pages
  25. 2017-01-26 : Update  :grin: Partial Crawling for running of crawling for only selected sites
  26. 2017-01-26 : Update  :grin: PDF Crawling
  27. 2017-01-26 : Update  :grin: URL / Sitemap Submission for Front End Users and Admin to Confirm that and Run Crawl.
  28. 2017-01-26 : Update  :grin: Link submission with multiple links 1 link per line in a text box
  29. 2017-01-26 : Update  :grin: Interface Update with Backend in separate folder for easy use
  30. 2017-03-09 : Update  :grin: Fixing SQL Injection Issues and XSS found in V3 (minor)
  31. 2017-03-09 : Update  :grin: Popup for Image Search and fixing some image crawling issues
  32. 2017-03-09 : Update  :grin: Supporting og:image (The Open Graph protocol) thumbnails for results
  33. 2017-03-09 : Update  :grin: Interval between two links when crawling to save server resources
  34. 2017-03-09 : Update  :grin: Split Search term to search word by word
  35. 2017-06-30 : Update  :grin: Split Search term to search word by word
  36. 2018-02-26 : Update  :grin: Version 5 Released
  37. 2018-02-26 : Update  :grin: Customizing What is to crawl and search(Content, Description, Keywords, images)
  38. 2018-02-26 : Update  :grin: Statistics Update with tracking Browser, OS Platform, referrer and datewise URL Hits. (SQL Update)
  39. 2018-02-26 : Update  :grin: Dashboard to Back End
  40. 2018-02-26 : Update  :grin: Settings Page updated with Required functions availability check.
  41. 2018-02-26 : Update  :grin: Speeding up Manage Sites page
  42. 2018-02-26 : Update  :grin: Dashboard to Back End
  43. 2018-02-26 : Update  :shocked: XML Sitemap Support – Optimized
  44. 2018-02-26 : Update  :grin: Documentation Updated with more information on how it works
  45. 2019-09-20 : Update  :grin: Pagination Errors Fixed. removed points in page numbers
  46. Scheduled : Update  :shocked: Multiple Crawling Runners
  47. Scheduled : Update  :shocked: Supporting og:title (The Open Graph protocol) details for crawling
  48. Scheduled : Update  :shocked: Supporting og:description (The Open Graph protocol) details for crawling
  49. Scheduled : Update  :shocked: Crone Job URL for scheduled crawling at server using Crone Job Utility
  50. Scheduled : Update  :shocked: Site Ranking System

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