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Hello, i have a basic question about the cache, i’m a little bit concern about the white spaces between one page and the other, the blink loading page will appear in this web view? or the page will load fast without blink white page?

You can check the demo easily what performance in the app. Thanks

Hello, can I get the source code are already using android studio, because the eclipse is nolonger used for android application development. thanks.


I use Android Studio for development, please read this https://developer.android.com/tools/help/adt.html

OK. Thanks

Hello, can I get the package/source code are already using android studio, because the eclipse is nolonger used for android application development, or can you help me export project to android studio. thanks.

can i embedd a HTML5 game in the app to work offline ?

if so, is it documented ?

You need to check, if your game is live?

It can be added when the push notification ???

Hello, I didn’t got your question? Can you please elaborate on what you are looking for on this as Push Notifications?

do you also have it for ios

Sorry. It is not for iOS.

Hi Vishal, Where do I indicate the url of my website? What do I have to change? In Android Studio. Thanks

Please check out the tutorial of Eclipse package or studio package. You will find AppConfig.java or AppContants.java file for all configuration. Please once check and ask if your find any trouble. Thanks


sdbkn Purchased

Hi need app; there is pre-sales query

1. it is with latest technology 2. can i make apk at myself 3. there is no any problem to upload on google play store.


sdbkn Purchased

after generate apk its cant run; its got error after splash screen; wht can i do;


sdbkn Purchased

i got error when i upload apk on google;

Hello Google Play Developer,

We rejected Acharya Current Affairs E-Series – ACA SERIES, with package name com.diggil.acaseries, for violating our Malicious Behavior or User Data policy. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

This app uses software that contains security vulnerabilities for users or allows the collection of user data without proper disclosure.

Below is the list of issues and the corresponding APK versions that were detected in your recent submission. Please upgrade your app(s) as soon as possible and increment the version number of the upgraded APK.

Apache Cordova The vulnerabilities were fixed in Apache Cordova v.3.5.1. You can find more information and next steps in this Google Help Center article.

1 Vulnerability APK Version(s) To confirm you’ve upgraded correctly, submit the updated version of your app to the Play Console and check back after five hours to make sure the warning is gone.

While these vulnerabilities may not affect every app that uses this software, it’s best to stay up to date on all security patches. Make sure to update any libraries in your app that have known security issues, even if you’re not sure the issues are relevant to your app.

Apps must also comply with the Developer Distribution Agreement and Developer Program Policies.

If you feel we have made this determination in error, please reach out to our developer support team.


The Google Play Team

Already fixed the issue, on your system. Thanks

Hello vishal, bro i have to buy this app, let me know before i buy it, what kind of server/hosting it will need and the next thing is that i will upload it to play store for users to get help of this app, i mean that users will convert their website to app, so is it possible or it is just for me only??

Hello Friend, Thank you for your interest. Actually, it is only for you, one user. It does not a need server, you just need to update your details in the code as per document and go ahead with ready apk. Please let me know if you need any help. Thanks

Can i see its demo?

Yes, you can download/install demo app from Item details page. You will see Download APK button on this item details page.


My brother wanted to apply WebView + Side Crash

Exactly the same


And the application for the site is located in the example

I have the + application icon

Our website is a responsive Wordpress implementation. We will be adding a login page, a download page, and an upload page. Which of these functionalities will not work in your app? Thank you.