Easy View Shortcode in WPBakery Page Builder

Easy View Shortcode in WPBakery Page Builder

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Copy shortcode in WPBakery Page Builder used for different purposes: in WP Widget Text, with do_shortcode function….
current version 1.1.1 available for download!

You trying to build pages with WPBakery Page Builder shortcodes in Classic Mode instead of using the Visual Backend Editor can be a frustrating and confusing experience. After all WPBakery Page Builder exists to build pages visually and not fight with code. Until now, finding the shortcode or shortcodes for individual elements or sections of content built in the WPBakery Page Builder Backend Editor required you to switch into Classic Mode and search through hundreds of lines of shortcodes and all those confusing [row][column][/column][/row] tags and everything in between. You cut and paste only find out you missed a tag, copied from the wrong spot, or simply selected the wrong shortcodes all together, then you start all over again feeling irritated and frustrated that you couldn’t find what you needed easily and quickly. Finding a needle in a haystack would be easier…no joke. Meanwhile your blood pressure is rising and your precious minutes and hours are ticking away with low productivity. Never again will this happen to you with Easy View Shortcode!

How can Easy View Shortcodes in WPBakery Page Builder help you?

It’s as simple as one, two, three. Easy View Shortcode for WPBakery Page Builder turbo charges your productivity and makes you feel like you’re ready to enter a Techcrunch hackathon!


2.) SEE THE SHORTCODES for all VC visual elements and sections RIGHT IN VISUAL MODE WITHOUT SWITCHING BACK AND FORTH between Classic Mode and VC Backend Editor.

3.) ONE CLICK view, copy and manage each block or shortcode instantly and easily. You’ll BE EXCITED to use shortcodes in WPBakery Page Builder rather than feeling like you’re getting teeth pulled at the dentist without anesthesia

Easy. Powerful. Flexible.

Easy View Shortcode in WPBakery Page Builder is built by a highly experienced and knowledgeable Wordpress plugin and theme developer who “scratched their own itch” after finding it cumbersome to use shortcodes in WPBakery Page Builder from time-to-time on our own pages and projects. We take pride in well-written code, products that “just work”, and top notch customer support and responsiveness.

Theme developers and WP newbies will find it refreshingly easy and infinitely faster to build Wordpress pages by copying WPBakery Page Builder shortcodes to a new section or to make a new widget with a VC shortcode.

Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of this excellent VC plugin now, and FAST TRACK your Wordpress projects. Eliminate all those annoying, time consuming VC shortcode fishing trips in the Classic Mode editor. Easy View Shortcode in WPBakery Page Builder will pay for itself in the first 60 minutes you use it. The most valuable commodity we all have is time, and we all wish we had more time in the day. Using Easy View Shortcode for WPBakery Page Builder adds hours of productive time to each and every day you use it. How’s that for a super power?

Besides it could help theme developer build their WordPress pages easier and faster by copy WPBakery Page Builder short code to a new section, or make a new widget with that shortcode.

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