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Hello, I need a shortcode function that calls the VC elements to display as the same header throughout the website. I tried the manual coding at functions.php (below) but it displayed as text & not run the VC code.. Does your plugin allow this? Can you provide other tips to achieve this perhaps? Thanks

// sample code to add VC Header shortcode function header_shortcode() { return '<strong>[vc_column width="1/2"] VC elements here etc.. [/vc_row]</strong>'; } add_shortcode('Customized_header', 'header_shortcode'); on website content post I added: [Customized_header]
Dear, if you want run VC code, you need add ‘do_shortcode’ in function header_shortcode. example:
function header_shortcode() {
    return do_shortcode('<strong>[vc_column width="1/2"] VC elements here etc.. [/vc_row]</strong>');
Best regards.

You’re a life-saver. Thank you!

Hi there, looking to buy this could you answer a few questions please?

1 – Am I able to copy entire rows or individual VC elements into new pages?
2 – When pasting into new page do you need to switch to text mode, copy content, switch back to editor and drag section to correct position?
3 – Does this copy all elements like tabs, full width rows, forms etc?

Many thanks

Yes, this plugin help you to copy VC elements shortcde to new page, and in new page you need switch to text mode to paste shortcodes. Best regards,

Hiya, I have installed the plugin and added add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); to functions.php, the output just shows the raw code both in VC and when viewing page like this <h5 style="”text-align:" center=""><span class="”light”" style="”color:">dolor amet Lorem ipsum sit </span></h5>

Any ideas

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on Our supporter will check details to help you.

hello, can i use ( do_shortcode ) with you plugin in my custom php pages ?

Quick question, i have added ( vc coding ) into my ( php file page ) and add ( do_shortcode ) next to all ( vc codes ) is there anything that i need to add to functions.php file to make this work correctly? thanks

Dear, please kindly contact with our support team on our supporter will check details to help you. Thanks!

will do thanks

Hello, i am interested in your plugin.

Just a presale question. Does it work with the latest version. And do you update it regularly.

Many thanks

Yes, this plugin is work with Visual Composer latest version and we’re always check plugin to compatible with Visual Composer newest. Thanks!

Great Thanks


sudeys Purchased

Hello, does your plugin works on front end editing mode?

Thanks for this very useful plugin

Sorry, this plugin only support Backend builder mode. Thanks!

hi, i am interested in your plugin. Would it be able to copy the shortcodes of third-party Addons (does not come from standard Visual Composer elements) such as Massive Addons, Unlimited Addons, etc ? thanks

Yes, this plugin can copy all shortcodes in VC include shortcodes of third-party. Thanks!