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exactly what I’m looking, but for joomla. by the way, good work!

Doesn’t seem to like the livestream links : http://livestre.am/QxyI – this one for instance returns ‘Unknown provider or incorrect URL . Please try again.’ – any idea?

Sorry – it works -it’s just his confusing link that they generate directly on the page.

thanks mate :) we will add support for these links.

Hello, I wonder if you can add the videos from TED .com or develop a specific script ?


Thanks for the purchase mate and adding support fot the TED videos is a great idea :D

hello, where can i see and ajax example??


The script itself is an ajax example. It communicates with a php script on a server but there is no database integration in the script. You have to add that conncetion if you want to save embed codes. I hope this is the answer you were looking for. If not please let me know.

Best regards, Onur

I was wondering can you make Adult Easy Video Sharing Script Version?

Can it play an online radio stream like this http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kissradio-online


I don’t know if our developer tried to reach you. We can having some issues getting the multiple upload feature to work for the video embed plugin. Whenever, we paste multiple video urls via your demo here, http://codecanyon.net/item/easy-video-sharing-script/full_screen_preview/111393, we are able to do so and are able to view multiple video previews at one there. On the other hand, whenever, we put in a new url at http://projectjobz.com/site/EVSS/ , our site, it seems to override the existing. How do we fix this ?



Hi Kevin, If you don’t want to remove previously embedded videos from the page, just change your functions.js line 26 to $(this).prepend(data);

Best Regards, Onur

Hi Onur,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Is there a way to remove certain video previews after embedding? We are using your plugin to build a site similar to fiverr.com




Your script does exactly what I was looking for. But I’ve 3 questions:

  • Does it needs API keys? I don’t think so, but I had to ask before
  • How difficult is to add support for https://www.liveleak.com. I don’t know this site but many people told me that is very popular in USA, so I want to have it as option.
  • Currently I’ll buy the normal license to test it, but if it makes my work I want to buy the Extended license to include it in a php (portal) script. Do you allow it? Normally the extended license covers it, but Envato suggest to ask the author before.

Thank you,

Can I add that for sngine script? social network script is here on codcanyone