Easy Video Fetcher

Easy Video Fetcher

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EVF lets you build your media site quickly by simplifying the way you retrieve videos from other sites. This is probably the easiest script you have ever seen. It is also very well documented (a lot of in-file comments and examples). It is indeed very simple. It only requires one parameter, the url to the video, to function and currently it supports many major video providers (see list below).

View Live Demo :: View the HD ScreenCast

Check out the live demo or the screencast that shows all the features.


  • jQuery Ajax included (no need to reload)
  • Fetches Title, Description, Thumbnail, Tags, Embed Code and Privacy Settings
  • Automatically transforms all links to Videos New
  • Supports many major Video providers (see list)
  • Slug Generator (For SEO)
  • Clean Code (OOP)
  • Advanced Error Management
  • Step by Step Guide and Documentation

Supported Sites

As of now, there are 16 sites supported, but don’t worry there are more to come. If you have any suggestion, I would be happy to take it into consideration.
  1. (View Example )
  2. (View Example )
  3. (View Example )
  4. (View Example )
  5. (View Example )
  6. New (View Example )
  7. New (View Example )
  8. (Only in U.S.) (View Example )
  9. New (View Example )
  10. (View Example )
  11. New (View Example)
  12. New (View Example )
  13. New (View Example )
  14. (View Example )
  15. New (View Example )
  16. (View Example )


PHP Version: needs at least PHP version 5, file_get_contents() Enabled and allow_url_fopen Enabled.


You can also easily integrate this script with your existing script. Just follow the built-in examples and that’s it. If you need any help, I would be happy to help you.


If you have any question regarding this script you may contact me via my envato profile.


   Added new Text-To-Media Feature
   Fixed minor bugs

  Added Support for,,
  Improved URL Analysis