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Hi, I purchased the script and installed it as documented. I am getting a popup requesting to activate Adobe Flash. How can I get the code to function without the popup. I am usings mp4 and webm. Thanks


The demo “full_example.html” does not work in Safari Version 9.0.3

Hi! Some browsers block local run scripts. So that shouldn’t be a problem if you upload to a server :)

I am requesting a refund even with the instructions this did not work

Which problem did you have with it? Regards

Hello, not working on safari browser :( what to do now?

nope it’s not working for me:

Working on mine. Which Safari version are you using?

5.1.7 this is the last one for windows pc

Sorry…. wrong section. WP for my WordPress…. Could not delete this.

Does the plugin allow you to start a youtube video at a given time. For example, start the video at 90 seconds rather than from the 0 seconds.

Yes, you can pass a “start” option to the player and it will make the video start in offset :)


I can not get the Video Background code to work in I.E.

I posted in your support forum and have received no response.

One post is over 30 days old, receiving no response.

Do you offer support?


It is quite explicit on the item’s page that we don’t offer support. As to your issue, if the browser doesn’t support html5 video tag, that might be the case, it fallbacks to flash, of course if you don’t have flash active the browser will request it.


Still working?

Hi! Yes, sorry, the demo was down for a couple of days but it’s back up :)

does this work on iPads? i started to see websites that have video as background on iPads


also does your documentation contain the instructions like your demo, so the video background will be behind the menu bar of the website? thanks

does this work on iPads? i started to see websites that have video as background on iPads



I guess it is not working on mobile yet right?

The image backup up is ok for now, but I am not sure why this code does not work?

Could you please help out, I am sure others will have the same question. Would be helpful. Thanks. Bart

"fallback_image": true, ""

How do we use the Easy Video Background with is a video hosting site?




<script src=”//” async></script><script src=”//” async></script>  

c306f2e6-a460-408c-8e0c-259884a802a4 – 17 Dec 2016

Does this support only playing a video once?