plusquare does not currently provide support for this item.

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does this support rtl ?

I have bought the plugin and during the installation i get the error that this plugin does not have a valid Header.

i need a refund it does not work

Fallback image doesn’t fill in iPhone 7. It aligns far left. And “Fill” is the only option if I want a full background image? Please help.

I need a refund! This item does not work as it is described in the documentation!

This Plugin does not work!!! Don’t sell such rubbish!

You didn’t even bought it.. that’s strange

We would not be able to write a review if we hadn’t bought it. Maybe you don’t see us anymore, cause we got a full refund from Envato!


I have a question, Is it possible to add sound on/off button in the videoplayer?



I have some questions, please:

- Is this Plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.7.4 and PHP 7 ?

- And, if you know it, it is possible, to use it also with Woocommerce (i.e. in the Product-Articles-Posts)?

- And my last question: What is the difference between this plugin (“Easy Video Background WP” für 17$) and your other plugin “Easy Video Background V2” for 10$? Is the last one an older and outdated script?

Thank you very much for answering these questions and with best regards!


dj73 Purchased

PLUGIN DOES NOT HAVE VALID HEADER – please refund. This problem has been reported for months by previous buyers and still not fixed?


video do not work on smartphone, (iphone) why ?? How to fix hat ?

Note : I set the image fallback parameters but it’s do not works….

Hi I tried entering #myid into the Video container “Enter the jQuery CSS path for the container” and created a div with id=’myid’ in my page and it doesn’t fill the video into my div container. Anything I’m doing wrong?

Can you please reply back to my question? Its been over a week.

Is there a way to set the video quality for a youtube video in the shortcode for only HD quality?

Can you please reply back to my question? Its been over a week.

The plugin does not have a valid header.

I am also getting the “The plugin does not have a valid header.” error. Has anyone been able to fix this?

Do not work on IPAD PRO (mode landscape), can u fix please ?

Hi plusquare. Thanks for the plugin. I bought it yesterday in the hopes I could get my website to look like your preview site. Unfortunately, when I add the video via you plugin, it fills the entire page under the header and doesn’t allow me to scroll to my other content. I know no support is included, but if you could tell me why the plugin doesn’t work/look like your preview and any possible solutions, I’d greatly appreciate it!