Easy User Management for .NET & MySQL

Easy User Management for .NET & MySQL

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Easy User Management for .NET & MySQL is use for your .NET project. This item just compatible with MySQL database. If you need for SQL Server, you can buy in MySQL & SQL Server have some different query. So, we create Easy User Management for .NET & MySQL. You can add menu dynamically, add user with encrypted password, add user roles, login form theme. With login form theme, your apps more awesome. In submenu, you can add icons to make it more beautiful. If someone trying to brute force login, you can see the logs with IP Address, Computer Name, Date, Time and User ID. Each user can change his own password. Made with VB.NET, with full source code.

How to Integrate with Your Apps :

Just add your form to my solution, or add my form to your solution and little adjustment.

Features :

  • Create Menu (One Deep Submenu)
  • Dynamic Menu
  • Set User Roles
  • Change Your Password
  • Reset Another User Password
  • Easy to Combine with Your Apps
  • 5 Theme for Login Form
  • Encrypted Password
  • Logs for Anyone Who
  • Add Icon in Submenu

What You Get :

  • Full Source Code (You Can Customize it for Your Apps)
  • Images File for Login Form Theme
  • Images File for Icon in Form

Source Code Compatibilty :

With Visual Studio 2008 or later.

Support :

If you have problems & questions, contact me via contact form on my author profile.