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Appreciate the update!

Thank you!

how to edit the script, that german umlaute in plugin Easy Upload Renamer for WordPress are replaced like ö=>oe, ä=>ae, ü=>ue, ß=>ss ?

Great question! I’ll get back to you very soon on that.

I have now uploaded a new version of the plugin that automatically detects and supports this. Thank you for your suggestion! You should receive an email notification once the update has been approved.

Are they any known plugins for Front-End uploads, that work with your plugin?

We are attempting to use “Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress” without success. AMUW plugin details: http://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-multi-upload-for-wordpress/144658?ref=QuanticaLabs

AMUW documentation: http://neemismastering.fr/wp-content/plugins/ajax-multi-upload-for-wordpress/help/index.html

What would you like to happen in the front-end?

We’d like it to work. Currently, it isn’t able to read the post_id – so only the prefix is working.

The logical thing here would be to configure the filename in your upload plugin or form. Can you try that?


I have a presale question. I’m mainly using user submitted post through a gravity form formula where user can enter the title of the post, content, images and so on. Will your plugin work on image uploaded through gravity form and take as name the post name? Thank you!

Hello, thank you for your question. The plugin works in the back-end of WordPress. My plugin description says: “When you upload an image to a post or page...” (emphasis added). I thought that made it clear.

To achieve the renaming functionality in the front-end and support the Gravity Forms plugin, I’d have to write a totally new plugin altogether, since the plugin doesn’t send the uploaded files through the WordPress upload mechanism. Quoting the Gravity Forms support forum:

We don’t have a hook to easily allow you to change the file name as the file is uploaded.

Additionally, I feel that a plugin such as Gravity Forms that uses its own upload mechanism should provide the option to set the file name instead of forcing you to rely on another plugin.

Hi thanks for your reply. In the meantime, I found a way of coding this for gravity form specifically. A good option for your plugin could be to rename the images filename already in a post for people like me that have an old blog with thousands of image. For example, a little checkbox near the “update/submit” button that ask if the user wants to rename the images already in the post with the post title, and change the filename of the images, update the post html content with the new image name and also change the name of all the thumbnail generated by wordpress. But maybe this is a huge work :) What do you think?

I’m glad you found a solution for your blog! Thanks for your suggestion, but I think you’re absolutely right: it’s a huge job. I think there are other plugins for renaming existing content. This plugin is there to automate the upload process.

Hi there, I just purchased your plugin and it seems to not rename my image files. My image files are downloaded from an .rss feed (along with the post title), is there any way I can have the plugin automatically rename itself to the post title when it’s attributed to that specific post or when that post is published? Thanks!

Hello, whether the plugin works or not using a RSS importer depends on the importing mechanism. The plugin is not designed to work that way; it’s meant for the case where you personally upload images to a post. However, thanks to recent changes in the WordPress codebase supporting renaming may be possible now. Please tell me what is the tool that you use for RSS importing and where to find it, and I’ll have a look!

Can i rename my files whatever i want individually instead of an auto name being used

You should rename the files on your computer before uploading.

Such a simple solution that I had already consider except for the fact that I already compressed over 100 images and I would rather just rename then delete reload and re compress.. thanks for that thoughtful answer tho

Is there a way to get it to work on autoblogs

Depends on the autoblog mechanism. Unfortunately, usually the post ID is not available to the plugin when creating posts from an external source. The ID is used to read the post title.

Another presales question about woocommerce: I know someone asked this before but it has been 3 years ago.

Will this work with woocommerce featured item or product gallery?
Hello, that’s a great question & sorry for taking some time in answering. I had a look at WooCommerce and it looks like the uploads go through the same pipe as in vanilla WordPress, so the answer would be yes, but I cannot guarantee it working nor can give support if it doesn’t. If you do try it, please let me know!

Can you say something new about it?

Also I see on a screenshot “Rename attachments in post types Posts/Pages”

What about Woocommerce productpages or even other custom posttypes?

You can use Easy Upload Renamer for WordPress with this plugin Image Teleporter https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-teleporter/ I’m trying but can not get it to work Regards..

The plugin works only with files that you upload yourself.

Hi, Looks like a really Fine Plugin. However, got 2 questions for You :

1. No alt tag modifications ? I know that the Plugin modifies the Title of the Images based on the Title of the Post, but does it modify the alt tag as well ?

2. Also, I plan to Bulk import My Posts from an Excel file. The Excel file contains Tons of Images. I’m using a Custom Importer from CodeCanyon that Maps the Table fields of the Excel File with the Custom Fields and Taxonomies of the Custom Post Type. Now, will this Plugin Modify the Titles of the Images which are not uploaded through the Regular Media Uploader ? Because, here I’m using a Custom tool to Bulk Import Images. Will Your Plugin Rename the Titles of the images in such a situation as well ?

Kindly Revert, RebelHustler.

1. Please have a look at the FAQ file where the ALT tag business is explained. 2. The plugin only works with files that you upload yourself.

Unfortunately, I have not had any success with this plugin. I am using the ViralPress plugin for frontend uploading, and this plugin does not rename the image. Viralpress plugin located at http://codecanyon.net/item/viralpress-viral-news-lists-quiz-videos-polls-plugin/14541033

Looking the logfile I see: “Could not get a post.” ... even though the post has already been saved and published.

Secondly, when saving the settings in Settings > Media, I tried unchecking the option “Use the original image metadata as the attachment title when possible” and after saving, it still comes back as checked.

The plugin only works in the back-end with files that you upload yourself. There is no way of knowing to which post the files correspond when they are uploaded from the front-end. That’s why the log is saying “Could not get a post”.


I am interested in the plugin, but I have a question presale. I am using Wordpress Automatic Plugin to import feeds with images. You may recognize the plugin automatically imported images and rename the title of the post?

Thank you.

No, this plugin only works on files that you upload yourself.

presale question XD

1. Support chinese in file name? 2. Can rename mp4,webm files ?


Hi The plugin supports the Russian language? thx for the answer!

support khmer unicode or not?


JinXTR Purchased

Working with WP 4.6? anyone test?

Presale question: is your compatible work “advanced bulk edit” plugin?

I would install your plugin in a woocommerce website where advanced bulk edit plugin is used to create item

Thank you!

Hello there

File name renamed according to post tile but Attachment title remains unchanged ? How to get to Attachment title renamed same as File title

Also i couldnot Uncheck “Use the original image metadata as the attachment title when possible” this option from setting

i post via email, so media is also uploaded via email with subject being the post title, will the images still be auto renamed with the post title in the file names ?