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What do you put inside your “ect_tran_permalink_fr” for the url to work properly? do you need to include a slash (/) somewhere at the beginning… at the end… Both, at the beginning and at the end… or None at all? I mean I should have a resulte like e.g. “http://mysite.com/produktkomponenten/konstruktion/” but I end up with http://mysite.com/konstruktionproduktkomponenten... WTF?!


I’m sorry for the wait.

Okay… No problem, but let me know what’s going on… Please?


I’m really interested by your plugin. I’ve got several question :

- Is multiple domain translation is working with woocommerce cart and CDN ? - Is it not slowing the website too much ?

Thank you very much, Regards

You should be able to use the plugin with WordPress Multisite. And there is also compatibility with WooCommerce built-in. If you run into issues and we for some reason can’t help you. We would, of course, issue a refund, but first, we will do our best to make sure it works on your site.

Hi !

I’ve bought and started to test your plugin…

It seems quite a good invest as it’s not slowing down my website as WPML used to…

As I use WooCommerce, I’m wondering if the products stocks are updated and synchronized from a translation post to the original product post… Is it ?

Thank you for your answer (and as far as I can see for your great plugin) !


Hi, My number is : #8687 Regards,


Ro_meow Purchased

Hi !

Is there any news from developers ? ;-)

Please advise, Regards

Sorry for the delay. We have added comments to your ticket.


trishiss Purchased

hi, i have submitted a ticket 3 weeks ago… waiting to hear an answer back pls :) my client is waiting. if it doesn’t work i might need to get a refund. thanks. ticket #8613

We added some comments to your ticket. Please let me know.


trishiss Purchased

hi, please reply to my ticket

I’m terribly sorry, but we have some problems with the system and can’t access your ticket. Can you please submit a new. Or if you can’t wait for this please request a refund. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

i’ve also open a ticket about 7 days ago still no response. I just purchase this plugin and the yoast seo is doesn’t work and no answer on my support. I’m also thinking about a refund! Id #8761

i’ve send you what you need. Thanks

i need an ETA when this plugin will be comptible with yoast, so i can start to translate my site. Waiting for an answer ASAP

hey still waiting for a response!

Waiting a response to my ticket #8761