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I just read through the comments and need to know if this plugin automatically translates content?

(just joking, clearly it doesn’t work that particular way and funny how many times it was asked…thanks for the plugin, looking forward to implementing it)

Thank you for looking at the Easy Translation Manager.. ..very funny joke :) It is interesting how many people that ask right :)

If you run into any issues we will be happy to assist you. Have a great weekend.

hi! i have the same issue that ever.: i have a issue with plugging. Every time a click in flag to select language, my site change, but when i clic in menu button to go to other link, always go to main language, and not show the link in language selected. Example, the main language is spanish, i select english, and try to clic in other menu item in english, and load this page but in spanish. How can i fix it? thanks!

I’m sorry you are experiencing issues. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center, and we will get a developer to look at it.

Thanks for you reply! i submitted a ticket: #6905

HI! i need translate permanent links , but i don’t know how to do it? do you have any documentation to learn? or can you tell me how to do it? thanks!! i create a ticket in support center too!#6905

Thank you for buying the plugin. Enable Permalinks in your site and in the plugin – and then translate your permalinks. It is that simple. We will look at your ticket asap.

Much thanks!! i tried and worked ok!

Glad I could help you. Thank you for supporting our plugins.

hey hello ,

i need to ask about something ,, i already saw your Demo but i see that dashboard and backend is very different , are your plugin change the backend of wordpress dashboard ,,

any other’s plugin didn’t change wordpress backend style please answer me

Easy Translation Manager doesn’t change the style of wp-admin. You have probably logged into the plugins.righthere.com where we both use White Label Branding and a menu plugin to change the menu. However this has nothing to do with Easy Translation Manager for WordPress.

okay thanks for your reply anther question please , I am not A developer so are this easy for me to deal with your plugin or will need a developer ?? are after i buy your support will help me to make the first setting to appear like your demo ?

Normally setup and configuration is not included. However we will be happy to assist you if you run into any issues. You can contact us through our Help Center.

Hi. Please in your next update fix the permalink bug. I had to disable Permalink Translation to have my website neat. The category url was duplicating the url and not showing translated terms. Other thing is when you read a translated article it keeps coming back to the mother language when you click anything else.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on an update and it is on the todo list to review issues with Permalinks in some sites.


I urgently need a translation plugin for a client’s website and this plugin looks suitable. Is it possible to try this plug-in before buying it ?

Thanks Phil

Hello Phil, thank you for looking at Easy Translation Manager for WordPress. Please notice that we are not allowed to give out evaluation copies. However if you submit a ticket at our Help Center we can maybe test the plugin in your site. If you decide to purchase and it doesn’t work – and we can’t help you. You can also ask for a refund. However please notice this is only in the case that we are not able to help you with the issue.

Hi! i need translate to portuguese my site, but i can not translate url link with special characters, example: Inscrição. do i doing something wrong? or this plugging can´t translate this special characters? thanks for you answer!!

thnaks for you super fast reply! Is on a page url. may be i have a issue with plugging, because i had installed last version, but after activate there is a comment in pluggings section in WP, to install the new update. Now i have Versión but i loaded the last version (4.3) or i have to set in general setting plugging to enable special character? thanks!!

Special characters in Page URL’s? Did you download the latest update? Can you show me an example of a URL.

when i edit url name: to use: EXCURSÕES the link show: http://ba-cup.com/excursoes/ without special character. When i load a new version, always load ok, but after to clean cache, the plugging still show a sign to update to the last version. i´ll try remove the plugging from wp-admin and load the last version from >plugging in wp admin. thanks!

Does this have a simple dropdown for selecting the languages ?

Does this also translate the Admin panel ?

I just needed to know if you have a simple drop down for the languages, because I did not see it on the demo.

Nothing fancy, please.

Sorry, but did you even bother looking at the link i sent you? There is a very simple drop down list. \\


We need a really accurate translation We have the option to make one post to Spanish, one of english and one of french? or is only automatic? We can translate the entire site, even widget from plugins, headers, forms, EVERYTHING? slider revolution for example.

*I test demo site and dont show the site in spanish for example. http://plugins.righthere.com/?cbg_tz=360&la=es


Please notice that Easy Translation Manager for WordPress is NOT an automatic translation plugin

This is from the item description on Codecanyon.


If you want to translate Slider Revolution you just create a copy of the slider – and then translate this into the language you want. When insert the shortcode for the language in the page.

Please notice that we have not translated our entire site to Spanish. It is simply to show the language selector. You need to go to this page and see how it works (this is just a sample) http://plugins.righthere.com/ejemplo-de-traduccion/

I need Bangla/Bengali but I see it is not present . Can it be added ?

Can you please tell me what flag we should use ?

Is this the correct way to write it? বাংলা (Bengali) bn

You are right Mate !

Ok I will pass this on to the developer and we will add it. What flag to you want us to use ?

Please tell me how to translate widget?

Often widgets are a part of your theme or a plugin and normally prepared for translation (following the WordPress Codex for internationalization). However if you are using the arbitrary HTML/Text widget you can enter any content you want and thus you can’t predefine the content and prepare it for translation following the same rules.

It is possible to translate content in the arbitrary HTML/Text widget, but you will need the Custom Widget Areas for WordPress together with ETM.

hi , I just bought your theme , but i can’t find how to do Automated Translation with Yandex for posts or themes

I guess you didn’t understand this part ;) And Optional Translation Assistance doesn’t mean AUTOMATIC.


I will repeat I can not issue a refund. This is something you need to initiate from Codecanyon, and then we will approve it!

I did this action already & request a refund form Envato , please proceed with your approval for it , Thanks a lot for your understanding

I believe we have approved it. I would recommend you to really read carefully through the descriptions next time. ;)

The last update for this plugin was October 2015, currently its works fine? without troubles?

No new problems have been reported.

Demo page don’t load :S

Sorry we had some trouble with the site. It should be back.


I am interested in your plugin, but I need to check the woocommerce compatibility so please send me demo link of the dashboard to test the woocommerce

one more question, Since woocommerce has an Arabic version (Which I want to use), I need to know how can I upload the woocommerce translated files or is it included in the translation plugin?

Thank you in advance

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Do you want to know if you can import the .po/.mo files for WooCommerce in Arabic? That should not be a problem at all. However, If your website is in Arabic, then WordPress should automatically read the Arabic .mo files for WooCommerce.

Do you have the .mo files then we can also test this for you in our demo site.


Zackben Purchased

No updates for this plugin? It has issues with new version of wordpress


Zackben Purchased

still showing the updating message even after installing a fresh version: https://postimg.org/image/86qz30ndr/

Please enter your license key and update to 4.3.1 from within wp-admin. For some reason, this is not the version available on Codecanyon (4.2.3). We will get the latest version uploaded to Codecanyon shortly, but please notice that it takes up to 72 hours before it will be available on Codecanyon.

Hi! I need to set Italian as main Language, but on the first list there isn’t the Option and i have to check Italian as another language. Plus I can’t translate SEO and I don’t know why if i’ve already translated the categories, articles are not visible in English

Thank you for buying the plugin. We would have to take a look at your site. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center. We have no problems with setting the default language to Italian and choosing other languages.

Hello, I would really appreciate an answer from you to my ticket #7470 on zendesk. It is really urgent. Thank you

We added some comments to your ticket.

Please check again. thank you

Please check again. thank you

I don’t remember how I translated the widgets last time. I made the website a long time ago. I think I erased by mistake the plugin CWA custom widget area or it’s not mandatory anymore… there is no explanation nowhere about the widgets translation. You keep saying the minimum in the comments and it’s not enlightening. I’ve lost 2h trying to figure it out. I think you would save our time and yours by adding a special section in your doc online about the exact process to translate the widgets. I mean texts areas and titles, the basics. Thx

Sorry for the confusion. The CWA plugin is still needed, but we had another add-on which was also needed – this is now included inside ETM. Submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will help you get back on track.


Pre sale question

Does the plugin works on WP recent version and does it support yandex api translate?


Yes, it works with WP 4.7.x and you can use Yandex API for translation HELP – it is NOT automatic translation and it is only for words and phrases – not entire posts and pages.


thanks for reply

Is it possible to add automatic translation using Yandex API or translate entire posts and pages .by clicking the button in admin panel in the next updaies?

That would require custom programming.

HI. Can I use your plugin for better translation, I dont need to make site multilanguage (do not need button to swith language)? I just need to translate theme Flatsome and some woocommerce text (like filters, my accaunt and so on) in my language because difault translation is bad

Thank you for looking at Easy Translation Manager for WordPress. If you do not need multiple languages it might be overkill to use ETM. Of course I would like you to buy our plugin, but honestly, you can just use Poedit (https://poedit.net/).

WooCommece has its own set of .po and .mo files for translation and I’m sure your theme do as well.

However, you can definitely use ETM to translate your theme and WooCommerce. Let me know if you have any other questions.