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Hi does this plug in provide a different URL for each translated language?

Thank you for looking at Easy Translation Manager. It doesn’t allow for URL’s like this www.domain.com/en/

But you can translate Permalinks (some examples from our demo site) http://plugins.righthere.com/translation-example/ http://plugins.righthere.com/exemple-de-traduction/ http://plugins.righthere.com/ejemplo-de-traduccion/ http://plugins.righthere.com/beispiel-fur-ubersetzung/

Hi Please reply asap Do you have a step by step tutorial on how to do it? I installed the theme. But I don’t know what to do next! And in the downloaded file there is no manual. Please reply asap

Thank you for buying the plugin. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center, provide the requested information, and we will review your site.

Hi I did . Please reply back asap

Could you please provide me with the ticket no.

Hi, I can’t seem to get things to change! On the about page I created a spanish version (just the first paragraph and title), and although the URL will change to the Spanish version when selected, nothing else changes! Could you help me fiigure out what I am doing wrong please. Here is the Spanish version of the URL: http://cmgdlaw1.wpengine.com/sobre-nosotros/


Hi thanks but I waited over a week wiithout a response and needed a resolution so I went with another plugin which had no issues out of the box. Could I please request a refund.

Hi I am still waiting for a response regarding the refund. Could you please reply. Thanks

Sorry, but we do not have any refund requests from you. We can’t give you a refund this must be initiated through Codecanyon and then we can approve it.

Hi Please reply to my comments it has been more then 48 hours! How do I fix the fonts so that it looks good? Also how can I change the translation of a custom link?

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you are referring to. If you are referring to a ticket submitted to our Help Center, please notice that we do not provide support during the weekend.

What is wrong with your fonts? Easy Translation Manager doesn’t change the fonts of your website. If you submitted a ticket please provide the ticket no, so we can review this.

Custom link? Are you referring to permalinks? You will need to enable support for using permalinks in WordPress and in Easy Translation Manager. Go to Translation > Options > General Settings \\

If this is enabled you can translate your permalinks. Just change it to whatever you want when you do the translation. I hope this helps.

does not translate categories

Thank you for contacting us. ETM does translate categories. If you experience any issues with WooCommerce please check the troubleshooting tab. If you still can’t figure it out submit a ticket at our Help Center.

woocommerce categories

Thank you for contacting us. ETM does translate categories. If you experience any issues with WooCommerce please check the troubleshooting tab. If you still can’t figure it out submit a ticket at our Help Center.

hi! i´m using this pluggings, i downloaded the last version by envato, and had installed, but in wp admin still have a alert: Easy Translation Manager update 4.3.1 is available! Please update now . is ok the last version by envato? thanks!

Please enter your license key and update from inside wp-admin. We will be uploading a new release to Codecanyon within a few days.

Hi, that plugin is really good thank you for that. But couple of things are not working at all. Im not sure why on the phone and ipad it keeps on messing up! Please check! And you can’t tell me it is because of the theme… that plugin should be compatible to everything. http://impacttfs.com.au/member-benefit/?wpbdp_view=all_listings on the phone it doesn’t look good at all and the page numbers come on top of each other… only in chinese! The english version looks great. Please let me know how I can fix it. Please reply asap!

7008 that is my ticket

sory 7908

Hi, I replied to your reply. Please respond asap

Hello I sent message on Help Center support I still haven’t see the replay back. ticket number 7926

Unfortunately, the login credentials you provided doesn’t work. Please verify and we will review your site.

Hi Please reply to my ticket asap

I’m really sorry, but you need to state the ticket no. Once we have replied to a comment on the dashboard the message is not visible unless we go through old messages.

I try reaching thru support, but your form is incomplete, requires you to select a plugin from a nonexisting drop down list, anyways. could I please get a refund? it seems like the plugin is incompatible, with REPLETE theme, as well as with many other functions from woocmerce. Thank you.

We added comments to your ticket. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How do you request a refund?

Go through Envato/Codecanyon look in their support.


The anti-malware scanner is telling me that admin.page_loader_data.php has backdoor script. I can’t see anything strange. Is this something that you know?


That sounds very strange. I looked at the file and find it very unlikely. It could be a false positive. I just wonder what triggered it. We will need more information about this. If you submit a ticket at our Help Center you can provide more information.

is it possible to translate in Korean?

Please notice that this is NOT an AUTOMATIC translation tool. You can translate to any language you want, but you will need to enter the translation.

Hi, I want to see the 8 different styles you offer for users to change the language. Where can i see them ? (I want to ensure that your colors and styles will match my theme colors and styles)

You can also add your own CSS if any of these styles don’t work for you. If you do not like the SVG flags there is also an option to enable PNG flags.

Last question, does your plugin have the option to automatically add the language selector to my website main menu ? (How exactly does it integrate with my site menu)

You have three options. You can insert a widget in the sidebar or in the menu. Or you can insert a manual tag in your PHP code or you can add a overlay (automatic) just choose the type of selector you want.

Can this plugin translate things that dont really display in the website itself. For example, Woocommerce emails. Woocommerce sends out order confirmation emails to customers, can this be translated ?

The plugin or theme you want to translate must be prepared for translation according to the WordPress Codex then it is easy to add the translation.

Lets say this can be translated. If someone makes a purchase when the language is English, the email that goes out should be English. If the language was German at the time of purchase, the email that goes out should be German. Is this possible ?

That is not something our plugin controls. That would be something WooCommerce would control. We simply let you translate Plugins, Themes, Add-ons, Menus, Pages, Posts, Tags, Custom Fields, Taxonomies etc..

HI, A pre sale question, is this plugin helps to translate the main theme content? no need a secong language. For example, Im running a few woocommerce web site and takes hours to translate from english to spanish (word by word).

You can translate Plugins, Themes if they are prepared for translation according to the WordPress Codex. And of course, you can translate menus, pages, posts, custom post types, categories, custom fields, tags etc.

If you do not need multiple languages on your website I would almost recommend you to just translate the .po files of the theme and plugins. Easy Translation Manager is mainly used when you operate a website with multiple languages.

In your description, you say ”Enable hide elements that has not been translated (Pages, Posts, Tags, Categories, Menus)”. This means I can hide individual menu items for different languages?

Whatever element that is not translated will be hidden. E.g. if you have 8 elements in your menu and 6 are not translated you can choose to hide them. Then only the 2 translated will show. Hope that makes sense.

thank you very much. I wanted to make shure it serves my needs.

If you run into issues please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.


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i just buy.it is Version i got the notice.it said There is a new version of Easy Translation Manager for WordPress available. View version 4.3.1 details.can you upload the new version in the codecanyon?so that i can download

What is your ticket no?


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sma163 Purchased



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Can I get some help here #8467 Please? Is there any Doc for this plugin?

Sorry for the delay. We added some comments. There is a conflict with a third party plugin we need to get resolved. We will need FTP access.