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Hello, is it possible to disable media sharing (for images for example)?



Yes media sharing for images can be turned on or off at any time via plugin settings. It is off by default.


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Currently, the text when you click on the email share button is grammatically incorrect – “Send this to friend” is missing the “a”. How do I change this text to “Send this to a friend” or “Share with a friend”? Also, is it possible to add reCaptcha to this form?

Thanks! Rob

Hello Rob,

Thank you for the notification. We also notice the text and it is changed to “Send this to a friend” for the next update. You can also make a change of text at any time. To do this go to Advanced Settings -> Translate Options and make the change in the field for mail title translate ->

Right now you cannot use reCaptcha – you can use only predefined captcha message with answer. The problem is technical because we generate form on the fly which does not allow reCaptha integration. We are looking for a different captcha provider that support that on fly usage (till then use the build in captcha).

Hey guys, please can u give me a date to know when will you add WECHAT SHARE please. coupld of millions of people need this

here, Chcek this out, u can even see on mobile IF user has the wechat app. it ask to OPEN ON WECHAT to share. Can i get an estimate date when you can implement this ? thanks


Technically WeChat does not support share like other mobile messaging applications does (Viber, WhatsApp, Line and etc.). The sharing works with QR code generation which is not automatically taken by WeChat or with copy of the sharing link.

To allow this happen with the next update we include QR Code button and copy link button. That for now will allow users to scan code or copy link and share it to WeChat

If the model works successful we will add separate button that will execute the same but automated. That will be released as benefit for all direct customers via extensions.

How to fix this

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Please clear any form of cache you use, minification and CDN. Also if you use build inside plugin optimizations or cache please clear them all.

If that does not help please contact our support team and provide them live page to check and they will give you exact instructions what you need to do. Right now on your site you see old cached content that is before migration to https. There is also 1% chance that once you made the migration to forgot to update your WordPress settings which also can cause the problem.

I’ve just been contacted by my hosting service and was informed that the Easy Share plugin is using MASSIVE bandwidth with Executed Scripts. I had to deactivate it. What is the solution?


That happens when you activate real time share counters. In this mode you have call to update counters for each network on each page load. We advise to change counter update mode to avoid that happen – change it to updated on defined period of time.

In fact that is something we write in counter update mode description as possible to happen if real time counters are used on live site – we left it as debut mode of counter test or for low traffic sites.

Contact our support team and they will provide you step by step tutorial of settings change. You can also leave them URL to your site and they will check how you have setup plugin and leave their advice if something needs to be changed.