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HI! Nice plugin, congrats! One question: I’m using the Content Bottom position left aligned for my buttons. How can I add some extra space at the left of the first button, to separate it from the left margin of my page?


Thank you. It is possible to be added. Contact our support team and give them URL. They will check site and prepare you code that you can use

What exactly is “Performance Approved by WP Rocket” that you mention in the description? In their speed test of social plugins from 2015 they didn’t test yours and according to google the only occurrences of this phrase are from your website… The link leads just to their homepage. I can’t find any “official badges” called “Performance Approved by WP Rocket”.... I am a little curious, because I am a WP Rocket customer, too.

sorry, now I found the mention of this badge on their facebook page.. Not many details though or speed tests… Congrats anyway :)


The test itself does not include loading site speed but also it also makes full code review to ensure all best practices are used and plugin will not slow down site.

Is there any reason you are not replying to my support ticket for more than two weeks already???


Sorry for the delay – it was caused by a technical issue. We reply to your topic and set a tag to follow it during day


We just recently updated our permalink structure. Today, we noticed that all our share counts are gone and back to zero. Is there any way we can have it back as we have accumulated ample share counts already.

I hope you’ll be kind enough to help us with this issue.

Looking forward for your quick response. thanks


All social networks count shares by url and change of permalink will immediate reset your share counters.

To restore them you will need to use share recovery function. Contact our support team and they will assist you with recovery setup. Do not forget to include old and new structure example url for check of shares.


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I have a problem with the plugin and can’t figure what it is exactly.

The following url is sending back a lot of 404 error to my server /wp-content/plugins/easy-social-share-buttons3/assets/js/easy-social-share-buttons1.js

It seems to come from this page on my website : but I can’t figure why and what should I do.

If you have any idea on what process should I follow to solve this issue, I would be really grateful :)

Thanks ! Bruno

Hello Bruno,

Easy Social Share Buttons itself does not use file with name easy-social-share-buttons1.js (in none of our versions till now) which we think is result of custom modification or correction inside loading which was made in past.

Please contact our support team and provide them temporary WP admin access. They will login and make full inspection where code come from and provide instructions on how to remove it. For us that code exist inside your theme files for some reason but we will find why it was added and help you to remove it.

Can the love button be integrated with this favorites plugin: ? Or is there another way to have the user to be able to see all the pages they “loved”?


As we manage to make a quick check plugin has open based API that may allow this happen. The most important is how the favpost action run. Contact our support team and give them link to make a full inspection of plugin. If there is a way to make external button click calls for fav using our network integration API it will be piece of cake to integrate it.

hi, can this plugin be used on the woocommerce single product page? e.g: placed above / below the Add to cart or Product description?


WooCommerce has default action hook for share buttons just below add to cart button which we support inside plugin WooCommerce integrations.

Also since next update of plugin we will also give the option to users share products from order successful page (products from cart).


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Hello, I have updated to version 4.3. Where is the NAVER SHARE button? I can not find it.


You need to install the extended networks pack. This you can do from extensions library or it is also available inside full plugin package that you can download from your profile.

Contact our support team for detailed instructions

Hi, please add more social network at here: there lack the weibo, mail.


Contact us in support system and send us request for networks so we can add them with next plugin update

Does this allow blog posts to be shared from withing the blog page?

I mean the blog page is where there a grid with more blog posts.


Yes plugin allows that and we support default WordPress recommended actions and filters for that. If your theme also follows that buttons will automatically appear inside list of posts.

If your theme does not support such (there are themes with custom blog post display) we have wide open developer API that will allow to make an easy integration with your theme (the custom made display will appear directly inside plugin settings like all build inside plugin display positions). If that is required we have step by step tutorial with ready to use code that you can add with copy/paste. You can read more on here – at the end you will find non coder guide.

Why can’t I add new support ticket on the forum? please reply to my mail ticket and guide me little about how to add a new topic on the forum, possibly share a screenshot, there is no submit new topic tab anywhere? My profile is verified and added purchase code. It’s been 3 days and no followup on this issue.

Thanks. Now i can add new topic.

Good to know. I will PM support team to monitor for your topic.