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Steve_IRM Purchased

Hi There, please can you help. I am unable to get the Facebook count to show on my posts / pages (it’s at zero). I did switch from http to https a month ago, so have configured the advance options / date to reflect this. I have also tried with and without Facebook ID, but no luck??? By the way, i have check against Facebook debug page (re-scraped) and Facebook is clearly showing likes. Also, I am clearing my cache each time with Autoptimize. can you help please. Steve

Hello Steve,

Contact our support team at and provide them example post URLs from your site which has shares but they did not appear on site. We will check the setup you have made and result from social API and advice what you need to make as change inside plugin settings.


Steve_IRM Purchased

Okay … added to your support / forum


gcosenza Purchased

GoodMorining! I have a problem with the visualization on mobile. On desktop all ok, i visualize the button on the sidebar, but on mobile i’d with to visualize on the bottom. It’s possibile? Thanks milion, best regards.


Yes you can do it – the mobile settings are just for this where you can completely change the look over mobile. Contact our support team and they will assist you.


Daziaus Purchased


Is there a shortcode for a Facebook Like Box popup?



No you did not have option directly to call Facebook like box popup but it is easy to be made using the Pop up display method which support usage of shortcodes.

Contact our support team and they will assist you with making it happen

Hi! Your plugin is currently integrated into the WP theme I just bought and I’m considering buying the license. One question though.

I want social buttons that show up on the side of the webpage (vertical) like this versus the bottom (horizontal). I only saw design options for the social share buttons for horizontal view below a post. Do you have vertical design share options in the purchased license version? Thanks!


In plugin vertical display at the side of the window are called inside plugin Sidebar. You have it in the version of plugin that come with theme unless theme author modify display methods (it is allowed from us).

No matter that you does not have direct license contact us via mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will assist with configuration it.


agent8 Purchased

Can i use my own image icon?


Yes there is an option to replace the icons. To do this the fast way is with build in customizer. You can contact our support team and they will give additional information on how to proceed ( do not forget to include them sample of icon that you will use )


Bouvetoya Purchased

Hi, a pre-sale question: does the plugin offer a page/post view count? Eg. I’d like to know how many times a post would been viewed – apart of shares count. Greetings :-)


Yes you have such function in plugin. We call it Views/Reads counter which can be displayed along with shares counter. You can see it here

Also the function comes with widget/shortcode to display most viewed posts from your site.


Bouvetoya Purchased

ok thanks, I can’t find where I can enable it, could you point me to a right place in the settings, please?


Contact our support team and they will assist you

How can display share buttons with specific id (PHP)? To can use it for some custom post types ids.


We are not sure what exactly you try to achieve – may be you wish to include custom share buttons display with theme integration?

Contact our support team (in your case as you does not have buyer tag via mail to appscreo at gmail dot com) and give them details on what you plan to do and they will provide technical information that you need to follow

Need to use something like this: get_easy_social_button(1510); 1510 is the post id

Contact support team at appscreo at gmail dot com and they will provide information you need


I use optimizepress 2.0 and when the plugin “OptimizePress Experiments” is active the following error message occurs at the bottom of a optimizepress page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /home/edwar306/public_html/wp-content/plugins/optimizePressExperiments/src/Screen/EditPageExperimentStats.php on line 54

Any recomendation? Thanks,

Just to be clear I am using the plugin “Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress 4.2” in a Wordpress instalation that I also use optimizepress to build landing pages.


The error that you got does not come from our plugin. From the code you can see that it comes from optimizepressexperiments.

You need to contact their team to check it. Also you can make a quick Google search and there are lot of topics about error with that function and few solutions that you can try (you can send us mail if you cannot find them)


ibietela Purchased

over 1 week now no reply to my email, what i choosed to display on Mobile is different from what is displaying


That is why we have dedicated support system We receive lot of emails including large number of spam and sometimes along with spam messages filters remove also regular message.

We will check in the spam folder and if it is still there you will get response. Please to avoid such delay and confusion open account in support system – it will require just to verify the purchase code (we do not track support expiration)

It will be answered very soon (in case it is not). Thank you for you patience


abouasy Purchased

i have my own custom CSS for the share icons.

i want to dequeue the plugin styles and fonts in the frontend. for example font awesome and CSS.

can you help me.


Contact our support team at and include page from your site where they can see the buttons and all customizations you made. Also include theme list of styles you wish to remove and they will provide all required instructions.


creglia Purchased

How do you disable “Send this to a friend” in the footer?


Contact our support team and provide them page form your site where they can see the problem.


I have added my social profile pages using the “Social Follow” option but when I see the icons on mobile, its not working properly its getting hide behind the header on mobile see here


This happens because your mobile menu has higher index than social buttons. Contact our support team and in luxe live page from site. They will check it and prepare code for you that will fix this.


azimpact Purchased

Hello, A couple pre-sale questions. For the image on the bottom right that you press to open up the panel to show the sharing networks, can I use my own sharing image for that?

Also, it possible to position this within a custom page template with a php shortcode?



Depends on point method you have option to choose from predefined icon list. In case you wish to setup you own it is possible to be made with a tiny CSS code which we will prepare for you.

And for the shortcode – yes you can do this. Plugin’s shortcode generator will prepare such for you which you can add anywhere inside content or we can provide PHP function call that will include the generation of method itself (instead of the automatic triggered).

Hello, Just purchased! What do I need to do to get that code from you? Thanks!

Yes we will assist. Please contact support team and they will give you instructions you need